The federal government's chief auditor has recommended Congress consider develop legislation to beef up consumers' internet data privacy protections.The recommendation was included in a 56-page report (PDF) issued Wednesday by the Government Accountability Office, the government agency that provides auditing, evaluation and investigative services for Congress.The report was prepared at the request two years ago by Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has scheduled a hearing to discuss the subject for Feb. 26.In making its recommendation, the GAO cited Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, saying the episode was just one of many recent internet privacy incidents in which users' personal data may have been improperly disclosed.The GAO suggests giving the Federal Trade Commission more authority over internet privacy enforcement but also raised concerns about the commission's enforcement abilities.Noting that the FTC is already the de facto authority over internet privacy in the US, the GAO found that the FTC filed 101 internet privacy enforcement actions in the past decade.
Brain-computer interfaces promise to restore communication for individuals with severe speech and physical impairments.Current brain computer interfaces share many features of high-tech, conventional augmentative and alternative communication systems, but via direct brain link.Choosing the "right" brain-computer interface that maximizes reliability of the neural control signal and minimizes fatigue and frustration is critical.Jonathan Brumberg, assistant professor of speech-language-hearing at the University of Kansas, will present on this subject and demonstrate a variety of brain-computer interfaces in his talk, "Evolution in Technology to Aid and Restore Communication," at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.What: "Talking without Speaking: Overcoming Communication Challenges with Technology," a scientific sessions panel at AAAS.Who: Jonathan Brumberg, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS;
While some local and state politicians who objected to the deal are celebrating the news, groups of residents and local landlords are furious.One landlord, who said he invested large amounts of money into property in the area to attract Amazon workers, is leading a boycott at an Amazon Books store in New York on Friday.A Long Island City landlord has launched a boycott effort against Amazon after the e-commerce giant announced it had pulled out of its New York City HQ2 project on Thursday.Sam Musovic, who owns apartments close to Amazon's proposed headquarters in Queens, said in a press release on Friday that he and a group of angry Queens residents would be protesting at an Amazon Books store near Herald Square in New York on Friday."I thought I was going to be the happiest guy on the planet," he said.On hearing the news, he shifted his focus to investing in the Long Island City locations, putting in new kitchens and bathrooms, believing that he would get this money back when more people move to the area.
After months of fierce opposition from local leaders, the New York Times reports that Amazon has decided to pull out of its plans to place a new satellite headquarters in the Long Island City neighbourhood of Queens, New York.While some polls showed New Yorkers generally in favour of the project – which was projected to bring 25,000 jobs in exchange for economic incentives many saw as exorbitant – legislators put up fierce resistance to deal, which they criticised for being carried out in secret.A major inflection point occurred at a New York City Council hearing late last month, where Amazon representatives affirmed the company’s opposition to the unionisation of its workers.Even Governor Andrew Cuomo, an outspoken proponent of the HQ2 deal, criticised Amazon’s stance as inconsistent.Local politicians like Council Member Jimmy van Bramer and state Senator Mike Gianaris have been at the forefront of the resistance to the deal, which also included a grassroots coalition of local advocates including Make the Road, the Tech Workers Coalition, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union, and the Teamsters.“Even when we were faced with the richest man in the world and the wealthiest corporation in the world we did not buckle [...] Amazon’s values are not New York’s values.” He was joined by representatives from Make the Road, RWDSU, and State Senator Jessica Ramos, as well as a handful of hecklers, one of whom threatened “I’ll be here when your photo-op’s done.”
While most of the Samsung leaks have been focused on the Galaxy S10, and to a lesser extent the foldable Galaxy F, we have been hearing bits about other Galaxy devices that will be unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked next week.Wearable devices that Samsung just out by accident, thanks to an early update to its own app.The update was spotted by SamMobile, and show Samsung has added three new devices to the Galaxy Wearable (formerly Samsung Gear) app.That includes the Galaxy Active smartwatch, the wireless Galaxy Buds, and a new fitness tracker in the form of the Galaxy Fit e.Samsung fucked up and uploaded the updated Galaxy Wearables APK.At the time of writing all three devices are still present in the Galaxy Wearable app, though there's no other information to be found - particularly since we obviously can't connect to any of the new kit.
Amazon has pulled out of its plan to build a headquarters in the New York City borough of Queens, the company announced on Thursday.It will, however, abide by its commitments to partner with more than 130 New York City high schools for the Amazon Future Engineer program, as well as with the City University of New York to develop a cloud-computing certificate program.Amazon already has more than 5,000 employees in New York, and it will likely continue to invest in the city despite the high-profile HQ2 pull-out.Amazon is cancelling its HQ2 project for New York, but it isn't abandoning the city.Though the company is not planning on developing glassy towers in Long Island City, Queens, it is still planning to abide by its commitments to foster education in the region, according to an Amazon spokesperson.In the hearing, Amazon pledged to work with more than 130 New York City high schools for the Amazon Future Engineer program.
