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Diversity is a complex and urgent issue facing many corporations today, particularly so in Silicon Valley.The Congressional Black Caucus and deeply well-intentioned task forces like Tech 2020 have mobilized to push for better numbers, to little genuine effect.But, as a Black man with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, I think the answer to our diversity problem should lie not just in pushing that needle of quantitative representation, but in the deeper qualitative measures we can take to nurture and connect previously marginalized employees once they’ve landed.Setting at least an achievable goal like this is a good first step toward being more representative.Consider instead how ‘tech mega companies’ are actually created — where their DNA is established.If you were to go back to the origin story of any unicorn startup — and I’m lucky to consider myself a part of one now — it’s the union of great talents that have the nerve and know-how to get it off the ground.
Amazon — which has been linked with an Acko investment since the start of this year — backed lending startup Capital Float last month, and now it has led a $12 million funding round for Acko alongside Ashish Dhawan, the founder of PE firm ChrysCapital, and existing backer Catamaran Ventures.Acko was founded in late 2016 by Varun Dua, one of the co-founders of insurance comparison site Coverfox.Fast-forward 12 months to today, and Acko has covered the traditional space of automobile insurance policies, and a newer category ‘internet economy’ since January.It’s that latter focus that appeals to Amazon via this deal, which Dua told TechCrunch came about after Acko began talking to Amazon as a potential insurance partner.Acko has gone after big name partnerships in its pursuit of internet economy deals, which Dua said primarily consists of e-commerce, ride-hailing and travel site-focused products.“We know from user behavior experience that passengers tend to contact Ola when they have issues, so we wanted to set up a pretty seamless claims process that’s reasonable integrated,” Dua told TechCrunch in an interview, adding that Acko has covered more than 10 million Ola trips so far.
A rich ecosystem of Switch add-ons makes Nintendo's compact console even more fun.Get an extra set of Joy-Con controllers and invite more friends to join you in games like Overcooked, or line up for a four-way race in Mario Kart 8.Any battery pack can juice up your system in sleep mode, but most aren’t powerful enough to charge the Switch while you game.Thanks to this pack’s USB-C Power Delivery standard, you can keep Splatoon-ing as your console rejuvenates.The massive 26,800-mAh battery quadruples your Zelda time.These flat-pack DIY kits let you build playful supplemental Switch controllers out of precut cardboard .
This week we reviewed the OnePlus 6 and Nokia 8 Sirocco, went hands-on with the new HTC U12 Plus, and more.See how some new squeeze features and a different take on buttons adds some unique qualities to HTC’s latest flagship.The latest OnePlus handset feels very familiar, but that’s a large part of what makes it so good.Nokia 8 Sirocco review: A premium indulgence The Nokia 8 Sirocco is shiny, solid, and offers pure and up-to-date Android experience… but does that merit a premium price tag?Find out in our Nokia 8 review.Essential reportedly cancels next smartphone, company may be up for sale The unconfirmed report comes less than a year after Essential Products’ first phone launched, which was not a sales success.
As the world evolves to embrace smaller living spaces, new travel trailers, and RVs spring up around the country.Others were made for families to live luxuriously, like Airstream’s new Globetrotter.Certain trailers really catch the eye while alternatives feature unique functionality, such as the Escapod Topo Series which was built for rugged terrain.The Land Ark company introduces one of the craziest travel trailers we’ve seen yet — Drake, serving as a combined exquisite modern living experience and off-the-grid home.Drake features two lofts and a flex room that you can customize to meet your needs.The trailer provides for more than 350 square feet of space including the lofts — one which fits a king mattress and a secondary that fits a queen.
ESPN’s recently launched ESPN+ streaming service is adding e-sports to its repertoire.The company has announced that it will broadcast live coverage of several League of Legends competitions this summer, beginning on June 16th with the 2018 North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split (NA LCS).After that comes the NA LCS Summer Finals in September September and then the League of Legends World Championship in the fall.The deal between ESPN and Riot Games is non-exclusive, so you’ll still be able to stream those same competitions for the hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title on Twitch.But ESPN is likely hoping that covering e-sports will help bring in more subscribers for the still-new $4.99/month ESPN+ service.ESPN+ includes thousands of hours of live events from various sports leagues throughout the year, original programming, and an ad-free experience when using the ESPN website and app.
