Web APIs, or more specifically REST APIs, are key to connect these devices to the internet. IoT devices are driven by handheld devices and modern websites. Thus lightweight, developer-friendly REST APIs are the need of the hour.Source: Statista.comOrganizations looking for opportunity in IoT with REST APIs in order to develop an app to gain access, control or command an IoT device must not ignore the following security threats that revolve around IoT app development.Hardware issuesAs there is a great hike of mobility solutions and cloud computing with IoT, number of chip makers is strengthening their processors for extra security with each new generation. The latest architecture of chips prepared particularly for the IoT devices. Also the multifaceted design will need more battery power which is absolutely a challenge for IoT apps. Original Post : IoT Mobile App Development
Get your own venture-in-a-box with our TaskRabbit Clone.We give you a ready-to-use app based on our TaskRabbit clone script with which you can start earning commission by connecting registered labour with local demand.The TaskRabbit clone can be availed in any language, currency and colour of your choice in a format which is customisable and scalable.The app will be white-labelled with your brand and logo which can be immediately promoted as your own venture.A powerful admin dashboard keeps you in control of all proceedings with handy features like God’s eye view and Live geo-tracking.The apps will be launched by us on native iOS and Android Play stores and you will never need to worry about license renewal.
Roughly speaking, a simple one platform-based event app could be developed within 2,5 - 3 months, and the cost would approximately be around $20 000.An important query is which features you need to have developed in your own app or platform.Though, there is a certain list of “must-have” features for your product to function properly.Mapping feature. This would be extremely essential as not all of your users are familiar with the area the nightclub is located in. The power of GPS could be used to bring them at venues doorstep.Listing and calendar. In your nightlife app there have to be events posted regularly, as your users will go looking for them. They need regular updates on the trendy parties, and, in order not lose the thought of them in the information flood, they need to have all of them scheduled.Push-notifications feature. In order not to miss the lively and exciting party your users need to be notified frequently about all the changes.Invite User. A good way to obtain a huge user base is by letting users invite other users and get some sweet perks for this to those who invited newbys.
The rapid growth in the market segment of smart devices has brought several noticeable changes to the way mobile users perceive about mobile technology.Increasing number of newer mobile devices and the colossal density of the global population that has become completely dependent on smart devices have forced the developers to deal with a more challenging and tough environment where they have to fulfil countless dynamic user demands and addressing those several newer ideas that were previously not in focus.Storage means a lot for many users:Do you agree that your high-end mobile app is not consuming a lot of storage space?If your answer is “no” then, it is possibly one of the biggest reasons that is causing you lose your valued users.It is indeed true that still there is a huge density of mobile users with lower or limited storage capacity and for that they do not prefer large sized mobile apps even if they appeal them the most.Easiness is the top ranked value proposition:In most of the cases, mobile users really love to engage with high-end mobile apps but that does not mean that apps with complex menus, options and uncomfortable accessibility of features will also convert faster.Always make sure that what you have developed is for the purpose bringing easiness and comfort to the end users of your mobile app.Privacy comes above all:Privacy sometimes matter the most.According to most of the recently conducted market research and surveys, maintaining security and privacy is one of the most dominating factor.
When you do something, no matter what field you are working in, you should always do your best. Our programmers strictly follow this principle. They create new software with a clever approach to each app and special tools help them manage their job. And today we would like to draw your attention to one category of these tools for mobile app development called frameworks. Lets figure out what Android frameworks are gaining popularity and what capabilities they can boast about. Continuation of article android frameworks.  
Build an mobile app it's not an easy task at all, each phase requires funds to build an mobile app.Here we have penned down five ways to minimize the app development cost.
2017 showed us how far mobile applications can be exciting and fascinating for users.This is not entirely correct because blockchain is a technology; even a special new approach to development or rather to security.Nest thermostats, smart homes, smart electric kettle, and even all things that have prefix “smart-” could be united into single infrastructure with authorized users.Together with two-factor authentication and other methods they allow you to dramatically increase the protection of your users, data, and the system a hundredfold.Mobile payments, crypto-currency wallets, and Internet banking have already been rethought.It remains to wait until mid-2018 to look at the results.
Best TaskRabbit Clone Script - Appdupe Even the most multifaceted people in the world can’t do everything by themselves.There will be days when help is needed for cleaning, moving, delivery or other household work.With our TaskRabbit clone, you can help connect freelance labour with the local demand and earn commissions every time you do.We use our TaskRabbit clone script to deliver a ready-to-use app solution white-labelled with your brand and logo.The advanced yet easy-to-use interface gives a smooth experience for your customers and the tried and tested Thumbtack clone script or TaskRabbit clone script lets you control your entire business from a dynamic admin dashboard.Features of the TaskRabbit clone code like God’s eye view and work history helps you analyze your business and aids in future business decisions.
