Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars talks with the CMO of Marketing by Data, Jason Wright, who talks about how his company approaches marketing and targeting customers.Marketing by Data concentrates on three tiers of customers: potential customers, paid customers and the remainder of people who may become potential customers.Wright explains that many CMOs will jump on phone calls themselves and talk to customers, just to get a better sense of their businesses and the engagement of their customers.He says the role of a chief marketing officer is like one of his favorite movies, Snatch, which follows a secret plan wrought behind the scenes.Click the video to hear more.
For Kathryn Jones (and, likely, countless other Americans), the 2016 election of U.S. President Donald Trump came as a wakeup call.Jones, a longtime executive in the digital media space—in 2011, she founded VirtualArtsTV, which produces multi-camera, live-streaming events for performance-arts clients—has officially opened her latest venture: Collective Agency, a grassroots digital, social-first media agency for progressive campaigns, groups, foundations and PACs.Collective’s mission is to “arm the progressive movement with the social content it sorely lacked,” Jones told Adweek, alluding to Russia’s efforts to influence voters in favor of Trump through social media hacks.“We could, maybe arguably, say social media helped steal the 2016 election,” she said.For Jones, Trump’s win catalyzed her on many fronts.“That election changed everything: in how I want to be viewed in this world as a woman, an entrepreneur and creative person,” she said.
For the full interview, go here.Orion Zhao is the co-founder and CEO of Moka, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup offering human resources solutions in China.He spent close to two years working as a software engineer at peer-to-peer car-sharing firm Turo before returning to China in 2015 to start Moka with his co-founder Li Guoxing, who is also a Chinese overseas returnee from Stanford University.In this interview, Zhao discussed what challenges he faced as a “sea turtle” entrepreneur and how he recruits and manages talent as well as the state of China’s SaaS market.I was looking for opportunities.What were some of the challenges you faced or lessons you learned as a returnee in China?
How the founders of Ming River Baijiu are attempting to launch an entirely new alcohol category in the United States.That’s because even though four billion gallons of baijiu are sold annually, more than twice the volume of vodka, almost none of that ocean of distillate reaches American shores.In a partnership with one of the largest and oldest distilleries in China, Luzhou Laojiao, the four founders of Ming River aim to not only introduce another bottle to the crowded spirit marketplace but also introduce an entirely new category to the American consumer.Adding to the difficulty is the history and breadth of the spirit (baijiu translates generically to white alcohol), encompassing numerous regional styles.Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, at least a dozen varietals, or aromas, of baijiu have developed throughout China.Strong aroma, the Sichuan-based variety that Ming River produces, is the most popular.
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London-based start-up OneWeb has raised $1.25 billion (£940m) in a new capital funding round, paving the way for a massive satellite launch campaign to begin later this year, as it looks to build the world’s first high-speed, satellite-based broadband network.OneWeb, founded by US telecoms entrepreneur Greg Wyler and based in West London, has raised a total of $3.4bn, including the latest round, from the likes of Japanese tech giant Softbank, Virgin Group, Coca-Cola and chipmaker Qualcomm.The new funding follows the company’s launch of its first satellites last month, and allows it to accelerate its plans to have its network in place by 2021.It faces competition from satellite rivals including Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which has demonstration satellites in place, as well as Telesat and Leosat, but OneWeb and its investors believe the seven-year-old company has a first-mover advantage.Softbank said OneWeb is “on track to become the world’s largest and first truly global communications network”.The start-up said the launch of its first six satellites, the completion of its satellite manufacturing facility in Florida, success in maintaining valuable spectrum rights and signing its first customer contracts were all steps toward deployment of the operational network.
Right momentarily, Trioangle Technologies announcing the new release of the PassUp - Letgo Clone, based on the concept of online classified platform.It gets revamp birth from Letgo with the stunning workflow.PassUp presented with powerful and fired up features for both entrepreneur and users.Let's have brief notes of PassUpPass Up is an excellent script which is well suited to buy and sell the concept of products and services incorporated with extremely packed with the latest technologies.The best aspect of PassUp is location-based, which provides a better platform for the seller as well as the buyer.Our script is gemmed for the entrepreneur and plays a unique role from the competitor.
