A global study by A10 Networks found that there are differing attitudes in Europe to app security and smartphone usage.Most notably, Britons tend to flout the rules, the French possess a laissez-faire attitude towards security and the Germans are more likely to be sticklers for the regulations, according to the report.The research, which encompassed the views of 2,000 business and IT professionals in 10 countries, shows that Brits are more dependent on their apps than the French and Germans but are also, worryingly, far more likely to use personal applications that are not sanctioned by their employer.This is interesting because the results collectively establish a pattern that shows Britons are very dependent on apps, aware of cybersecurity risks and yet will still use unsanctioned apps and not take personal responsibility for cybersecurity.A careless attitude toward security can introduce new threats that begin their attacks before the user even knows it.This attitude is notably different to those of the French survey respondents.
The right development partner can add value in more ways than just development, which will help you maximize revenues for your app business. Today we’ll simplify your quest for mobile app developers. Stats say that US consumers spend over 5 hours using their mobile devices, 92% of this time is spent in various apps. At the same time, the average number of apps used per user stays the same. And a quarter of them is abandoned after a single use. This means users are fed up with poorly made apps that offer little value.
Did someone just nick your shares?Stock trading apps have millions of users worldwide and process billions of pounds in traded shares but the security of the apps compares poorly with comparable mobile banking applications, security firm IOActive warns.Alejandro Hernandez, senior security consultant at IOActive, found vulnerabilities that could allow the would-be hacker to sell user’s stock, steal money or snoop into the personal details of the user’s net worth and investment strategy.Hernandez put 21 of the most used and well-known mobile trading apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play through their paces.Testing focused only on the mobile apps; desktop and web platforms were not tested.Four of the 21 apps (19 per cent) exposed user passwords in clear text, meaning an attacker with physical access to the device could easily log in to trade their stocks or steal money.
In case you own a mobile app development company, you have a great opportunity to increase the user base with outstanding app install techniques.Facebook and Twitter install ads are way too impressive when it comes to targeting the audiences.Here is an extended note on the ways these giants adopt for optimizing their ads in order to acquire a loyal client base.Here are a few ad optimization techniques proven to offer exceptional results.When presented relevant ads the chances for relevant audience engagement increases automatically.It also makes sense to the audience to devote their time to something that will offer valuable results to them.
Augmented Reality is in its nascent stage but it has shown its true colors through apps like Snapchat, Yelp, and Wikitude.This article will help you to understand the basics of Augmented Reality SDK and in case you are interested in making your own AR mobile apps, keep reading to know the insights.The latest version of EasyAR (1.3.1) has been developed to support the image recognition alone.The advanced 2.0 version has some exceptional features that include:To get the benefit of EasyAR, the users only need to register their account in order to get the plugin’s key from the bundle ID.The database is generated online via Tracking Manager.
Smart speakers that house smart assistants have become quite the tech fad, allowing you to control your digital life with voice alone.If you are using a Google Home, you’d be painfully aware of how you can’t actually do one of the most important task of living a digital lifestyle: setting reminders.Or rather as soon as you receive this update to Google Home that finally lets you set and manage your reminders without even touching your phone.While it’s definitely cool to be able to ask Google Assistant to tell you the weather today, turn off the lights, or start streaming your music, normal day to day life doesn’t always involve those actions.Sometimes we also need to get down and dirty with productivity, in which case Google Home was more of a let down until this update came along.Now you can set, delete, or know your reminders, either from the Google Home app or, perhaps more conveniently, directly on Google Home itself.
It’s a match made in heaven and yet it took this long to happen.Alexa has already been taking orders requests on Echo and Fire devices to play your favorite music or discover new ones.The one place it has remained absent from was on your smartphone.Amazon has finally announced that the Amazon Music app on Android and iOS now has Alexa integration so you can say instead of type the music you want it to play.Voice commands have become quite common, especially when Amazon’s products and services are involved.That applies even to Amazon Music, the retailers own music store and streaming business.
Instagram marketing is getting more popular each month - in fact, just this week, Instagram has revealed that it now has more than 2 million active advertisers on the platform.Given this, it's no surprise that various tools and apps are also being developed to assist with such efforts - there the tools that provide you with better filters (or just with more of them), analytical insights, scheduling capacity, growth hacking tips and monitoring options, among many other capabilities.To help you sort through the ever-expanding list of Instagram tools, in this post, I’ve chosen the top five apps I use which add value to any marketing strategy on the app - which are also either free, freemium or include a free trial.What it does: Awario is a social media monitoring tool - it locates mentions of any given keyword (or keywords) across all the major social media platforms, including Instagram.Awario also helps you determine which mentions you should pay attention to by sorting mentions based on the mentioning accounts’ number of followers.This is not always the key metric for all brands, but it does serve as a helpful prompt for particularly high profile responses.
LinkedIn recently announced the long-awaited addition of LinkedIn video, which enables all users to share video content direct on LinkedIn (the option is in the process of being rolled out - if you don't have it yet, you will soon).Tapping into the rising popularity of video content, LinkedIn has added the option to their mobile app, giving users another way to build their personal brands and connect with other professionals via video content.And given the wider adoption of video across the web, it'll no doubt prove beneficial, particularly as video communication becomes the expectation, what users are increasingly looking to when seeking content.So what can you use LinkedIn video for?The most obvious use is to speak directly to the camera, Q and A style - in fact, that's how LinkedIn first started with their video option, testing it with platform influencers.But if you don't have the status of those high-profile users, and people aren't asking you questions, there are various other ways you can use LinkedIn video.
