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That came together in the perfect storm for two felines in San Jose.Troy Good moved to a new apartment, but could not bring his daughter’s cats with him due to concern they would not get along with his fiance’s dog.Good could not bear to abandon or part with the two adorable cats, however, so he found a better solution: A $1,500 per month studio apartment, the San Jose Mercury News reports.Though he jokes about his tenants, the truth is that housing cats is much easier than housing a human.Good found a great deal on the studio.The average rent for a studio apartment in the San Jose area is $1,951 per month, according to RentCafe.
Facial recognition is used in tech products to do things like unlock your phone, add cool camera effects and help you play with your robot dog.That's why the American Civil Liberties Union has teamed up with more than 85 human rights groups to ask big tech companies not to provide face surveillance technology to the US government.The coalition sent letters to Microsoft, Amazon and Google to make sure its stance on the issue was heard.You may've heard stories about the Chinese government experimenting with facial recognition technology to monitior citizens.A study from May 2018 found that facial recognition tech used by the UK's Metropolitan Police was inaccurate in 98 percent of cases.But that hasn't stopped the US Department of Homeland Security from testing facial recognition around the White House.
What better way to motivate yourself to move your flabby frame in January than with the promise of a burger, pizza, or kebab?That's the thinking behind a new fitness class at the YMCA, which rewards you with Deliveroo credit for a free takeaway if you get through the 40-minute session.At first glance it does seem a bit counter-intuitive to encourage people exercising to eat takeaway, but presumably the thinking is that you're going to have that takeaway anyway, so it's better to do the exercise on top.Also, you could always make healthy choices with your Deliveroo order, but we both know that's not going to happen.In fact, if you order through Deliveroo Editions, you might be able to nab some free ice cream.Called ROO-T Camp (Deliveroo/roo x booty camp presumably), the class is available in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Cardiff.
A new study suggests that domesticated dogs have been on this side of the Pacific for roughly 10,000 years.and Stillwell IL in the 1960s and 70's, the skeletons had been sitting in the state museum, collecting dust for years.That was until recently, when Dr. Angela Perri and her team decided to analyze the canine skeletons using modern techniques.“The dogs from the Koster site have been iconic early American dogs in the archaeological record for a long time, but they had never been [direct carbon] dated,” study leader Perri, from the Department of Archaeology at the Durham University in the United Kingdom, told Fox News.“When we came across the dog from Stilwell, which had been in museum collections for decades unanalyzed, we decided to date that dog as well and look at them all together."Direct carbon dating showed that the dogs were buried sometime between 9,630 and 10,190 years ago.
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After all, nobody likes dead grass and brown spots on their carefully mowed lawn.But wait, shouldn’t our lawn need nitrogen to be healthy?Did I forget to mention that your dog’s poop contains way too much nitrogen, which instead of favoring your grass can cause a burning effect ultimately resulting in killing your grass?This causes dead spots near the area, which later on becomes home to 23 million fecal coliform well as you and your family (such as diarrhea, cramps, various intestinal and kidney related issues etc.).I can bet that currently you are planning to adjust some pet waste removal strategies into your busy schedule of cooking dinner, answering emails, managing the family schedule, organizing that wedding etc.
LG OLED R rollable TVWe came, we saw, we chose.From the coolest products to the weirdest, we've pent a week sampling the technology wonderland that CES 2019 has to offer.And now, it's time to present CNET's picks for the best of CES.There's a TV that magically rolls into a box, the most powerful gaming laptop we've ever seen, a pinpoint makeup applicator that "erases" your skin flaws, a smartwatch that's partially powered by your body heat and so much more.Watch CNET's Brian Cooley and Scott Stein count down the picks (above), and click through the gallery below to see all the details.Robots, poop sensors and a dog food cannon: Why Tech West was the best place to experience CES 2019
Now it wouldn't be CES 2019 without an assortment of weird, off-the-beaten-path tech that, at first glance, might look a little silly or wacky -- or possibly disturbing?Hmm, well, maybe just off-putting.And CES 2019 may have the largest collection of weird stuff we've ever seen.And if not the largest, then at least the weirdest.Some of these weirds and wackies include a device that blow dries your dog, a toothbrush that allows you to brush your entire mouth in 10 seconds and a diaper that detects when your kid has pooped.Click on the gallery above to start your journey of the weird.
CES has been running for 52 years and if feels like I was at all 51 of them.Like many in the tech industry, I feel like I mostly know what I'm going to get when I arrive at the world's biggest tech show.Yes, you'll find your fair share of unexpected game changers (and the occasional foldable phone).These are the offbeat brands, interesting tech players and, downstairs in the startup-focused hall known as Eureka Park, the companies often run by one or two people who've sunk everything they have into pursuing one technological dream.But beyond the vaporware, there's that seam of gold.This is the show hall that gives us the tech devices we're most likely to really connect with over the year ahead.
