Since the president’s solution for combating these climate change-fuelled disasters is to threaten to cut disaster relief funding for the state, local governments are taking matters into their own hands.The tactic of using herds of goats to clear the flammable dry brush in forest areas has become increasingly popular.Now, the town of Nevada City, California, wants to deploy its own goat army to clean up its surrounding areas as soon as possible.Authorities in Nevada City are attempting to quickly subsidise their preventative measures through the power of crowdfunding and catchy branding.Goat Fund Me, a campaign launched by Nevada City Vice Mayor Reinette Senum, aims to raise $30,000 (£23,590) that will be used to bring in several large herds of hungry goats for the purpose of eating up the wild brush on city land.“We can go out and pursue grants but that takes months, and we don’t have months,” Senum told Wired.
The brother of late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is launching a new cryptocurrency in a bid to boot US President Donald Trump from office.Less than a day after having a $50 million crowdfunding campaign for its Impeach Trump Fund pulled by GoFundMe, Escobar Inc. is running an initial coin offering (ICO) for a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, aptly named ESCOBAR.The move is primarily to ensure that no centralized platforms are able to further censor the fundraising efforts of the Escobar estate, which is pledged to be focused almost entirely on dethroning Trump.Escobar Inc. says Trump shut down their GoFundMeAccording to Escobar Inc., $10 million had been raised in just 10 hours in the leadup to the GoFundMe page going dark.“Originally the goal was to raise $50 million just using the GoFundMe platform,” Olof Gustafsson, Escobar Inc. CEO told Hard Fork.
Federal workers have begun asking for help on GoFundMe as a government shutdown nears the three-week mark.Government employees have set up roughly 1,000 fundraising pages, GoFundMe told The Guardian on Wednesday, as they seek help in meeting their expenses.Campaigns on the crowdfunding platform seek anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars for everyday expenses, such as utilities and groceries, the paper reported.The campaigns have raised approximately $100,000 in total, The Guardian reported.GoFundMe didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.A search on the site for the term "government shutdown" returned more than 1,650 results.
GoFundMe has returned $403,000 to 14,000 people who believed they were helping a homeless veteran.The crowdfunding site said Monday that all donations have now been refunded, as have processing and administration fees, according to CBS News.A New Jersey couple, Katelyn McClure and Mark D'Amico, started a fundraising campaign on the site in November 2017 after Johnny Bobbitt Jr. allegedly gave McClure $20 when her car ran out of gas.The campaign's goal was to raise $10,000 to help Bobbitt with rent and living expenses.The campaign went viral and raised more than 40 times that amount.However, New Jersey prosecutors said last month that the three made up the story and were actually working together on a scam to raise and split whatever people would donate.
Florida men are seemingly involved in so many strange happenings involving pythons, alligators and restaurant break-ins that when a parody “Florida Man” Twitter account surfaced back in 2013, it became an immediate sensation.The man behind the campaign, Brian Kolfage, formerly ran conspiracy-theory websites, along with a Facebook page called Right Wing News that was shut down by Facebook in October.Kolfage, who is also a U.S. veteran who served in Iraq and lost both legs and one arm, talks at some length about his public service on his GoFundMe page.He also states that he has been on Fox News “many times, [so] you can see I’m credible and a real person.” He meanwhile mentions nothing about his media ventures, telling NBC News yesterday that he doesn’t “want it to be a distraction” to potential donors.We have many very high level contacts already helping.”The page also tells visitors that the U.S. government has accepted large donations from private investors in the past, linking to a 2012 story about billionaire David Rubenstein, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, who donated $7.5 million to repair cracks near the top of the Washington Monument.
A GoFundMe campaign wants to raise at least $1 billion to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.The campaign, called "We the People Will Fund the Wall," was launched by veteran Brian Kolfage.It's raised more than $6 million in three days.During the 2016 US presidential campaign, President Donald Trump pledged to build the border wall and have Mexico pay for it, which the Mexican government has said it won't do."If we can fund a large portion of this wall, it will jump-start things and will be less money Trump has to secure from our politicians," Kolfage wrote on the GoFundMe page."If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall.
