iOS developer Brian Mueller’s Carrot Weather app has won numerous awards and features in Apple’s App Store for making it fun to check the day’s forecasts.It’s finally made its way to Google Play so Android users can enjoy its hilarious approach to bringing you weather information.Sure, you can see plenty of data at a glance, follow storms, and check forecasts for the several days ahead, just like most other such apps – but Carrot sets itself apart with ridiculous dialogue that insults you while telling you about the weather and guiding you through the interface.It’s silly, but there’s something about hearing a robotic voice exclaim, “These clouds can go fuck themselves,” on a rainy day, that makes you feel like your weather app knows what’s up.There are other little niceties like graphics that change along with the weather, and a simple little game that challenges you to find locations on a world map while poking fun at your lack of intelligence.Ponying up for the premium tier ($3.99 a year) unlocks a home screen widget and access to historical weather data dating back 70 years.
There are a lot of things inculcated in the concept of VUI.Voice User Interface is a speech recognition technology that allows the users to communicate with their devices with the help of voice commands.The emerging technology of VUI is, of course, bringing a lot of opportunities and benefits that the mainstream communicating elements do not provide.This is because the answers they give even when they are unable to complete your task are priceless!This not only saves the time of users but provides a stage for a higher level of satisfaction amongst users.Which is why, rather than just answering the questions mechanically, mobile app development companies should focus on anticipating what the users are trying to say while they are developing the interface.
There are over a million mobile app developers across the globe, therefore choosing the best one can be a tough task.However, you can hire enterprise mobility services with the most advanced feather that perfectly meets your business requirement within budget at the same time.Well, let's discuss what are the benefits of mobile app development for startups and enterprises.Ease and Convenience - Through mobile app accessing and sharing business information becomes simple and easy, as the business owner can access from anywhere and at any time.24*7 Hour Support - With mobile apps, you can provide 24/7 hour support to users.And this helps to attract more customer towards your startup business.Reduced Costs - As we know, budget allocation is quite crucial for startup and enterprises.
The Chinese version of US sugar daddy dating app SeekingArrangement, dubbed “Tailored Sweetie in Chinese (甜蜜定制)”, was removed from the country’s iOS app store on May 25th (in Chinese).Meanwhile, the app was unreachable on multiple Android stores such as Tencent MyApp and 360 Mobile Assistant.The controversial dating app, launched in October 2015 in China, recorded a quick spike in popularity in China over the past few weeks.It has taken over the top spot for free social networking apps and the fourth place on the general list last week, outperforming some of the country’s most popular networking apps like WeChat and Weibo.Created in 2006 by Singaporean-American Brandon Wade, SeekingArrangement is marketed as a money-for-love dating platform that only pairs rich men with attractive women.The site has been known for its toe-curling values, as shown in claims on its website “Money isn’t an issue (for the Sugar daddies), thus they are generous when it comes to supporting a Sugar Baby,” and “Sugar Babies get to experience a luxurious lifestyle, and meet wealthy people on a regular basis.”
The cable sports network made the announcement on Friday, saying that it has signed a multi-year agreement with LoL‘s developer Riot Games.ESPN+ will kick off its coverage on July 16 just in time for the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split.Following this, the summer finals will be held in September, followed by the world championship later this year,ESPN’s agreement with Riot is not an exclusive one, so LoL fans will still be able to stream the matches on Twitch at no cost.ESPN is likely hoping this move will entice some people to sign up for its ESPN+ subscription service.The service costs $5 per month and gives users access to thousands of hours of live sporting events, original programming, and ad-free use of the ESPN’s site and mobile app.
But applications the iGiant removes on its own won't be includedIn its latest Transparency Report, covering government demands for customer and device data in the second half of 2017, Apple said that it will soon enumerate government app takedown requests."Starting with the Transparency Report period July 1 - December 31 2018, Apple will report on Government requests to take down Apps from the App Store in instances related to alleged violations of legal and/or policy provisions," Apple's report declared.With the rise of cloud computing over a decade ago, law enforcement authorities recognized the value of data stored in cloud-oriented services.Transparency reports became fashionable in 2010 following Google's "A new approach To China," after its systems were subject to a cyberattack from China targeting its intellectual property and the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.Twitter followed suit in 2012 and then, in the wake of the government surveillance disclosures arising from Edward Snowden and of litigation pushback against national security letter restrictions, the floodgates opened.