It's been a good month for ships.Just this week, one of the most iconic vessels to ever clear the Kessel run in 12 parsecs returned to theaters in a very high-profile manner.But May has also brought news the Rocinante may fly again, Trekkies everywhere can finally (virtually) hop aboard the Enterprise-D, and we'll all soon host a Starfighter of choice on the nearest desk in our lives.If you want to count the ho-hum Block 5 in all this, too, go right ahead.Seeing a young Han Solo experience all the feels when first laying eyes upon the beloved Millennium Falcon had everyone around the Orbital HQ thinking.The phonebooth outside the Circle K epitomized function over form and industry over innovation—with a little chewing gum and plenty of their own gumption, even two obvious idiots could recruit the most brilliant and adventurous minds from across history to help them pass a final San Dimas High School history presentation.
To distill this comparison down to the power user experience we’re going to focus on a few key areas.In real-world usage, none of these phones seem to skip a beat.Octa-core Exynos 8895 (4x2.3 GHz Mongoose M2 & 4x1.7 GHz Cortex-A53) - GlobalOcta-core Snapdragon 835 (4x2.35 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo) - USA & ChinaOcta-core Snapdragon 835 (4x2.45 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo) - USA & ChinaOcta-core Kirin 970 (4 Cortex A73 2.36GHz + 4 Cortex A53 1.8GHz)
Get the top tips to use the Uber for Lawn Mowing app to enjoy the best experience. This blog also shares DIY lawn mowing tips. What’s more it also discusses how you can use this application to start your own Lawn cutting app business.
So, when it asked if we’d like to give their recently revamped Custom Works program a try, we jumped at the chance to see what the experience was all about.This covers any type of gear Dainese makes, but is most often deemed appropriate for full leather suits.When asked about why Dainese goes to the lengths they do to offer programs like Custom Works, Dainese CEO Cristiano Silei told Digital Trends: “In the same way Dainese was founded by passion for motorcycling based on safety, style, and innovation, the Custom Works program was conceived to offer these ideals to people whose body types fell outside the standard availability of our products.Like Nike ID for motorcycle gearIn the same way some automotive and shoe manufacturers allow you to design for yourself from home, Dainese introduced its 3D configurator as a way to explore the wealth of design options available — as well as their cost impact — long before making your appointment to get fitted.If you do happen to be one of those special few where nothing ever fits quite right, a custom fitting is well worth the extra time.
Google’s slow, limited, browser-only, cloud-centric laptop platform is now the most powerful and capable user platform on the planet.Apple fans laugh at this idea, saying that a MacBook Pro can run the Chrome browser and gain all the benefits of a Chromebook, as well as all the benefits and leading-edge content-creation tools of a far more elegant, better designed and better engineered device.Myth 2: Chromebooks don’t run Android apps wellWhen I first saw the Android-on-Chrome-OS demo at Google I/O four years ago, I was pessimistic.Many people spend most of their time in a browser, and for people who use Chrome browsers, the experience of using Chrome is far faster on the new generation of Chromebooks.When I ran Chrome on my MacBook Pro, adding more tabs and extensions caused the entire laptop to slow to a crawl and the fan to spin loudly.
It was necessary this week for DICE GM Oskar Gabrielson to make a public statement about a female character in Battlefield V. For more than one reason.Twitter users (bot, troll, or otherwise) reacted to the latest trailer for the World War II-themed game with vitriol because they saw a woman, and that woman had a prosthetic arm.The main message from Gabrielson was that there’s a female playable character(s) in Battlefield V, and they’re not going to be removed.That was the most highly-loved message this week on Twitter, anyway.— Oskar Gabrielson (@ogabrielson) May 25, 2018But Gabrielson also made mention of how they “want Battlefield V to represent all those who were a part of the greatest drama in human history, and give players choice to choose and customize the characters they play with.” Which is a bit much.