Despite the fact I haven’t announced it on Twitter yet (thus making it an official government document), I’d like to inform everyone that I wholeheartedly support the GoFundMe effort purported to be setup to fund President Trump’s border wall.Please consider donating or sharing.I have a public figure Facebook page with a blue check mark issued by Facebook that verifies my identity.For what it’s worth, I legitimately believe that he thinks this GoFundMe will actually fund the wall.I know that’s not feasible for some of you, but as the president himself said “these aren’t people, they’re animals.”I know if I actually believed that immigration and crime wasn’t going down, I’d give every red penny I had to doing whatever it takes to make me think I was helping keep the country safe.
What is Crowdfunding?Crowdfunding is the strategy for business people, innovative masterminds, and non-benefits to get funding.In its essential frame, it is the pooling together of little measures of cash from a gathering of a group that shares your passion and that you communicate with web-based utilizing web-based life.In March 2014 was a major month for crowdfunding and for crowdfunded products.5.7 million individuals have sponsored around 130,000 imaginative activities on Kickstarter.What are the types of crowdfunding?There are four basic types of crowdfunding: Donation, Rewards, Debt and Equity.Any donor who relates to the cause is welcome to donate towards the campaign.Top stages GoFundMe, Fundly, DonorsChoose for Teachers, and Causes for raising assets and making petitions.
The state of the US healthcare system has created a boom in crowdfunded medical campaigns as patients struggle to pay for treatment.In 2017, campaigners raised $930 million through GoFundMe — nearly half of the money raised by the site.Some hospitals have taken notice.Splinter highlighted a recent example in which a woman was denied a heart transplant because of the state of her finances, and suggested that she set up a “fundraising effort.”The patient in question is Hedda Martin, who has been experiencing congestive heart failure after being treated for breast cancer in 2005.Doctors recommended that she get a Left Ventricular Assist Device to keep her alive while she waited for a heart transplant.
The strange case of a US couple who raised $400,000 (around £311,500) on GoFundMe for a homeless good Samaritan appears to be skidding into a surprise ending.NBC Philadelphia obtained a copy of a complaint by Burlington County prosecutors that accuses Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure of conspiring with Johnny Bobbitt Jr. to deceive GoFundMe users into making donations.A source familiar with the case told NBC that D’Amico and McClure had already turned themselves in but did not confirm if Bobbitt had done the same.According to the report, the three made up the story that inspired 14,000 contributors to raise $400,000 (£311, 500) for Bobbitt.In October of 2017, McClure started a GoFundMe campaign that claimed she’d run out of gas on the interstate when Bobbitt, who was allegedly homeless, approached her car.She said that he told her to sit tight and proceeded to use his last $20 to get her fuel.
On Thursday, the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office in the US state of New Jersey announced formal charges against the three people involved in a viral GoFundMe campaign that raised $400,000 (£312,000) last year to help a homeless man get on his feet.Authorities said that “the entire campaign was predicated on a lie.”At a press conference yesterday, prosecutor Scott Coffina told reporters that Mark D’Amico, Kate McClure, and Johnny Bobbitt Jr. are all being charged with second-degree theft by deception and second-degree conspiracy.The charges stem from the “Paying It Forward” GoFundMe campaign that authorities say was based on a story that was “completely made up.” While they believe it was true that Johnny Bobbitt Jr. was indeed homeless, they say that McClure’s claims that she’d been stranded on the interstate when Bobbitt appeared and used his last $20 to buy her petrol never happened.According to a handout given to reporters, McClure and D’Amico are a couple who became “acquainted” with Bobbitt about a month prior to the launch of the crowdfunding campaign.He said that authorities don’t have much insight into the planning process or who initiated the alleged scam, but he claimed that in 2012, Johnny Bobbitt posted a story on his personal Facebook page that was remarkably similar to the one presented on GoFundMe.