As wildfires rapidly devoured Paradise, Calif., on Nov. 8, the evacuation of residents was understandably chaotic.Since then, the NVADG has been working to reunite more than 1,400 sheltered pets with their owners.In an effort to put more awareness and exposure on these pets, specifically dogs, Lincoln teamed up with the NVADG and dog photographer Elias Friedman, founder of The Dogist on Instagram, followed by an audience of 3.4 million.A film, created by WPP boutique agency Hudson Rouge, documents the heartbreaking, yet hopeful journey of Paradise residents and the importance these pets have to the town’s healing.Friedman gets a first-hand glimpse of the devastation and says in the 5-minute film that his “mission is to photograph [the dogs] and try and get them back in homes with their families where they belong.”View this post on Instagram
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In recent years, there have been any number of pet cameras that allow you to see what your dog is doing while you're away from home.Some are just cameras, other have speakers so that you can talk to your furry friend and, more recently, several can give your dog or cat a treat.But at CES, the French company CamToy has a pet camera that can follow your dog around and give him treats.It's called Laika and strives to be a live companion for your dog.If you're familiar with Pet Cube, imagine if it could follow your dog around.The Laika is about the size of a butternut squash.
We saw gadgets galore for cats and dogs, from self-cleaning toilets to remote cameras.Some are genius, some may be slightly mad, but all are designed especially for your furry friends.You can see how your pet is doing by connecting remotely on your phone and you can talk to them and hear them thanks to the two way audio.The dog version also allows you to dispense treats, while the cat version has a built-in laser toy.If you live in an apartment, or your cat prefers to stay indoors, you may be concerned about the amount of exercise it gets.The Little Cat from Petding is like a big hamster wheel for felines.
Now it wouldn't be CES 2019 without an assortment of weird, off-the-beaten-path tech that, at first glance, might look a little silly or wacky -- or possibly disturbing?Hmm, well, maybe just off-putting.And CES 2019 may have the largest collection of weird stuff we've ever seen.And if not the largest, then at least the weirdest.Some of these weirds and wackies include a device that blow dries your dog, a toothbrush that allows you to brush your entire mouth in 10 seconds and a diaper that detects when your kid has pooped.Click on the gallery above to start your journey of the weird.
Donald Trump Jr. recently likened his father’s proposed border wall with Mexico to that of a zoo fence meant to contain animals.At face value, the comment is insensitive.But given the administration’s history — calling Mexicans criminals and rapists, locking Guatemalan and Honduran children in cages, proclaiming there were “good people on both sides” at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlotte, and proposing a Muslim travel ban — it’s easy to see why some see this as yet another in a series of dog whistles to the lowest common denominator of Trump’s base.A spokesperson for Trump Jr. said that the post was meant to highlight the danger associated with an unsecured border.As the government shutdown enters its third week, it’s clear that wall-related posturing has reached a fever pitch.Trump Sr., for his part, claims he will not sign a budget proposal without more than five billion in funding for a border wall he promised while campaigning — the same wall he assured us Mexico would pay for, before walking that back and saying he “obviously” didn’t mean it.
Germany automotive firm Continental is best know for its tires, but at CES 2019 the company is demonstrating something a little different: package delivery by robot dog.As part of its research into the future of mobility, Continental has partnered with robotics company ANYbotics (a spin off from ETH Zurich) to imagine the future of package delivery.In a staged demonstration on the CES show floor, the firm showed how one of ANYbotics’ four-legged robots could jump out the back of a self-driving delivery truck and carry a package right up to someone’s front door.In the demo, the ANYMal robot could be seen slowly picking its way over debris in the garden before ringing the fake doorbell with one if its limbs.It then tips the package off its back onto the porch and performs a little victory dance as a bonus.As you might guess from the staged nature of this demo, Continental has no plans to make this a real service any time soon.
January is a month for reflecting on the past, typically while nursing a war torn liver and a perilously diminished bank balance.But it’s also the time of year for looking forwards, and at the annual CES trade show in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest tech companies convene to reveal their upcoming gadgets and bizarre concepts.That’s such a high density of pixels you’d need a magnifying glass to tell two apart.Samsung’s 98-inch whopper of a gogglebox stole the show, but more interesting is the advent of flexible screens.The 65-inch LG Signature OLED TV R unfurls from a box like a big sheet of tinfoil, and once deployed looks like a regular TV screen.The box also acts as a soundbar, and the company claims that the screen’s rollability has no detrimental effect on picture quality.
No one likes a wet dog.Drying them with a towel isn't always enough and the noise from a hair dryer can be traumatizing.But nestled in the back of Eureka Park at CES, the Korean company Pepe (person plus pet equals Pepe) has an interesting solution: a pet dryer.Larger than a mini-fridge, the Pepe pet dryer can dry a small dog in about 25 minutes.To use it, put your drenched pet inside the dryer, close the door and set the temperature.Warm air circulates around slowly drying your furry companion.