Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei denies firm poses spying risk–BBCWhat happened: In his first interview with foreign media in over three years, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said that his company has never been asked to spy for his country.There is no Chinese law that requires enterprises to “install mandatory backdoors” to gather intelligence, he said.In any case, the ex-army engineer said, Huawei wouldn’t comply with such requests.His statements in part address the recent arrest of a Huawei executive in Poland on spying charges; the employee has since been fired.Ren also spoke on the arrest and detainment of his daughter and CFO Meng Wanzhou.
We’re delighted to announce that our Transform 2019 event for business executives, about how to achieve results with AI, will be held in in San Francisco on July 10-11.Transform will be the AI event of the year, specifically for executives wanting a front-row seat on how to implement AI strategies and technologies — and how to get the benefits, but also to minimize the fails.That’s why Transform is significant — and why its focus is different from both the quality research events (NeurIPS) and expos already in existence.Numerous companies are achieving impressive results in real business environments, and 2019 is when it goes into real production across ever more companies and industries.We’ll also have topical tracks through both afternoons, including privacy, bias, messaging/bots/assistants, customer journey/analytics, supply-chain, and IT.And new to Transform this year is a special invite-only executive track, called the Executive Summit, which was previously a separate event — and which hosts C-level conversations around how to implement AI across an organization.
Nvidia’s chief executive officer, Jensen Huang, has been in a chatty mood of late thanks to CES, recently firing flak at rival AMD’s freshly unveiled GPU, and now he’s been talking about the GeForce Now streaming service, and how it can never fully replace a dedicated gaming PC.As you might be aware, GeForce Now is currently up and running, albeit still in testing as a free beta.And Huang says it’s going great guns.In fact, in response to a query about how well the service is doing in a press Q session at CES, as reported by VentureBeat, Huang noted: “It’s fantastic.We have hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.”But he further clarified that with the statement: “If your question is, ‘How long before streaming can be as good as a PC?’ the answer is never.”
A recent study projects it will reach $29.06 billion by 2027, driven by increasing commercial and industrial demand.One company that’s riding the wave pretty skillfully is Bringg, a Tel Aviv and Chicago startup cofounded in 2013 by Lior Sion, previously CTO of Gett and Clarizen, and Raanan Cohen, the former founder and CEO of MobileMax.Buoyed by clients like Panera and the largest global McDonald’s franchise (Arcos Dorados), along with others in over 50 countries, it’s flying high and raising capital as it sets its sights on expansion.Bringg today announced that it has raised a $25 million series C funding round from Siemens-backed global venture firm Next47, along with existing investors including Salesforce Ventures, Aleph VC, OG Ventures, Cambridge Capital, Coca-Cola, Ituran, and Pereg Ventures.It comes after the firm secured $10 million in January 2018, bringing its total VC haul to $52 million.The startup’s product suite — self-descriptively dubbed Delivery Logistics Management — consists of modules designed to streamline fulfillment processes for retailers, grocery chains, consumer goods companies, and restaurants.
WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 14, 2019–SolderWorks LLC, a leading hardware innovation lab, today announced the launch of its new Engineering Services division.This new division, coined “The Foundry,” will expand SolderWorks capabilities to include consulting services and expertise for industries and companies of all sizes who are looking to innovate, build, and securely deploy IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions.Brandon Vogt, former GM of SmartSource Management, will join the SolderWorks Leadership Team as Vice-President and General Manager, and will initially be responsible for the development of vision, strategy, and execution as it relates to the global operations of this new division.Vogt will report directly to the Founder and CEO, Rich Walsh.Walsh states, “My belief is that the next wave of internal corporate innovation will require automation that leverages hardware solutions.
REDWOOD CITY, CA -January 14, 2019 - Scientists at Numenta propose a major new theory about how the human brain works.While neuroscientists have amassed an enormous amount of detailed factual knowledge about the brain, there remains no unifying theory as to what intelligence is and how the brain produces it.In their paper, "A Framework for Intelligence and Cortical Function Based on Grid Cells in the Neocortex," Numenta researchers describe a broad framework for understanding what the neocortex does and how it works.As you move, grid cells keep track of the location of your body relative to these maps.Numenta co-founder and lead author of the paper Jeff Hawkins commented, "The neocortex is composed of a repeating circuit that creates our perceptions, language, and high-level thoughts.We have identified a key piece of this circuit that had been missed, which led to a cascade of discoveries including a new interpretation of how the neocortex works and a new framework for all forms of intelligent thought."
Immersive Labs, a cyber security skills platform founded by James Hadley, who used to be a researcher at GCHQ, has raised $8 million in Series A funding.Leading the round is Goldman Sachs, with participation from a number of unnamed private investors.Operating in the cyber security training space, Immersive Labs helps enterprise IT and other cyber security teams acquire the latest security skills by combining up to date threat data with what is describes as “gamified” learning.This sees the startup use real-time feeds of the latest attack techniques, hacker psychology and technological vulnerabilities to quickly create “cyber wargames” for IT and security teams to learn from.The idea is that the platform can up-skill people within hours of a threat emerging, in addition to being used more generally to help identify and remedy less immediate weaknesses in a company’s cyber security team.“First, there is a big picture problem that the world is crying out for cyber security talent and is currently struggling to fill that gap,” Immersive Labs founder and CEO James Hadley tells me.