Now a startup out of London called Automata is hoping to tap into an appetite for change, with the launch of a “desktop” robotic arm called Eva that it says is smaller, cheaper and easier to use than the rest — under $5,000 compared to a pricetag of $25,000 for the piece of equipment it’s aiming to replace — and it’s raised $7.4 million to help do that.It will be used to expand Automata’s current team of 42, as well as to ramp up production of Eva, the company said.While many in the startup world of robotics come either from other robotics makers, or from mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence backgrounds (with teams comprising all three, and then some), Automata stands out for having a unique pedigree.Its founders Suryansh Chandra and Mostafa ElSayed met and previously worked together at the prestigious architecture firm Zaha Hadid, founded by eponymous late architect who was known for her highly stylised, as well as very technical, approach to building design that pushed the boundaries of aesthetics and the physical properties of materials.Likewise, Zaha Hadid is a firm that has long had a connection to more artistic end of architecture, and it was when the two were working on a project for the Venice Biennale (a huge and prestigious contemporary art event) that they found themselves wishing for a precision machine that could help them build the individual panels they needed for a structure.He added he knew that predicament was not just limited to the Biennale project.
FireVisor, a Singapore-based artificial intelligence startup providing software for large manufacturing companies, has raised about US$740,000 for its seed round, which was led by the 500 Startups Durians II Fund and Acequia Capital and joined by SGI along with Entrepreneur First.The founders, Surbhi Krishna Singh and Long Hoang, believe their product is better than the simple software automation available to manufacturers today.FireVisor’s platform connects to data sources in the manufacturing line to automatically perform engineering failure analysis in real-time.It can help manufacturing companies save costs otherwise lost to product failures and quality issues.“Today, an army of human inspectors are needed to make sure no fault escapes the production line, while process control engineers constantly tweak and monitor machines.The machines, on the other hand, produce an abundance of valuable data but these vast amounts of data are unused and simply get discarded,” says Singh, CEO and co-founder of FireVisor.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk is in blatant violation of a settlement agreement reached last year over securities fraud allegations, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said in a biting response to the court that argued the billionaire entrepreneur be held in contempt.The response, which was filed late Monday, is the latest salvo in the agency’s fight with Musk that was sparked by the now infamous “funding secured” tweet.The SEC filed a complaint in federal district court in September alleging that Musk lied when he tweeted on August 7 that he had “funding secured” for a private takeover of the company at $420 per share.Tesla agreed to pay a $20 million fine; Musk had to agree to step down as Tesla chairman for a period of at least three years; the company had to appoint two independent directors to the board; and Tesla was also told to put in place a way to monitor Musk’s statements to the public about the company, including via Twitter.Last month, the SEC asked a judge to hold Musk in contempt for violating the settlement agreement.The SEC argued that a tweet sent by Musk on February 19 violated their agreement.
So when smart young entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes emerged from Silicon Valley claiming to have a cure for a broken health care system, politicians and journalists couldn't wait to shower her with praise and money.Having duped investors with faked demos and having treated patients with equipment made by other companies, Holmes and her partners are now awaiting trial on charges of fraud.The Theranos fraud exposes fundamental problems with Silicon Valley, the health care industry and the myth of the genius inventor from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs.New documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, airing on HBO tonight, reveals the whole bloody mess."Elizabeth was afflicted with the notion that the end justifies the means," Gibney says.But the question remains whether the profit-driven private sector is even suited to solving health care problems.
Last week saw Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go down for several hours for millions of users, throwing business owners' content marketing into limbo -- and teens into a near-crisis.The social media giant Facebook has thrown around impressive growth stats for years, saying, for example, that users still spend an average of 41 minutes a day on the platform.But building your audience on Facebook, Instagram or any private company’s channel can be a double-edged sword when its algorithm gets switched up or its systems go down.So, whether you’re a coach, service provider, ecommerce business or local brick and mortar, it may be time to reconsider email marketing: It's one of the best ways to reach customers, build relationships and increase sales, especially if you’re on a budget.Yet, as a content marketer who spends most of his existence trying to captivate readers’ attention online, I’ve seen far too many general “Thanks For sSubscribing!” autoresponders (emails sent automatically to confirm you’re on the mailing list) flush opportunity down the drain.So, whether you’re passing along a free lead-magnet, a transaction receipt or just a friendly acknowledgement, the real estate of a thank-you email is far too valuable to ignore.