Comcast and LG have teamed up to make life easier for Xfinity TV subscribers who have one of the newest LG smart TVs.In the near future, those customers will be able to access their Xfinity TV cable service through the smart TVs directly using Comcast’s Xfinity Partner app.The app will be supported by LG’s 2017 and 2018 smart TVs running webOS.The big benefit here is the elimination of the cable box, an entertainment system’s most unsightly object.Instead of using that box to get the cable service on the TV, Comcast will leverage the TV models’ built-in software to deliver the content directly via a ‘secure private managed network.’This will include live channels, on-demand content, local broadcasts, and whatever else the customer gets with their Xfinity cable subscription.
During Apple's iPhone launch two weeks ago, I spotted a 10-second augmented reality demo that could potentially change the way we watch baseball.I said, as Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller teased how fans at a game could see special stats, including how hard a ball was hit, or how far it was thrown, or how fast a player runs in real time simply by pointing their iPhone toward the action on the field using a new AR feature in Major League Baseball's popular At Bat mobile app."Let me get back to you," he replied.A week later, Claudia and I found ourselves jockeying with other reporters in a crowded suite at AT Park in San Francisco -- about a 45-minute drive north of Apple's spaceship campus in Silicon Valley.It's no secret Apple wants its augmented reality developer kit, announced this spring, to be used to create apps for the iPhone and iPad to live long past last year's Pokemon Go phenomenon.The AR feature may also give MLB teams looking to cheat, er um take advantage of getting to use their iPads during games.
Pinterest has signed a deal with Target to license its visual search technology, Lens, the retail brand announced on Monday.In exchange for a multiyear ad spend commitment, Target will be the exclusive retailer in the US with access to Lens.The deal marks Pinterest’s second to integrate Lens into another company’s product.After debuting Lens in February 2017, Pinterest signed a deal with Samsung in April to embed Lens within the hardware company’s line of S8 smartphones.Target will plug Pinterest’s visual search technology into its Target Registry mobile app so that people registering gift ideas for their new baby, new home or wedding can use Lens to scan objects in the real world and be shown a list of similar products sold by Target.Eventually, Target plans to make Lens available through its main mobile app.
There’s an estimated 3.5 billion people worldwide now browsing the internet just through their mobile, that doesn’t include people who use other devices like tablets.A study by Google found that over half of consumers will abandon a website after just three seconds.Speed is clearly of the essence, and making it easy for consumers to access your content is even more important.A recent article from Gartner Research Director Jason Wong stated that it wasn’t a matter of if you use a PWA, but when.PWAs are not tied to an app storeRemember that song the Disney character Pinocchio once sang about having no strings?
With iOS 11 comes the iOS ARKit, which makes it easy for developers to create augmented reality apps for iPhones and iPads.So far, several developers have released AR apps of varying degrees of usefulness — such as a sudoku app that spoils the game — but one thing’s for sure: Twitter is having a blast with them.Here are some of Twitter’s best uses of ARKit apps, from creative furniture placement to floating money.One of the most popular ARKit apps so far (if the videos on Twitter are anything to go by) is IKEA Place, an app which allows users to place virtual Swedish furniture in whatever space they’re in.This IKEA AR app is LIT pic.twitter.com/rljyQ3SBDA— Owen Williams (@ow) September 20, 2017
smart denim jacket, Google and Levis presented last year, the Commuter Trucker Jacket will be available for sale this week.It is a limited release online and in a few stores in north american cities.the Jacket costs 350 dollars in the united states and is part of the Project Jacquard – Google's bet on smart and connected clothes.the Garment is controlled via an associated mobile app that connects over Bluetooth.It has a pressure sensitive area and can be used much like a smartklocka, even if it lacks a screen, to control, for example, Google Maps, Spotify and Play Music.Users can also answer calls and respond to messages.
Starbucks mobile app strategy has been paying exceptionally well to the company.The article is going to talk more about the development as well as the cost aspect of such a mobile app.The Basic Starbucks Payment ModeStarbuck Mobile App Development Cost AspectThe bitter pill for mobile app development companies is they cannot tell the precise and the entire cost of mobile app development beforehand.So, the question still remains the same, how much does it cost to create a mobile app like Starbucks?
According to ComScore’s 2017 US Mobile App Report, users spend 90% of their mobile app time in their top 5 apps. Surprised? Well, more alarming is that nearly 50% of their time is spent on a single app, leaving 18% lesser time for the second and other three apps.Read More
Push notifications trigger dopamine release deep down users’ vein to give the feeling that something is waiting for them inside the app (likes, comments, or even direct messages).Remember, there must be something valuable for the clients behind that big red dot on an app.As much has been talked about the utility of notification badges, here is a glimpse on the benefits badges offer:Here is how mobile app development companies can opt for getting the most out of the badges.Consider, implementing “notification center” in the app tied to a badge system.Develop Content Strategy Including Badge System in the Mind
Ikea has debuted a new app that uses augmented reality to virtually place items of its furniture in your home.It’s called Places and it effectively lets you try out some of its most popular items in your home through the lens of your iPhone or iPad’s camera.Using the camera, the app can intelligently map the room and then scale the furniture’s size to fit with around 98% accuracy.The resolution is seriously impressive too as you’ll be able to walk up to it and see the textures of the fabric and even see how the natural light in your room reflects off it.You can then walk around the furniture, move it to different parts of your room or even change the colour.Once you find something that fits it’ll take you to Ikea’s Store app where you can order it, effectively saving you from the emotional rollercoaster that is a trip to one of Ikea’s physical stores.
The issues range from reduced battery life to noticeably slower app performance, according to numerous posters on Reddit.Among other things, users are complaining that apps either take unusually long to open or crash altogether when loading.“Ever since I upgraded, launching apps is an absolute chore,” one dissatisfied user wrote.I never had a single issue with my [iPhone] 7+ before last night.”The sentiment seemed to be shared among Apple consumers.— Inés (@InesCasserly) September 25, 2017