On January 30, the US Department of Justice announced that it, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations were engaged in a campaign to "map and further disrupt" a botnet tied to North Korean intelligence activities detailed in an indictment unsealed last September.Search warrants obtained by the FBI and AFOSI allowed the agencies to essentially join the botnet, creating servers that mimicked the beacons of the malware."While the Joanap botnet was identified years ago and can be defeated with antivirus software," said United States Attorney Nick Hanna, "we identified numerous unprotected computers that hosted the malware underlying the botnet.The search warrants and court orders announced today as part of our efforts to eradicate this botnet are just one of the many tools we will use to prevent cybercriminals from using botnets to stage damaging computer intrusions.”US indicts North Korean agent for WannaCry, Sony attacks [Updated]Joanap is a remote access tool (RAT) identified as part of "Hidden Cobra", the Department of Homeland Security designator for the North Korean hacking operation also known as the Lazarus Group.
A new virus similar to Ebola has been discovered in China, according to reports.The Me nglà virus was found in fruit bats, and potentially could infect humans and other animals, according to a study published in Nature Microbiology.Scientists have said the virus is in the same family as Ebola — they are filoviruses, which are extremely pathogenic, and can cause deadly fevers, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.There is no evidence yet that Me nglà has spread to humans.“Studying the genetic diversity and geographic distribution of bat-borne filoviruses is very important for risk assessment and outbreak prevention as this type of infectious disease can affect the general public without warning with devastating consequences,” said Wang Lin-Fa, a professor at Duke-NUS Medical in Singapore and an author of the study, in a statement.Me nglà is the seventh filovirus that has been found, of which four are known to cause disease in humans, the CDC said.
The evidence for aliens around one of the weirdest stars in our galaxy — Boyajian's star — is not looking promising.But, a new study searching for signs of extraterrestrials has not turned up any evidence to back up that theory.Such an alien civilization, capable of building a starlight-blocking megastructure, would possibly communicate using lasers.With that in mind, David Lipman, an undergraduate at Princeton University, and collaborating astronomers looked for signatures of lasers in the light from Boyajian's star, largely using openly available data.The group found no evidence of even low-power lasers — ones that even our technically young civilization could conceivably manage, they write in their study, which was accepted for publication in the journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.8 Ways Aliens Could Contact Us]
The demand for ivory has sparked a “mammoth rush” in Siberia thanks to the discovery of preserved tusks and the increasing bans on international trade of elephant ivory.Over the last few years, ivory dealers have been rushing to a remote Northern area of Siberia called Yakutia, which is five times larger than France, to bypass the ban on the sale of elephant ivory by selling the tusks of their extinct ancestors, the AFP reported.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe discovery of mammoth tusks not only opened new business opportunities for the people in Siberia, but may also help to save the living elephants in Africa that often suffer at the hands of poachers seeking ivory.— local resident Prokopy NogovitsynYukutia is blessed by mammoth bones thanks to the area being covered by permafrost that effectively froze the remains of mammoths from tens of thousands of years ago.
(NASA/Tony Gray, Tim Powers, Tim Terry/iStock)NASA and SpaceX will launch a cargo mission to the International Space Station Wednesday after a 24-hour delay caused by moldy mouse food.“The launch was moved to Wednesday after mold was found on food bars for a rodent investigation prior to handover to SpaceX,” explained NASA in a statement.“Teams will use the extra day to replace the food bars.”Some 40 mice will be traveling to the ISS in the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule as part of a project called Rodent Research-8 (RR-8), Space.com explains.The study is examining the physiology of aging and the effect of age on disease progression on both young and old mice.
Some hikers in Oregon recently found 19 dead elk, which state Fish and Wildlife officials say were likely the victims of an avalanche.The hikers made the discovery last week near No Name Lake and Broken Top mountain peak, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said.Melting snow revealed the elk carcasses, which included bulls, cows and calves, wildlife biologist Jamie Bowles said, according to the Bulletin of Bend, Ore.19 dead elk that recently emerged from melting snow above No Name Lake near Broken Top were victims of an avalanche, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.— The Bulletin (@thebulletin) August 14, 2018“It was really unsettling to see in person,” Bowles told the paper.
