Two angles facing left, which often indicate, "return to the beginning."While luxury rivals like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW plan to release electric SUVs in the coming years, Jaguar's closest competitor to the I-Pace at the moment is Tesla's Model X, though the Model X is larger and seats more people than the I-Pace.While luxury rivals like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW plan to release electric SUVs in the coming years, Jaguar's closest competitor to the I-Pace at the moment is Tesla's Model X (though the Model X is larger and seats more people than the I-Pace), which was first released in 2015 and starts at $89,500 before federal and state incentives.It has a 90 kWh battery and a range of 234 miles.The Model X's tech features include Autopilot — a semi-autonomous, driver-assistance system — a 17-inch touchscreen that controls many of the car's settings, and over-the-air updates.However, the I-Pace isn't perfect.
As with the previous generation, the Mazda 3 is available as either a five-door hatchback, or a four-door sedan.Starting at $39,900, it will do battle in the most fiercely competitive part of the luxury car market.The all-wheel drive system unfortunately puts it up about 10-15mm, its just a fact of geometry and all that stuff hanging underneath."But forget about a pastiche design a la 1998's S-Type.The automaker went far beyond any other brand exhibiting in New York to make its point, partnering with the National Park Foundation to promote both the new Subaru Outback SUV and the concept of not littering up our beautiful outdoor spaces.The engines are still four-cylinder horizontally opposed "boxer" engines, and you can now get one with a turbocharger again.
Sony’s PlayStation 5 will face off against a new Xbox that’s expected to be detailed at E3 2019 and rumored Nintendo Switch variations that will add more power or more portability, your preference.Sony gave Wired a sneak peek at its efforts in an exclusive interview.The details map out a promising console that puts target hardcore gamers in its crosshairs — but also gives me reason to think Sony’s latest and greatest will carry an intimidating price tag.Anandtech reviewed the AMD Athlon 5350, a processor with four Jaguar cores, back in 2014.That review found the Athlon 5350 didn’t perform well in most benchmarks, even when compared to affordable processors like an Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD FX-4300.While the PS4 did offer eight cores, offsetting Jaguar’s very low per-core performance, it’s fair to say the original PS4’s processor was anemic compared to PC desktops available at launch.
The 2019 World Car Awards ceremony kicked off this year's New York Auto Show, and Jaguar's all-electric I-Pace took home a hat-trick of awards.The 2019 I-Pace was named the overall World Car of the Year, voted by a panel of 86 journalists from around the globe.(Full disclosure: The author is a World Car Awards juror.)"For I-Pace to be awarded 2019 World Car of the Year gives our first all-electric vehicle the ultimate recognition it deserves," Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, said in a statement.The World Car of the Year runners up were the Audi E-Tron -- one of the Jaguar's closest competitors -- and the Volvo S60/V60.In addition to its overall win, the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace took home the World Green Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year awards.
Over the years, product placement has been become a character signifier, cultural touchstone and even meta commentary.These are some of the notable examples.Wings, the first film to win an Academy Award for “Best Production” (later called Best Picture), featured several prominent close-ups of Hershey’s chocolate bars.Starting with Goldfinger, James Bond was virtually synonymous with dry martinis and his Aston Martin DB5.The producers later incorporated cars from Audi, Bentley, Jaguar and many other automakers into the series.the Extra-Terrestrial set a new bar with multiple placements, including Hershey’s Reese’s Pieces in a pivotal plot point.
On episode 99 of Digital Trends Live, it may be April Fool’s Day, but hosts Greg Nibler and Sam Slaughter don’t fool around when it comes to seeking out the biggest stories from the world of tech.On today’s episode: Big tech companies celebrated April Fools’ Day with some pranks of their own, Estonia wants to develop an A.I.judge, and a futuristic Jaguar could neutralize superbugs that would normally get in your car.Elsewhere on the show, Nibler spoke to Ken Manning, the CEO of Outpost, a company focused on “experiential marketing,” which Manning characterizes as “any way that a person can experience your brand.”Later, Nibler spoke to Rick Turoczy, founder of the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE), a place where startups can get started.Moving out of the business sphere, Nibler interviewed tech journalist Marc Saltzman, talking about the upcoming trends in smart home technology.
