Minutes before I’m supposed to meet mix engineer Leslie Brathwaite for the first time, he texts me to reschedule.In the post-Grammys glow, he talks with The Verge about what a mix engineer does, what it was like to work with Cardi B on Invasion of Privacy, and he shares some of his favorite studio tips, tricks, and plug-ins.Once the artist and the musicians and the producers and everyone gets together and records all the material, I have to sift through everything and make decisions like which vocal take is the best?Every night, she would walk around and make sure she spoke to every single person in the studio from the front desk girl to the studio manager.I was born in Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands.From a very early age, I would follow the calypso bands and ask them if I could hook up the amplifiers or try to help them wrap cables.
Ariana Grande has set the record straight, after it was suggested she’d taken aim at Cardi B during this year’s Grammys.After a much-publicised row with producers, Ariana ultimately declined to appear at this year’s Grammys, but did follow the action along on social media, and she was not impressed when it was revealed that Cardi had been awarded Best Rap Album.Pacific Press via Getty ImagesImmediately after Cardi was announced as the recipient of the award, Ariana tweeted “trash”, “fuck” and “bullshit”, before quickly taking down the posts.However, when her fans picked up on what she’d written, assuming she was having a go at Cardi, Ariana quickly fired off some more tweets (which have also now been removed), insisting that she had nothing against the Bodak Yellow rapper, and was actually just disappointed that the award didn’t go to her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, who was also nominated in the same category.John Shearer via Getty Images
A young upstart from Chicago was promising change we could believe in.Meanwhile, another son of the Windy City, Kanye West, had an idea for a quintessentially Yes We Can pursuit: a puppet-based sketch comedy show.Alligator Boots, which West cocreated along with collaborator and friend Rhymefest, came to life as a filthy, irreverent spoof of The Muppet Show, hosted by West and costarring a felt-covered pig named Pork Troy.Konee Rok (video director, animator): At the time, I was traveling all over documenting the making of Rhymefest's album.He said, "My buddy Rhymefest has this idea about this puppet Pork Troy and it's a sci-fi thing."Alice Dinnean (puppeteer): There was a phase where all of us wound up on a lot of adult-themed puppet shows in the mid-2000s.