It looks like a feel-good crowdfunding campaign was actually a lie.Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina on Thursday said an "extremely successful" GoFundMe campaign that raised over $400,000 for a homeless veteran was a scam.New Jersey couple Katelyn McClure and Mark D'Amico created the GoFundMe campaign on Nov. 10, 2017, saying homeless veteran Jonny Bobbitt Jr. had given his last $20 to McClure for gas after her car broke down.The campaign's original target goal was $10,000 and said money would be used to help Bobbitt with rent, a vehicle and up to six months of living expenses.In the next two weeks, the campaign went viral and was shared widely in the media and online in the US and internationally."The entire campaign was predicated on a lie," said Coffina in a release posted Thursday on Facebook.
When Jeff Hill went to check on a friend’s father’s home after the devastating Camp Fire — which has killed at least 48 people and burned 135,000 acres thus far — blazed through an area near Paradise, Calif., he was shocked to see a large mule helplessly floating on top of a pool cover.CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE VICTIMS AIDED THROUGH RED CROSS, GOFUNDME DONATIONS, MORE: HOW YOU CAN HELP“As we were walking up to the house, we saw a mule pacing back and forth.When we walked toward it, we saw [another] mule in the pool,” Hill told Fox News on Wednesday, adding he was accompanied by his friend Geoff Sheldon, whose father had stayed behind at the home until he was inevitably forced to evacuate.Hill suspected the animal had been on top of the pool cover for a “long while,” noting the mule was hardly keeping its head above water.When we walked up, she didn’t move and sat there shivering and staring at us,” he recalled.
During his two-day tour in New York, Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot stopped by DT Daily’s NYC studio to talk about what’s happening lately at the crowdfunding website, as well as the crowdfunding industry in general.Since taking the position in 2016 (he previously served as Indiegogo’s Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations), Mandelbrot has been leading the company to profitability.Indiegogo, which launched in 2008, has raised more than $1 billion and the platform is now not only used by more than 10 million backers, major companies are launching new products there as well.The company has also moved beyond just being a crowdfunding platform, providing resources and support for budding entrepreneurs and startups to help them see their product from idea to reality.“The big change in crowdfunding is that each big company [Indiegogo, Kickstarter, GoFundMe] has established its sort of specialty,” Mandelbrot said.“GoFundMe’s got a real focus on personal cause and nonprofit fundraising.
Even though some of its employees might be hosting a GoFundMe campaign to stay liquid during an unexpected furlough, things sound like they're moving forward at Faraday Future this week.Faraday Future announced on Tuesday several updates on its business.On the money front, now that it's been deemed free to seek additional funding, Faraday Future said it's working to lock down $500 million in additional funding.Even Faraday CEO Yueting Jia is willing to do what he can to make sure suppliers don't disappear."Before successful financing, I am willing to take out my personal equity as a pledge and guarantee for all supplies," Jia said in a statement as part of the company's press release.Faraday Future relies on 177 suppliers, and reports from months past have outlined a strained relationship between the automaker and its suppliers.
The current situation at Faraday Future is awfully dire.The company has been granted permission to seek additional funding, but until another lifeline of money comes in, a number of employees are required to take an unpaid leave of absence (furlough), amid layoffs and salary cuts, as well as the departure of one of Faraday's founders.In the meantime, furloughed employees have started a GoFundMe campaign.According to Green Car Reports, the crowdfunding initiative aims to raise $50,000 to help with expenses until Faraday Future gets another influx of cash -- or until these employees can find new jobs.The GoFundMe was started by Hector Padilla, the EV automaker's manager of tooling and equipment for body-in-white production.According to the GoFundMe page, manufacturing team employees on furlough with families and lease or mortgage payments are the top priority for this fundraiser.
A digital billboard near Disneyland is asking Disney to rehire James Gunn for "Guardians of the Galaxy 3."It was paid for by a GoFundMe campaign that has raised nearly $5,000.But Gunn has been tapped to write and possibly direct a sequel to DC and Warner Bros.' "Suicide Squad 2."Warner Bros. beat Disney in public sentiment after hiring Gunn for "Suicide Squad 2."A new billboard near Disneyland in California is pleading with Disney and Marvel to rehire the director for "Guardians of the Galaxy 3," even though Gunn has been tapped to write and possibly direct a "Suicide Squad" sequel for the competition, DC and Warner Bros.Disney CEO Bob Iger has also said that he doesn't regret the decision to fire Gunn.