Researchers have discovered prehistoric dandruff in the fossil of a microraptor, a type of tiny dinosaur that was about the size of a crow and feasted on meat.This is officially the oldest instance of skin flakes discovered thus far, bits joined by similar preserved dandruff found on the fossilized remains of a primitive bird and two other feathered dinosaurs.Modern reptiles shed their skin as one large piece, such as when a snake leaves behind a single tube of skin.No one has known for sure, until now, whether dinosaurs similarly shed in large pieces or experience smaller, flaky shedding of skin.That makes this discovery an important one: it is the first discovery of fossilize dandruff.Rather than shedding like modern reptiles, the fossil reveals flaky skin shedding akin to that of modern birds.
Huawei has announced that it will stop providing bootloader unlock codes for its future devices.The confirmation follows an issue Huawei/Honor handset owners were experiencing earlier this month in accessing the bootloader unlock codes page on the Huawei website.According to the company, it made its decision due to the risk that comes with ROMs.Signs of the change arrived in early May when the bootloader unlock codes page disappeared.No explanation for the disappearance was provided, and the company mostly avoided acknowledging the change entirely.It was a blow to users who prefer to modify their devices.
Jaguar Land Rover today (25 May) announced a major restructuring of its marketing, sales, service and PR functions in a move the company stated in a statement was “to meet the changing needs of its global customers”.Felix Brautigam, chief commercial officer and board member of Jaguar Land Rover is forming a new commercial function with the core functions of customer experience, product marketing, market performance, customer service and planning, addressing the regions of China, North America, UK, Europe and Overseas.“This restructuring brings key functions together, making us fit for the future and enabling us to delight customers, strengthen our brands, define outstanding products and drive success – success derived from better responding to our customers’ needs that are changing as quickly as the communications landscape is being revolutionized,” stated Brautigam.“I am certain that these adjustments to the way we do business will better prepare us to face increasing external challenges but also to seize new opportunities as we over-proportionally invest in new products and technologies.In this we are driven by one goal: creating experiences that our customers will love for life.”Key appointments have been made to lead this new structure, and they will be reporting to Brautigam, effective from 2 July.
Let the students in the technical preparatory year wait to determine the engineering until they are gone most of the year.The government wants in a new proposal."We have good experience of the base year and therefore we want to develop and modernize it," says Helene Hellmark Knutsson (s), the minister for higher education and research.Welcome to say your opinion on the New Technology.the Principle of our rules are simple: show respect for the people we write about and other readers who comment on articles.All comments are moderated after publication of the New Technology, or of us hired staff.
If my life were Ready Player One, I'd be living back in the Sega Genesis days.That's the system I grew up with in high school.Sonic, Phantasy Star, Toejam and Earl: these were my worlds.Sega's teased old-school players over the years with compilations that come and go: the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection back in 2009 was brilliant, with 48 games and few compromises.It took nine years, but this new collection feels every bit as good.It's also a far better Sega Genesis experience than the AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback mini-console released last year: That console did play actual Sega cartridges and use original Genesis controllers, but games played at a lower frame rate and felt "off."
Northern Ireland's Ulster Bank has had a bonkers idea, probably thought up by a work experience kid keen to give the system a kick up the arse and have something to tweet about first.It's going to try doing money sideways.As in, it's launching banknotes that you hold, look at, and imagine having more of vertically or in portrait orientation as it were, with its forthcoming new polymer £5 and £10 banknotes set to be an amazing conversation starter with numismatists when they arrive in 2019.Northern Ireland will then join Bermuda and Kazakhstan in being the only countries in the world using vertical banknotes, which ought to add a handful of single old men to the country's tourism numbers.
Cannabis is now legal in California … but where do you start?That’s what a new radio ad—just released to millions of Bay Area listeners in the first advertising push by a marijuana company in mainstream media—is here to tell you.Tokr, which launched in 2017, is an app available on both iTunes and Google Play that simplifies the cannabis shopping experience while also feeding data back to retailers.The spot will reach millions of Bay Area listeners.This week, iHeart Radio will broadcast the spot to help match consumers in the Bay Area with the best cannabis for their lifestyle, whether it’s for exercise, relaxation, inspiration or literally anything else.Tokr directs its customers to nearby dispensaries and personalizes information to the user.