I send a heads up to the hosting company, SingleHop, with screenshots of the phishing page.I consider going back in, but my work here is done anyway.Elsewhere, there are bottom-feeders that steal other people's kits or create cut-and-pasted kits full of sloppy code, and many of those barely work—though it can be just enough to fool the most credulous among us.But at the top of the food chain, there are a few professional operations that either produce increasingly sophisticated kits for sale or use them for their own more targeted purposes.Luckily for those trying to battle back, operational security for these low-level phishes tends to be horrible—the people running these phishing sites are inexperienced, lazy, or both.And you've got more vectors for phishing: SMS, WhatsApp.
Blue sharks are known to prowl the Mediterranean sea, but they can also be found in British waters.So do we need to fear these creatures from the deep or have our jaws just got wagging over nothing?Do blue sharks attack humans?Blue sharks have been known to attack humans but they could hardly be described as frequent "man-eaters".The predators, which have been known to reach up to 12 feet in length, have been implicated in precious few attacks on humans.
It turns out that some employees spend more when they can expense it on a corporate card.But some companies are finding that five-star hotels and fancy dinners can add up when it’s for hundreds or thousands of workers.Several startups have emerged to save corporations money, by rewarding employees with cash and gift cards if they spend less when they travel.There’s Rockettrip and TravelBank — now the most well-capitalized is TripActions, which is announcing an additional $51 million in funding.The round is being led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Zeev Ventures and adds to the over $27 million previously raised.“We think the solution that is out there is not good enough,” said Ariel Cohen, CEO of TripActions.
Chocolate Factory overhauls search engine to end brouhahaGoogle's deal this month with stock-photo agency Getty to end their legal spat carries one very noticeable provision: an overhaul of the "View image" button in Google Images search results.The two sides on Friday announced a licensing settlement, er, partnership that will allow Google to continue carrying Getty-owned photographs in its image and web search results while encouraging its users to cough up cash to license Getty photos."This agreement between Getty Images and Google sets the stage for a very productive, collaborative relationship between our companies,” Getty Images CEO Dawn Airey said in announcing the peace treaty."We will license our market leading content to Google, working closely with them to improve attribution of our contributors’ work and thereby growing the ecosystem."In a separate message to members of its iStock photo service, Getty went into a bit more detail on what to expect from the partnership:
Chocolate Factory overhauls picture portal to end legal brouhahaUpdated Google's deal this month with stock-photo agency Getty to end their legal spat carries one very noticeable provision: the "View image" button will be removed from Google Images search results.The two sides on Friday announced a licensing settlement, er, partnership that will allow Google to continue carrying Getty-owned photographs in its image and web search results."This agreement between Getty Images and Google sets the stage for a very productive, collaborative relationship between our companies,” Getty Images CEO Dawn Airey said in announcing the peace treaty."We will license our market leading content to Google, working closely with them to improve attribution of our contributors’ work and thereby growing the ecosystem."In a separate message to members of its iStock photo service, Getty went into a bit more detail on what to expect from the partnership:
Following a series of scandals for YouTube’s video-sharing network, the company today announced it’s investing $5 million in creators who use the service in “positive ways” to create change and empower young people.The investment is going towards YouTube’s Creators for Change, its two-year old program focused on countering hate and promoting tolerance.In its announcement, YouTube said the program has partnered with 39 creators worldwide since its 2016 launch, who have since released dozens of videos to promote empathy and understanding.This includes videos touching on topics like racism, the plight of refugees, and breaking stereotypes surrounding Muslim women.The news of the continued investment is a much-needed breath of good PR for the video site, which has come under fire in recent months for hosting objectionable content, ranging from videos that seemingly exploit or at least terrorize children to the latest scandal involving a top creator’s filming of a suicide victim.YouTube’s most popular, PewDiePie, also used racial slurs in his videos…repeatedly.
Rents could be subject to the Amazon premium.blvdone/ShutterstockAmazon has narrowed its search for the site of its next headquarters, dubbed HQ2, to 20 cities.Amazon HQ2 would have great economic impact on the city it chooses, potentially lowering unemployment, increasing average wages, and raising rents.A report by Apartment List predicts Raleigh and Pittsburgh would feel the rent increases the most.Amazon revealed the 20 locations on its shortlist for HQ2, its new $5 billion headquarters, on Thursday.The e-commerce giant announced last year that HQ2 will eventually house 50,000 mostly white-collar workers making an average of over $100,000 a year.