The cause of death for four children killed in a house fire in Stafford has yet to be established, an inquest has heard.Riley Holt, eight, Keegan Unitt, six, Tilly Rose Unitt, four, and three-year-old Olly Unitt died in the blaze in Sycamore Lane, Highfields, Stafford, on 5 February.South Staffordshire’s assistant coroner Margaret Jones officially opened the inquests of the four children on Friday, confirming all of them had been formally identified.More than £30,000 raised for the family of the four children is to be put into a trust to help their brother.The boy, named by trustees as two-year-old Jack, was taken to hospital after escaping from a first-floor window with his mother Natalie Unitt and her partner Chris Moulton.Unitt, 24, and Moulton, 28, did not attend the brief two-minute hearing at Burton Town Hall.
NYC and Boston were handed huge setbacks this week when Amazon and GE decided to bail on their commitments to build headquarters in the respective cities on the same day.But it’s worth pointing out that while these large tech organizations were pulling out, Google was expanding in both locations.Yesterday, upon hearing about Amazon’s decision to scrap its HQ2 plans in Long Island City, New York City Mayor de Blasio had this to say: “Instead of working with the community, Amazon threw away that opportunity.We have the best talent in the world and every day we are growing a stronger and fairer economy for everyone.If Amazon can’t recognize what that’s worth, its competitors will.” One of them already has.Google had already announced a billion-dollar expansion in Hudson Square at the end of last year.
The search giant piloted Interpreter Mode at big hotels like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Dream Downtown in New York City, and Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.The hotel staff use Interpreter Mode to converse with guests in real-time who speak a different language than their own.You can use the mode to translate conversations in real-time, help you learn a new language, or even to help you out if you’re studying a second language.If you have a smart display, you’ll get both an audio translation and captions across the screen with which you can read along.So, the Google Home Hub is perhaps the best option for using interpreter mode.For the time being, you can use six different languages to start up interpreter mode: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish.
Arithmetic and geometry can be studied through music and dance: this is the new multi-sensory teaching method identified by the European project WeDraw, coordinated by IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.The new teaching method gave birth to four serious games, where fractions, angles and 3d trasformations are associated with sounds, vibrations and body movements.More than 100 children tested the new technologies, showing that the use of multisensory serious games improves mathematical learning in children at elementary school.Teachers usually considered the sight as the prevalent sensory channel to transmit mathematical concepts, leaving out hearing and touch, seen as marginal.Monica Gori's group at IIT conducted psychophysical and developmental psychology studies which showed a different sensorial situation: before 8-10 years of age children are not showing integration between sensory modalities using a preferred sensory channel to perceive and to learn specific concepts, for example vision for space, audition for time and touch for object size.The WeDraw project started from such scientific results, aiming at creating and evaluating a novel technology based on multiple sensory modalities.
A self-confessed heroin addict has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing a frail 100-year-old Holocaust survivor while attempting to steal her purse.At Waszkiewicz’s sentencing hearing on Thursday, Judge Nicholas Dean described him as a “petty criminal” and a “coward” adding: “What he did was dangerous.What he did led to awful, awful consequences.“Mr Waszkiewicz did not simply rob Ms Kaczan of her handbag, he robbed her of her life.He added: “There is tragic irony in the fact that Mrs Kaczan had survived the unimaginable horror of a Nazi concentration camp and slave labour, as well as imminent execution – only to meet her end because of the cowardly and sordid actions of a petty criminal and drug addict on the streets of Derby.She had prayed for and forgiven her attacker which is testament to the good person she was.”
Once upon a time, in a land of rainbows, butterflies, and evil content overload, a gripping love story is unfolding.Seeing big results really pays off all of the audience research and thought behind the content,” Elizabeth Williams, a longtime account managers, says.Small businesses, large corporations, and every business in between, started with people having a vision and striving to reach it.That’s a powerful concept to me.”Nothing is more rewarding than hearing those three little words from prospects and turning them into loyal companions thanks to our data-informed content strategies.You have to analyze the prospect’s journey – not only through your own properties but in the digital sphere at large.”