According to Jaguar Land Rover, the average driver spends 300 hours a year behind the wheel.That's a lot of time in which, the company says, your car could be doing more to keep you healthy.To that end, future Jaguar and Land Rover models could use special ultraviolet light -- UV-C light -- in order to kill germs before they get through the car's ventilation system.The UV-C technology, which uses ultraviolet light in the 200-280-nanometer wavelengths, has been used in the medical field to sterilize surfaces and air by neutralizing bacteria and other pathogens.JLR's idea is to integrate this into the many hidden vents and ducts inside your car's dashboard, so the air that gets blown into the cabin has already been sterilized.Some JLR models already use air ionization tech in their climate-control systems, but the UV-C system would be more effective.
America has a complicated relationship with station wagons.The car nerds of the internet tend to love them, and because we're a loud bunch, once in a while a manufacturer will take a chance and try to sell one here.Inevitably this lasts a couple of years, few people buy them new, and they go away, to the soundtrack of angry neckbeards griping on Twitter.Unfortunately, this sad story could be playing out with the Jaguar's station wagons (or estates or shooting brakes, whatever you want to call them) in the US.This is in spite of the fact that the current-generation XF Sportbrake makes up 20 percent of XF sales, according to Jaguar.This news came courtesy of Jaguar's US boss Joe Eberhardt during an interview with The Detroit Bureau that was published earlier in March.
America has a complicated relationship with station wagons.The car nerds of the internet tend to love them, and because we're a loud bunch, once in a while a manufacturer will take a chance and try to sell one here.Inevitably this lasts a couple of years, few people buy them new, and they go away to the soundtrack of angry neckbeards griping on twitter.Unfortunately, this is precisely what is happening with the Jaguar XF Sportbrake.This news came courtesy of Jaguar's US boss Joe Eberhardt during an interview with The Detroit Bureau which was published earlier in March.It's not only US-market wagons that are on the chopping block either.
But after I came back from the CES 2019 tech trade show last month, I figured it would make sense to start because they’re packing so much technology into these vehicles.These two cars I drove aren’t that comparable, as the Jaguar goes for $69,500 for its base price while the BMW is just $47,500.While it certainly looks cool, there are some tradeoffs, like the tiny trunk in front where you would normally find an internal combustion engine.You can cruise slow and keep the car from losing its charge.When you get in the car, the key fob and the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone will tell the I-Pace who you are.You can touch icons on the screen to control things like maps, messages, and music.
Launched in 2012, the Jaguar F-Type is fairly old by industry standards.The 2020 Jaguar F-Type gets a new Checkered Flag Limited Edition model meant to reference Jag’s past sports-car glory.Jaguar has a deep well of history to draw from, going back to the 1948 XK 120.Based on the R-Dynamic model, the Checkered Flag Limited Edition is available in three colors: Caldera Red, Fuji White, and Carpathian Gray.The limited edition is available as a coupe or convertible, and both body styles get an Exterior Black Design Pack with trim pieces in, you guessed it, black.Coupes also get a contrasting roof.
In 2017, the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake was launched with a stunt that involved skier Graham Bell being towed along behind the car to set a Guinness World Record speed of 117mph.We were invited to experience the test behind the updated 2019 Sportbrake XF before taking the car out on the icy roads of the French mountains.And how did the car hold up driving on snow so deep usually only skidoos dare brave it?That meant up to 300PS of pure power intelligently pushed through the four wheels to make sure the car clung to the snow and ice.The R-Sport trim meant bigger wheels and a body kit on top of the standard offerings, which is why it looks so good in the photos.After setting up a towing system that didn't look a like different to that found on a wakeboarding boat, the car was rolled out onto the La Plagne ski slopes early in the morning before the lifts opened for the day.
Autonomous cars will not be able to use hand gestures to communicate with pedestrians, which could lead to confusing situations at busy intersections.Jaguar Land Rover is working on creating a simple language driverless vehicles can use to tell pedestrians whether they’re stopping, turning, or cruising.Instead of letters and numbers, the language is made up of a series of light bars projected onto the ground.The bars fan out left or right as the car prepares to turn in either direction.These signals are easy to understand anywhere in the world.It’s a better solution than the truly creepy eyes Jaguar tested in 2018 to allow pedestrians to make eye contact with autonomous cars.