YouTube and Netflix proffer videos they calculate you’ll watch.Facebook and Twitter filter and reorganize posts from your connections, avowedly in your interest—but also in their own.New York entrepreneur Brian Whitman helped create such a system.But he founded his current startup, Canopy, after becoming fearful of their downsides.“Traditional recommendation systems involve scraping every possible bit of data about me and then putting it in a black box,” Whitman says.“I don’t know if the recommendations it puts out are optimized for me, or to increase revenue, or are being manipulated by a state actor.” Canopy aims to release an app later this year that suggests reading material and podcasts without centralized data collection, and without pushing people to spend time they later regret.
Latest Research Report on “Franchise Market” Added by Analytical Research Cognizance which covers Market Overview, Future Economic Impact, Competition by Manufacturers, Supply (Production), & Consumption AnalysisNetscribes’ latest market research report titled Franchise Market in India 2014 outlines how the entrepreneurial appetite has streamlined itself into the franchising concept in the country.Franchising is defined as a proposition wherein an entrepreneur replicates a brand’s business model by giving a fee and share of the revenue providing both safety of an established brand and independence of running a venture by oneself.Foreign companies have also realized the potential of franchising and consider it as the most viable option while making a foray into the Indian market.Franchise in India is growing at an impressive rate riding on the consumption boom wherein greater demand for products in India is getting translated into greater demand for franchises.An entrepreneur has the option to choose from over 4,000 franchising opportunities in India, which in addition to international franchises, is sowing the seeds of growth for domestic franchises as well.
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.On Thursday (March 13th), Facebook experienced an outage on its main platform, and on Instagram and WhatsApp.During that time, users had issues posting, commenting, and accessing content.Just like in times past, for some entrepreneurs their business is heavily dependent on organically posting on social media.There is no doubt businesses lost revenue with this outage.For those who pay for advertising, their ads weren’t reaching potential customers.
When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress last April, many in the tech industry joked about the out-of-touch questions he fielded from lawmakers.Osano consolidates online companies' terms of service and privacy policies into a simple score, similar to ones used to rate consumers' credit risks.Below is the pitch deck that Gilbert used to raise $3 million for Osano in a seed round.When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress last April, many in the tech industry joked about the out-of-touch questions directed at him by lawmakers."And I'm like, 'Of course they do!But he realized from the questions that most people don't really understand what they're agreeing to when they sign up for a service like Facebook or Google, particularly about what the service will do with their data.
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It’s my first year making the trek down here for the event, which I did to interview sextech entrepreneur Lora DiCarlo founder Lora Haddock, whose robotics innovation reward was infamously revoked at this year’s CES.It’s all normal,” she said, addressing the stigma surrounding female-focused pleasure tech.Haddock, during our chat, also announced the first-ever government grant for a sextech startup, a $99,637 funding for Lora DiCarlo from the state of Oregon.Uber dominated the news cycle this week; here’s the TL;DR.The ride-hailing company is probably, most likely going to unveil its S-1 next month and it’s tying up some loose ends ahead of its big IPO.HotelTonight and Slack stakeholder Accel raised $2.525 billion, sources confirm to TechCrunch; $525 million for its fourteenth early-stage fund, $1.5 billion for its fifth growth fund and $500 million for its second Leaders Fund, or a dedicated pool of capital meant to help the firm strengthen its positions on particularly competitive bets.
She dressed like Steve Jobs and talked like she was going to save the world.New HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley looks inside the rise and fall of Theranos, a health care startup promising a miracle blood test that was revealed to be a multibillion-dollar fraud.On the face of it, this film could be like the recent spate of Fyre Festival documentaries that encouraged us to point and laugh at rich people screwing up outrageously.His documentaries often deal with entrenched, intertwined influence and abuses of power fueled by vast amounts of money.On the face of it, the story of a callow young entrepreneur might seem like a contrast, but the documentary exposes how Theranos and Silicon Valley are built on foundations of entrenched power, money and privilege no matter how much they protest to the contrary.Holmes and business partner Sunny Balwani continued to make grandiose claims -- going so far as to fake demos for investors -- while even their own staff and engineers told them their vision couldn't be realized.