Apple has revealed plans to add a new section to its Transparency Report, one that details the app takedown requests the company receives from the government.That revelation was made as a note within the company’s latest Transparency Report released today, which details things like device requests, financial identifier requests, and account requests from governments around the world.The bi-annual transparency report is typical, showing numbers broken down by country and category.With this, we see how often governments around the world have sought information on accounts, finances, and devices, among other things.Apple further refines the data by showing how many requests the company fulfilled.For example, we see that among worldwide government device requests, Apple received 4,450 from the US, 12,481 from Germany, 2,601 from Australia, 1,912 from Spain, and many more.
Facebook Friday introduced two new tools aimed at helping developers respond to the privacy concerns of their applications’ users and comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect Friday.The social network introduced a callback URL that can be used when users remove apps and websites from Facebook’s apps and websites settings.Those users can request that they apps and websites they remove delete all information that was received about them through Facebook.Facebook will inform those users when they send such requests and when those requests are acknowledged by the developers of the affected apps or websites, as well as with confirmation numbers so they can monitor the status of their requests.The social network said in a blog post for developers, “To enable this option, we need you to provide us with a callback URL where we can send the request.You can add the callback URL at your app’s Facebook Login settings page in the app dashboard.
The company announced the news of the app’s closure via a blog post, which vaguely hinted at a lack of traction.That appears to be true – the app isn’t even in the top 1,500 in the Finance category on the App Store, according to Sensor Tower’s data.It had been installed around 37,000 times to date across both iOS and Android.Still, tens of thousands in the first few months isn’t an entirely horrible showing for app that received almost no attention, marketing effort or media outreach.Yes, even though Yahoo is owned by Oath which also owns us, there wasn’t any internal heads-up.The app had allowed people to save money together for short-term goals using the concept of a “money pool” where a group of friends pay a fixed amount to the saving pot monthly, and every month someone takes the pot home.
Citing “business conflicts,” Apple has rejected Valve’s Steam Link app from the App Store.What is it: Steam Link is an app that lets gamers stream PC games to their phones.It’s currently available (in beta) on Android.We originally reported that an iOS app was in the works – and it was – but now that’s not happening.According to reports, Apple blocked the app due to “business conflicts with app guidelines.”While there’s been no confirmation, it’s likely due to Apple getting a cut of all in-app purchases through its store, and Steam taking a cut of in-app purchases through its store.
Bank has hiked interest rates to 5% to keep customers sweetUPDATED 15.20pm – “All fixed!” says TSB.UK High Street bank TSB – which is facing the ongoing consequences of a core banking system migration that has left thousands of customers locked out of their accounts – faced a fresh outage today.In written evidence to a Treasury committee earlier this month the bank said “the log-in success rate for our mobile app is now 92%.The success rate compares with a pre-migration average of 96%.”The bank’s social media accounts today, however, are a litany of increasingly irate customers saying they are locked out of their online and mobile banking apps.
Analysis Whoever predicted that fitness bling-flingers would struggle to survive should take note of the latest numbers on the wearable market from Canalys.Garmin eased itself into the No.2 spot as a smartwatch vendor in Q1 worldwide, successfully making the move upmarket into higher margin products.This wasn't supposed to happen, back in 2014, when the smartwatch mania was at its peak.The received wisdom was that this was a platform story, and the platform with the most apps would win.For most of its 30-year existence Garmin has sold industrial, and then consumer GPS systems.Garmin formally has a third-party app store, it's just full of watch faces, and not feature-rich apps like email or maps.
Earlier this week, it came to light that Apple had removed a number of VoIP-based calling apps from the App Store, at the request of the Chinese government.The apps had been using CallKit, Apple’s new developer toolset that provides the calling interface for VoIP apps, freeing up developers to handle the backend communications.China’s government asked developers, by way of Apple, to remove CallKit from their apps sold on the China App Store, or they can remove their apps entirely.The email states that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) “requested that CallKit be deactivated in app apps available on the China App Store,” and informed the developer they would need to comply with this regulation in order to have their app approved.The regulation only impacts apps distributed in the China App Store.We understand that the apps can still use CallKit and be sold in other markets outside the region.