Multiple challenges face autonomous vehicles as they move into the mainstream in coming years; among those challenges is how to let other drivers and pedestrians know what the autonomous auto is doing.One way that Jaguar has come up with to let people know that an autonomous auto sees them is to put googly eyes on the vehicles that look at the person the car senses.Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a new system that is designed to show other drivers and pedestrians where the car is going.The system that the automaker has come up with uses a projector to throw lines indicating the direction the vehicle is traveling onto the road.The projection system is able to show both directionality and stopping intent.The system is part of the Jaguar Land Rover research into helping people trust autonomous technology.
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Times are tough in Europe for carmakers, as evidenced by Thursday's Reuters report that both Ford and Jaguar Land Rover are laying off large swaths of employees.Jaguar Land Rover will be releasing a little over 10 percent of its workforce while Ford is keeping its numbers private.These massive layoffs stem from many contributing factors including the US' trade difficulties with China, China's slowing car market, Brexit, reduced demands for diesel vehicles and stricter emissions requirements.According to Reuters' report, Jaguar lost £354 million in the span between April and September of 2018, and the looming threat of a no-deal Brexit could cause losses in 2019 to be even worse if operating costs aren't reined in.Ford Europe currently employs 53,000 people, and while we don't have a specific number that Ford will be laying off, reports put it in the thousands.Ford is also contemplating the closure of several of its European manufacturing facilities in an attempt to move that division's finances from red to black.
Jaguar has announced what it calls the ultimate car door.The new door can open automatically as the driver approaches and can be operated by gesture control.The door is currently a prototype and is being tested on a Range Rover Sport.The tech uses motion sensors and the existing keyless entry technology to detect the driver as they approach the vehicle.When the driver is detected, the door opens automatically.Jag says that the tech could be helpful to disabled people and for those carrying child seats or large items.
No, I don’t know why they named them like that, either.” Like trotting out the 0-60 time of a supercar, or the tow rating for a truck, you get used to explaining the 2018 Jaguar E-PACE’s oddest feature – its name – at gas stations or in parking lots.This E-PACE, despite what the badge might imply, is resolutely gas-only, not to mention being smaller and roughly half the price.It’s Jaguar’s entry-level crossover, in a segment that has already served the automaker well.The R-Dynamic body kit on this particular Caldera Red E-PACE is pleasant, but not as much as the 20-inch wheels.Base model cars make do with mere 17-inch rims, and even the E-PACE R-Dynamic trim only gets 18-inchers as standard.Regardless of shoes, the E-PACE gets a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder gas engine and a 9-speed automatic transmission.
According to Jaguar, its EV can do 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.The Jag has a 90kWh battery pack that and a range of 234 miles on a single charge.The I-PACE will be the only electric compact crossover available until the Audi E-Tron, Mercedes-Benz EQ C, and Tesla Model Y hits showrooms.The 2019 Jaguar I-PACE starts at $69,500 while our top-spec HSE variant starts at $80,500.But for far too many brands, going electric was more of a strategically prudent way to satisfy increasingly stringent emissions standards than a true commitment to electric mobility.GM and Nissan are fully committed to production EVs.
It's about to be sad times at Jaguar Land Rover if a report published Sunday by the Financial Times is accurate: The Indian-owned British car and SUV maker is reportedly slashing 5,000 jobs from its 40,000-employee workforce.According to the FT report, the cuts will be officially announced in January as part of a three-year cost-cutting program to help the company recover from the effects of trade frictions between the US and China as well as the problems caused by the UK's potential no-deal exit from the European Union.Jaguar's CEO Ralf Speth cautioned UK Prime Minister Theresa May that a bad Brexit deal could be ruinous for the company, costing tens of thousands of British jobs and billions of pounds in revenue.In addition to the rumored cuts to staff, JLR plans to find other efficiencies and liquidate other assets in order to save itself over $3 billion over the next three years to help offset things.The luxury carmaker is no stranger to financial struggles, but things have been going relatively well for both Jaguar and Land Rover since Indian carmaker Tata bought them from Ford a decade ago with a refreshed and well-received product line which has included the F-Type and the new I-Pace electric SUV.