I’d bet you have had an idea for a program at some point.The really unfortunate souls among us might have even seen that idea occur, with someone else reaping the rewards.Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, you will master Java and find out how to use it to build beautiful apps for Android.You will build dozens of illustrations including clones of popular programs like Spotify and WhatsApp.Here is what is included:The Entire Android Developer Course: Move From Beginner To Advanced — $199 Worth
The healthcare industry is in a state of great despair. Healthcare services are costlier than ever, global population is aging and the number of chronic diseases are on a rise.What we are approaching is a world where basic healthcare would become out of reach to most people, a large section of society would go unproductive owing to old age and people would be more prone to chronic disease. Isn’t it the end of the world we suspected? Whatever, IoT app development is at your rescue. While technology can’t stop the population from ageing or eradicate chronic diseases at once, it can at least make healthcare easier on a pocket and in term of accessibility. Real-time monitoring via connected devices can save lives in event of a medical emergency like heart failure, diabetes, asthma attacks, etc. With real-time monitoring of the condition in place by means of a smart medical device connected to a smartphone app, connected devices can collect medical and other required health data and use the data connection of the smartphone to transfer collected information to a physician. Original post : IoT App Development
How is the app ecosystem considered saturated within its 6 years span? The chance of monetization and ROI is still high if you understand few crucial things while manifesting your app ‘idea’. Are you going for the updated technologies? And whoever has failed to make their startup app idea successful, might skip answering these! If you are that wanna-be-startupreneur or already have got the million dollar app idea, get your requirements clear. Executing your idea right is the first step to success.
Things change, platforms are updated, and errors in mobile apps that were not visible earlier can suddenly appear and wreak havoc.Any software tester will tell you that it’s impossible to check every possible input or find absolutely every error (unless they’ve never released an application before), but with some focus, you can reduce the risk of any significant negative impact on the user.Usually, this means viewing the application as a whole and setting priorities in any areas that you think are more at risk than others.These defects can then be prioritized depending on their impact and severity.These are rather basic parameters that should be checked first; it is the lack of attention to these major points that leads to the most common mistakes in mobile applications.If the program does not follow the principles of security, requests, access to the call log, SMS and photo gallery, among others, this can alert the user, especially if the application is not supposed to have any connection with their contacts or gallery.Appus Studio (mobile app development company)
Mobile applications have ceased to simply be a way to enjoy entertainment and games.Kotlin simplifies the code and makes it easier.: “It is really worth paying attention to this language.So far, Kotlin has not been used in production, but we have plans to write a project with the help of Kotlin from the start.”Trends in mobile applications in 2017 focused on reducing the burden on the battery and phone memory.For example, the iOS version introduces the new ARKit platform, which brings augmented reality technologies to hundreds of millions of iOS devices and helps developers easily create incredible AR applications.The text above is a summary, you can read full article in Appus blog.www.appus.software
 Mobile technology changed the way of business and it is important for all business owners to adapt new technologies to grow your business.Here are best mobile app tactics that you can use for business growth.
In each coming year, iTunes and Google Play Store are experiencing huge growth in the number of mobile app downloads.Mobile apps have the best track of records in the success of different businesses, since major businesses across the world prefer mobile applications to gear up their growth, supplemented by improved revenue and satisfied customer demands.The app built considering latest trends has more chances to stay longer in the market, rather than ordinary well-doing applications.2018 seem to be not left behind in mobile app development, as it will be bringing some illustrious trends along it.Here, we are listing few prominent and emerging Mobile App Development trends that one should look before building a new application.Though the utility apps having their own prime role, the smart apps integrated with AR have a bright and rising future.
Why would someone even go through an app if they don’t find it attractive enough, or too slow, or just downright badly designed?Designing and developing an app without stressing on an impeccably designed user interface and a brilliantly developed user experience would be a sheer waste of time.A good UI/UX design help draw in traffic, keeps the users engaged, and therefore has a direct implication on boosting the conversion rate for a business.The user interface is all about how a mobile application looks like, and how does it feel to the users while interacting with it.A person should be able to instantly identify a mobile app with the brand that it is for.Mobile app developers must design a neat workflow for their mobile apps, comprehending the actions of the end users, thus making the experience a more interactive one for the user and simplifying the whole process for them.
ARKit helps app makers move beyond simple 2D camera overlays, and at the same time it’s simpler to use than more complex solutions like Snapchat’s.To use ARKit-enabled apps on iOS 11, you must have an iOS device with an A9, A10, or A11 processor.can be used to improve individual elements of existing AR apps;makes iPhone and iPad tracking capabilities available to a wider number of developers;could significantly cut development time.Apple’s advantage with ARKit is that it works with iOS, which has a less fragmented ecosystem than Android, as Apple controls both the hardware and software for all its devices.
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If You Are Typing “Best App Ideas For Startups 2018” On Google Then You Will Never Be Able To Get The Best App Ideas As Google Will Serve You The Ideas Which Are On The Top.Either You Can Be Patient And Work As The Process Given In The Blog Or You Can Settle For Less.To Create the Next Million Dollar App you need a unique App Idea for your Startup.Here some of you will say that I have done a lot of research but still, I couldn’t find anything relevant.To Help You Do The Right Research And Discover A Great Startup Idea For Your Business I Am Writing This Blog With A Series Of Steps To Follow To Identify Your Startup Idea in 2018.Here are the things to keep in mind while selecting your business niche:
Have you ever wondered how much building an iPhone app cost? Why some iOS apps get ready in lesser investment, while other just reach half the way? To understand why it happens so, read this blog shared by app developers from an iPhone application development company.