Top factors that impact mobile app development cost:‘Features’ is the first and foremost factor to decide the app development cost.It requires GPS and social media integration along with chat/messaging functionality for offering these facilities to the user.Other useful app features include a calculator, camera or photo gallery integration, loyalty programs, online reservation, wearable device integration, etc.For example, if you select Android, Android apps take more testing time because a plethora of Android devices with different screen sizes are available.These days, cross-platform app development also gains ground for enabling you to get an app that can seamlessly run on both Android and iOS platforms.
Today mobile app development is its advanced stage where the creation of user persona is an essential task to provide high-end features and functionality in the app.User persona helps designers to design UI and UX for the app.Thus, developers can offer highly personalized user experiences in the app and assure the app success.Knowing the exact user requirements mean woo the more users to your app, bring app engagement and retention easily.Finally, these all end up with a good return from the app.Now, the vital question is that how to identify the app target audience.In due course, you either can go on general assumptions or run secondary research.Based on the app category like specific niche, you can make assumptions regarding the target audience of the app.In secondary marketing research, you have nearly three options:Competition ResearchAudience SurveysHiring services of audience research agenciesIf you have the interest to know the details, please visit my recent blog “How Identifying the Target Audience of Your Mobile App Helps in Achieving Success?” In that, I have described things in detail, and it may help you inspire to know your audience or take help of an exclusive team of app developers at SysBunny to know your actual target audience.
How do you redesign a site with 350 million monthly active users, 300 million comments a day, and a user base known to get a little rowdy when things go wrong?This is exactly the sort of challenge Reddit’s CTO and Co-Founder Chris Slowe has been tackling over the past year.In a talk at TNW Conference, Slowe let loose a little about the recently redesigned “front page of the web,” aka Reddit.Perhaps the most interesting element — at least to me — was one that never made the cut.The team knew after launching its first mobile app, in 2016, a redesign had to happen sooner, rather than later.The mobile apps for Android and iOS were polished, futuristic-looking versions of Reddit, while the web version looked a bit like an IRC channel that had overflown onto a domain.
Mobile apps have a dynamic usage.Apps are attaining a high rate of success, and are changing how operations are performed in an organization.A lot of giant ventures have already found a way to invest in apps by either hiring the correct app development company or by getting in-house developers.Rest, customers can perform all the steps right from searching for something to placing the order on the app itself.Better experiences: The one thing a good mobile app tends to do is shape the image of the company in the minds of users.Big brands and companies are now using mobile apps to connect with their audiences.
There are also a number of live streaming apps (Periscope, Meerkat, and YouNow) and social apps (Instagram and Twitter) that integrate chat functionality, letting users directly communicate with other participants in real time.Moreover, real time chats are considered one of the core features of most dating apps (including Tinder, Grindr, and Pure).Hosted services are ready-made solutions that offer a quick and easy way to add messaging capabilities to your app using just a few lines of code.Implementing a turnkey messaging solution allows businesses to focus on what makes their app different from others (unique features or style) while a messaging service provider takes care of the messaging.Roughly speaking, a self-hosted solution is something between a chat project developed from scratch and a ready-made solution provided by a third-party platform.Layer provides client and server APIs and SDKs and an impressive UI toolkit (Atlas) that enables developers to build rich and engaging messaging experiences that are “on par with iMessage and Facebook Messenger.”
It’s open ecosystem means it gathers thousands if not millions of apps, a staggering number that no human team can sufficiently monitor and curate.That is why Google has always advocated the use of AI and machine learning in screening apps, which it has formally branded as Google Play Protect.But while it has some good news to share about the efficacy of the system, those same numbers show that Google’s AI needs to go to cram school ASAP.This is going to be yet another Apple versus Google and iOS versus Android thing.Long story short, Apple manually screens every app submitted to its App Store and, as Valve just learned, not everyone makes the cut.It’s a painstaking process that results in a comparatively smaller number of apps (compared to Android) but has the explicitly assurance of safety, if not quality.
Designli has written this blog post that outlines the next steps founders should take to bring their app ideas to life.Some people do a quick Google search, see something relatively similar, and give up.So – since you’re already this far, congratulations on being farther along in the process than most.We’re here to help get you off the ground.It’s all about the execution, and if you can execute on that concept better than the last person, then you’ll still be ahead of the game.So, rather than worrying about if there is anyone else doing what you want to do, think about how you can improve off of those existing apps.