On Friday night, the companies reached a new deal for Nielsen national, digital and local audience measurement.In the agreement, CBS Television Network, CBS Television Distribution, Showtime Networks, Smithsonian, Pop, CBS Sports Network and CBS’ 27 owned-and-operated local television stations will continue to use Nielsen’s Total Audience measurement services.The multiyear agreement contains similar services to the last deal, according to a source.“CBS is a longstanding leader in world-class video content,” said Nielsen CEO David Kenny in a statement.CBS programming is perennially the most-watched content rated by Nielsen, and there is significant upside ahead as next-generation advertising continues to flourish.”The two parties had been negotiating for six months but were unable to settle on a new agreement before their previous deal expired on Dec. 31, which complicated CBS’ ad buys.
A Google shareholder has filed a lawsuit against the company's executive officers and board of directors, alleging the company concealed sexual misconduct allegations against former executives.The lawsuit, filed by shareholder James Martin, stems from hefty severance packages Google reportedly gave executive Andy Rubin, the creator of the Android mobile operating system, and Amit Singhal, head of Google's search unit until 2016.Allegations of sexual harassment against the two men were found to be credible by company investigations, according to the lawsuit."Rubin was allowed to quietly resign by defendants Larry Page and Sergey Brin after an internal investigation found the allegations of sexual harassment by Rubin to be credible," according to the complaint, filed Thursday in California state court."While at Google, Rubin is also alleged to have engaged in human sex trafficking -- paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to women to be, in Rubin's own words, 'owned' by him."The lawsuit comes during a period of prominent figures in industries ranging from politics to entertainment being toppled by revelations of sexual harassment or sexual assault.
Today, global “brandtech” network You & Mr Jones announced perhaps the largest in an ongoing series of acquisitions across the marketing space since its 2015 launch with the purchase of a majority stake in U.K.-based Inside Ideas Group.The company is best known for its Oliver division, which specializes in helping brands develop their own in-house marketing teams.Clients include Google, BMW, 3M, Samsung, Pepsi, JPMorgan and, most famously, Unilever, whose content group U-Studios launched in 2016.London-based investment banking group GP Bullhound advised the groups on the deal.“We’re excited to be joining a group that enables our clients to tap into a broad range of amazing tech-led products and capabilities,” said Simon Martin, founder and CEO of Inside Ideas Group and Oliver.He added that clients will now be able to access “a wider spectrum of the most advanced and innovative marketing technology solutions” thanks to other You & Mr Jones properties like content marketing company Gravity Road, data provider 55 and creator network Mofilm.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, have said they will divorce.Their separation of assets could affect the Amazon CEO's ranking among the richest people in the world.If MacKenzie Bezos acquired half of Jeff Bezos' $137 billion fortune — a possible outcome of a divorce settlement — the two would be tied at No.4 on the list with $68.5 billion each.MacKenzie Bezos would easily become the richest woman in the world.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could find himself dropping a few spots on the list of world's richest people soon.
LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 10, 2019–MINIEYE, a Chinese company focusing on sensing technology of autonomous driving, today announced a technology collaboration with Xilinx, Inc. the leader in adaptable, intelligent computing, to develop turnkey sensing systems for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).The two companies are working together to create solutions for carmakers and Tier-1s by running MINIEYE IP on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 and Zynq UltraScale+ auto-grade MPSoC platforms to enable sensing features for L1-L3 autonomous driving.According to Liu Guoqing, founder and CEO of MINIEYE, the new technology is able to recognize and analyze more than 20 traffic objects using Xilinx’s auto-grade MPSoC platforms.The solutions enable in-cabin detection, object detection, as well as the signal input of other sensors.These functions are designed to adapt to complicated situations inherent in autonomous driving.
CNET News Editor-in-Chief Connie Guglielmo speaks with Steven Sasson, inventor of the first self-contained digital camera while at Eastman Kodak in 1975.With inventors, creators, CEO's and even robots, CNET brings all the best of CES to our stage.Take a look behind-the-scenes at the biggest week for the biggest things in tech.
On Wednesday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced his plans to file for divorce from MacKenzie Bezos.Divorce experts say many couples prefer to wait until after the holidays have passed to announce their decision.Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon, and his estimated net worth is $137 billion.Shaw in New York; they've been married 25 years and have four children together.Interestingly, January has been unofficially labeled "Divorce Month."Researchers at the University of Washington, Julie Brines and Brian Serafini, analyzed divorce filings between 2001 and 2015 in Washington State (where the Bezoses live) and found that they consistently peaked in March and August, i.e.