On a mission to help the Navy reduce this problem is Kurt Yankaskas, who has managed the Office of Naval Research's (ONR) NIHL program for the past 10 years.His efforts were recognized last week when he received the 2019 Safe-in-Sound Excellence in Hearing Loss Prevention Award from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, in partnership with the National Hearing Conservation Association and the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation."High risk of exposure to prolonged noise can produce auditory injuries and impairments, which can compromise safety, quality of life and effectiveness of communication."It's that last impairment--the effectiveness of communication--that Yankaskas is particularly concerned with when it comes to warfighters, because hearing and understanding verbal commands are absolutely critical to keeping everyone safe.The challenge for those who serve on Navy vessels or in naval shipyards is that noise surrounds them 24 hours a day, with no real audiological rest (quiet time).Many machinery/work spaces can reach decibels outside of safety regulations--anything above 85 decibels (typical of a dishwasher, garbage disposal or other small kitchen appliance)--for prolonged periods of time.
NASA has officially called it quits on its record-setting Mars rover Opportunity, eight months after last hearing from the lander.The space agency has been attempting to make contact with the rover since communications went dark following an intense dust storm in 2018.Having issued more than 1,000 recovery commands, this week NASA announced that it would make one last effort to contact the rover.Sadly, this has proven to be the case — as many people predicted.In a statement, NASA’s Thomas Zurbuchen said: “I declare the Opportunity mission as complete, and with it the Mars Exploration Rover mission as complete.”Speaking with the Associated Press this week, project manager John Callas described his heartbreak at the demise of Opportunity.
The BBC is about to shorten its boring old News At Ten pre-bed stress trigger, deciding that what we all really need now is a bit less news and more, er, youth programming.Hence the News At Ten is about to get five minutes shorter from March, as we have, as a nation, become immune to news and grown quite bored of hearing about things.The official explanation is that it wants to end the serious-person's dilemma that is caused by the BBC One news overlapping with the start of Newsnight on BBC Two; so from March 4 the main BBC One news is to be shortened by five whole minutes so news fans can do both.That's five whole minutes less of hearing what Trump tweeted or what failed MPs think should happen but probably won't.Plus the even more boring regional news that follows will be shortened by four minutes to just seven minutes, taking the pressure off teams in Devon to find things to report on.The freed-up space is to be set aside for a new "BBC Three slot" on, er, BBC One from Monday to Wednesday, to showcase the best offerings from the online-only channel, like the new series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's extreme woman-ing comedy Fleabag.
EA’s surprise Titanfall battle royale Apex Legends provides a good example for how you can use clever in-game communication features to make life easier for players with speech or language disorders.Apex Legends’ “ping” system is a method of communicating that doesn’t require speech, perfect hearing, or typing, meaning it’s accessible to a far greater variety of players besides the usual glut of people shouting commands to each other over headset mics.Overwatch, for example, has a communication wheel that allows you to greet and thank your teammates, as well as request healing (yes, I’m a Genji main, and I regret nothing).You can point out specific items, to let your teammates know where they are, mark enemy positions, and indicate where you’re digging in to defend — all with one or two buttons.Each command is marked with a distinct icon so other players can see at a glance what you’re referring to.Fun fact: We playtested for a month with voice comms off and fake names to simulate playing with random people, and that allowed us to feel things out in an authentic way.
“Google is making changes to Gmail” is not a phrase we’re used to hearing without a shudder going up our spine.But this time around, we’re feeling pretty good about it.On Monday, Google announced that it will be adding a ton of new options to the menu when a user right-clicks on an email.Currently, a right-click gives you just three options: Archive, Mark as Read, or Delete.Soon, you’ll have practically any feature you could ask for in that little menu nestled just a single click away:All you really need to know is that the option will be there soon.
During a state legislature hearing today, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio said it is “mission critical” that Amazon build HQ2 in Long Island City.De Blasio’s remarks come a few days after a report that widespread outcry from residents and local politicians alike have prompted Amazon to reconsider the move, which the company says would create at least 25,000 jobs.According to NY1, De Blasio told the state legislature that New York City needs the jobs and revenue that would be created by Amazon.Other Democrats in city council and state senate, however, have been very outspoken against the deal.Amazon was offered incentives including grants, tax credits and breaks worth up to $2.8 billion.The Washington Post (owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) reported last Friday that Amazon is reassessing its plans for the New York City branch of HQ2.
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Lauri Love will find out whether he is getting his computers back from the National Crime Agency on 19 February, a judge ruled today.As reported earlier, Love wants the return of two laptops, two desktop tower PCs, an SD card, an external hard drive and one of the laptops' hard drives, which were seized from his family home in Stradishall, Suffolk, when he was arrested in October 2013.Some of the computers were encrypted.Today's hearing continued Love's earlier attempts to get the computers and accessories returned.The NCA previously tried to force him to decrypt the machines as the price for getting them back; in 2016 District Judge Nina Tempia, sitting in Westminster Magistrates' Court, refused permission for the NCA to do this.Since that hearing, no progress was made until today – the 19th time this application has come in front of the magistrates' court.