A "potentially hazardous asteroid" known as 2002 AJ129 is set to fly by Earth at a whopping 67,000 miles per hour next month — but there is no need to worry, scientists say.The 0.7-mile long body larger than the tallest building on Earth, Dubai’s half-mile high Burj Khalifa skyscraper will rocket past our planet on Feb. 4 by 2.6 million miles, giving it no chance of hitting us.Potentially hazardous asteroids, or PHAs, are not uncommon.According to a 2013 report on NASA's website, there are over 1,000 PHAs out there and possibly more yet to be discovered.PHAs are defined by NASA as Near-Earth Asteroids "whose Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance (MOID) with the Earth is 0.05 [in astronomical units] or less and whose absolute magnitude is 22.0 or brighter."One astronomical unit is 149,597,870,700 meters (approximately 93 million miles), or approximately the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.
An alligator and a Burmese python were locked in a cold-blooded battle to the death as a crowd watched in shock at a golf course in Naples, Fla., last week.Richard Nadler spotted the gator entwined with the large snake just outside the 10th hole at The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek.Both creatures were perfectly still, but it appeared the gator had the head of the snake in its mouth."The alligator seems to have the upper hand," Nadler commented after sharing pictures of the hair-raising scene on Facebook.Carolyn Maxim, who also came across the sight, agreed with Nadler's prediction."Looks like he got one of those big pythons."
There’s a startup in Texas that’s been quietly building the technology that powers mobile banking apps.Plano-based Alkami has developed a white label service that credit unions and banks use across digital platforms.And Alkami’s 4.5 million users have generated enough revenue for the company to justify a $70 million Series D round, led by General Atlantic.Existing investors S3 Ventures, Argonaut Private Equity and others are joining the round.This is in addition to the over $46 million the company has raised since it was founded in 2009.Stephen Bohanon, founder of Alkami, started the business during the financial crisis when there “wasn’t a lot of innovation that was happening in the digital banking space.” Says Bohanon, there was an opportunity because “outside of the top roughly 20 banks, most everyone else relies on a third-party vendor to offer the solutions.”
Finding the perfect stock photos from the usual suspects such as Getty Images, iStock, and Shutterstock can be notoriously tricky.The list of offenders include the familiar pics of women laughing alone with salad, a group of men eating a big slice of pizza or everyone’s favorite stereotype the hacker wearing a hoodie.Sheryl Sandburg famously made a stand against the sexist tendencies promoted in stock footage by teaming up with Getty Images to produce the Lean In Collection.However, there is a thirst for authentic footage from content creators who want to reach a diverse global audience.Storyblocks’ CEO, TJ Leonard revealed insights that indicate a shift in attitudes from the 64M searches and 38M downloads across their sites in the last year (365 days).The results suggest that creators are increasingly globally aware and are unwittingly creating a strong increase in demand for diverse and global content.
On Friday investigations by the BBC and The Times reported finding obscene comments on videos of children uploaded to YouTube.Only a small minority of the comments were removed after being flagged to the company via YouTube’s ‘report content’ system.While The Times reported finding adverts by major brands being also shown alongside videos depicting children in various states of undress and accompanied by obscene comments.Brands freezing their YouTube advertising over the issue include Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Mars, Cadburys and Lidl, according to The Guardian.Responding to the issues being raised a YouTube spokesperson said it’s working on an urgent fix — and told us that ads should not have been running alongside this type of content.We are investigating this matter to determine what was behind the appearance of this autocompletion.”
Last year the NBA launched a program where they streamed one regular-season game in virtual reality each week, all season long.Today they announced that they’re doing it again, starting with a free preview on October 21st when the Houston Rockets host the Dallas Mavericks.Just like last year, games were selected to give all 30 teams the opportunity to play in VR at least once.There are a few new features this year, including live infographics and statistics inserted into the virtual scene.Users will also be able to select different points of view in the stadium from which to watch the game.There’s also a new feature called Screening Room, which will allow subscribers to watch any NBA League Pass game on a giant 2D virtual movie theater-sized screen even if the game isn’t being streamed in VR.
A few well-placed snippets of high quality footage can really bring projects to life – whether they're presentations, websites or your own home-made videos.Finding the right video clips can be tricky, though.We've put the best free stock photo sites under the microscope and picked those that offer the best combination of video quality, variety of clips, and flexible licensing.The time-lapse videos are particularly lovely, and there are plenty of fun clips from GoPro-wearing divers and climbers.Search results include premium videos from Shutterstock, but unlike most stock video sites, Pexels displays these at the bottom so you’re unlikely to mistake them for free clips.Videos are provided in MP4 format in HD.