The Epic Games store has secured its first major partnership as it will carry Ubisoft’s The Division 2 on PC when it launches March 15.Besides THQ Nordic’s Darksiders 3, the Epic Games store has largely hosted smaller indie titles since its launch in December.Multiple editions are available now to pre-order from the Epic Games store, including the Ultimate, Gold, and standard.Those who pre-order any edition from the store will gain access to the private beta, expected sometime in January or February.The Gold edition ($100) comes with three days early access to the game and the Year 1 Pass.The Year 1 Pass grants you early access to the upcoming DLC packs — which will be free for all players — and a bunch of in-game items and activities.
BOSTON, JANUARY 9 -- Senolytic Therapeutics, an innovator in senescent cell research and one of the first Daughter companies to join the hub-and-spoke business model of Life Biosciences, is being recognized by leading institutions for its work to combat aging and age-related decline.Marc Ramis, PhD, co-founder and chief executive officer of the company, is speaking at Longevity Therapeutics in January 30 in San Francisco and at the Longevity Leadership Conference, February 4 in London.Manuel Serrano, PhD, co-founder and leading scientist in this field, presents at Undoing Ageing, March 30 in Berlin.The pair co-founded Senolytic Therapeutics to advance therapies to treat biological aging and associated diseases.For example, at the Longevity Therapeutics Conference, I am discussing the Challenge of Developing Novel Senolytic Medicines, focusing on our work in the design of senolytic medicines."I am gratified that the two co-founders will continue to lead Senolytic, as we build our Dream Team of researchers."
AWS launched DocumentDB today, a new database offering that is compatible with the MongoDB API.The company describes DocumentDB as a “fast, scalable, and highly available document database that is designed to be compatible with your existing MongoDB applications and tools.” In effect, it’s a hosted drop-in replacement for MongoDB that doesn’t use any MongoDB code.AWS argues that while MongoDB is great at what it does, its customers have found it hard to build fast and highly available applications on the open-source platform that can scale to multiple terabytes and hundreds of thousands of reads and writes per second.So what the company did was build its own document database, but made it compatible with the Apache 2.0 open source MongoDB 3.6 API.It’s also no secret that AWS has long been accused of taking the best open-source projects and re-using and re-branding them without always giving back to those communities.The wrinkle here is that MongoDB was one of the first companies that aimed to put a stop to this by re-licensing its open-source tools under a new license that explicitly stated that companies that wanted to do this had to buy a commercial license.
To find out, Ashley talks to her internet pal Lina about her experiences on Raya.Finally, the two of them come back together to interview The League’s founder and CEO Amanda Bradford about why she made the app and why she thinks it’s essential.As always, you can listen to the episode below, and follow along with Bradford’s interview, too.Yeah, and I think that you can see a little more about what the person’s about and what career that they decided to dedicate their livelihood to.Then we put you on a wait list, and we can see who’s checking back in, who’s referring friends, who’s actually checking out the app and figuring out how it all works, and we use all of that information to predict who’s going to be a good user in the system.We used to not have religion, and then I remember we have about 25 percent Jewish people on The League, and the number one feature request from all of them was, “Let me filter on religious views.” We added that because we’re not here to say, “Hey, you guys can’t choose to match with other Jewish people.” We’re not gonna make them have to spend 5x more time searching through people that don’t fit their preferences rather than just serving up the people that match perfectly.
Harold T. Martin III, a former government contractor, is still facing trial for the alleged theft of massive amounts of National Security Agency data, including documents and tools from the NSA's Tailored Access Operations Division.Now, a new report by Kim Zetter for Politico suggests that the NSA and the Justice Department tracked down Martin thanks to information shared by an ironic source: the Moscow-based malware protection company Kaspersky Lab.Citing two anonymous sources familiar with the investigation, Zetter reports that Kaspersky Lab employees passed information on Martin to the US government after he sent unusual direct messages via Twitter to the company in 2016.Kaspersky passed the US government five messages from an anonymous Twitter account named @HAL999999999 to two researchers at the company.The first message, sent August 15, 2016, requested that a researcher facilitate a conversation with "Yevgeny," the given name of Kaspersky Lab founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky."So, figure out how we talk... With Yevgeny present," the message read.
Ubisoft is the latest gigantic publisher to avoid the Steam marketplace for its PC games.But the company is getting some help from its friends at Epic Games to ensure it can still reach a critical mass of consumers.Ubisoft is going to release Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on its own Uplay service on March 15, but it will also debut it on the Epic Games Store at the same time.“As long-time fans and partners of Ubisoft, we’re thrilled to bring a range of awesome Ubisoft games to the Epic Games store,” Epic chief executive officer Tim Sweeney said.“We aim to provide the most publisher-friendly store, providing direct access to customers and an 88% revenue split, enabling game creators to further reinvest in building great games.”“We entrust Epic to deliver a smooth journey for our fans, from preordering the game and enjoying our Beta to the launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on March 15,” Ubisoft partnerships boss Chris Early said.