GoFundMe alone has raised more than $5 billion in the last eight years, with one out of every three campaigns raising money to cover healthcare costs, according to GoFundMe’s CEO.Often, these campaigns are for the uninsured or underinsured, and help provide legitimate medical care.Brain injury specialist Ford Vox and a team of three medical ethicists searched GoFundMe and three lesser-used crowdfunding sites (YouCaring, CrowdRise, and FundRazr) for campaigns involving questionable treatments: those that don’t do much at all, and others that do something potentially dangerous.They focused on five treatments that were showing up a lot in their results, searching the sites systematically for US- and Canada-based campaigns from the last three years that were specifically for those five.They found 1,059 campaigns that fit the bill, with the collective goal of raising more than $27 million, and hitting about a quarter of that target.Around 200 campaigns were raising funds for hyberbaric oxygen therapy for brain injury, which supposedly "enhances the body's natural healing process by inhalation of 100 percent oxygen in a total body chamber."
GoFundMe, the social fundraising platform that has raised over $5 billion from over 50 million donors for causes, today is taking a big step into fundraising for charities and other non-profit organizations, and specifically helping charities dedicated to adolescent girls in the process.The startup is partnering with former First Lady Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation to launch the Global Girls Alliance Fund, a platform within GoFundMe designed for fundraising specifically for grassroots organizations that work on girls education initiatives.The new platform is being rolled out as part of a bigger effort that Obama and the Obama Foundation are announcing today called the Global Girls Alliance, a program to empower adolescent girls through education.Obama has been a strong supporter of the general cause, which — even with the advances we have seen in education and women’s rights — has been a persistent one globally.An estimated 98 million adolescent girls — that is, mostly-teenage females of secondary school age — are currently not in school, working out to one out of every five females in this age bracket, according to research from Unesco.“We want to lift up the grassroots leaders in communities all over the world who are clearing away the hurdles that too many girls face.
Crowdfunding has become a popular way to get funding for a new project or startup business.. Crowdfunding is where you find a lots of people to invest in your business. Everyone chips in achieve the ultimate goal. But while you can ask each kick in some cash, you don’t want to ask 500 people to write you a cheque or hand you 20 bucks. At Some point, it can be awkward. And it is also time consuming. Mainly three crowdfunding types: donation-based Crowdfunding, reward-based crowdfunding and equity Crowdfunding.Reward-based crowdfunding works if the amount being raised is less than $50,000.If you’re looking to start your own crowdfunding a business. here are the major platforms in the market.Kickstarter.Indiegogo.Patreon.GoFundMe.Crowdrise.SecondMerketRazoo.RocketHub.Crowdfunder.Give.Kickstarter : Kickstarter is the most well known name in crowdfunding and arguably the most active platform, raising over $2 billion since its launch in 2009. Kickstarter has criteria for funding All or nothing. So, if you are planning for a new venture like it with your own expanded features you can get your Kickstarter clone Script from NCrypted Websites. Indiegogo : Indiegogo was the first major fundraising platform, It is a global crowdfunding platform that democratizes the people raise funds for many project such as creative, entrepreneurial, or cause-related. Indiegogo has no disallowances against cause-related and compassionate activities, and it likewise offers an “adaptable subsidizing” alternative that enables you to gather every one of your gifts regardless of whether you don’t achieve your objective. Indiegogo clone Script by NCrypted, is a social fundraising tool. On the off chance that your undertaking doesn’t achieve goal, even it can keep all fund-raised. GoFundMe : The most casual amongst crowdfunding sites, it adopts an informal tone for generally small-scale, personal or charity projects, It takes a very easy and soft approach for goals and deadlines. Lets you start a crowdfunding platform like gofundme clone that helps people in raising money for their personal projects like educational , medical emergencies, charities or any other non-profit initiatives. SecondMarket : SecondMarket Clone is a Fundraising Software by NCrypted Websites, where you can invite  fundraisers and donors to help and fund member’s projects. SecondMarket PHP Clone hosts creative projects. Features of SecondMarket Clone: