This story was delivered to BI Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers hours before appearing on Business Insider.Social media and chat apps are where the majority of iOS and Android consumers first turn to on their smartphones, according to a report from Verto Analytics.Nearly half of all smartphone sessions start out with a social media or chat app once the device has been unlocked.Meanwhile, only 5% of device sessions begin with an entertainment app as the first app in their mobile device session, and only 4% of device sessions begin with a mobile gaming app.This is significant considering mobile games accounted for roughly 82% of global app revenue in 2017.More than 16% of consumers’ device sessions include a web browser as the second task, and roughly 10% of device sessions launch utilities and tool apps as the third task.
Editor’s note: This originally appeared on the China Business Cast.China Business Cast is a podcast featuring experienced entrepreneurs and business people making things happen in China.If you want to learn from on the ground accounts of how business actually gets done in China, this is the program for you.Drew Kirchhoff is a co-founder of Yoli, a WeChat-first on-demand English and Chinese language learning platform.Before co-founding yoli, Drew worked at Yodo1, where he helped build up the mobile gaming company’s international biz dev and global publishing business.He was the product manager of Crossy Road, a casual mobile gaming title that won an Apple Design Award and earned Google Play Game of the Year in 2015, tallying more than 100 million downloads worldwide.
Grindr, the LGBTQ social network and dating app, is now 100 percent owned by Chinese mobile gaming company Kunlun Group.The news comes seven months after Grindr revealed it would be selling itself outright to Kunlun.At the time, Grindr said that founder and CEO Joel Simkhai would be staying on as he “leads the brand into this new chapter,” however the company has now confirmed that Simkhai has left, with board chairman Yahui Zhou stepping in as interim CEO.“On behalf of everyone at Grindr, we would like to thank Joel for his inspiration and service as the founder of Grindr, and wish him all the best in the future,” said Zhou.“Looking forward, we are extremely excited about the excellent work Grindr is doing in becoming a leading global technology company, serving and supporting our users no matter where they are in the world.”Founded in 2008, Grindr emerged as “the world’s largest all-male social network,” according to the company’s official marketing blurb, claiming more than three million daily active users (DAUs).
There has long been a precedence for passing long hours on the road with a mobile handheld device.For those of us born two decades or more ago, the go-to gadget was the Game Boy.For the modern generation, though, mobile gaming via smartphone has taken the mantle from Nintendo's handheld and has brought a bevy of great games along with it.What that boils down to, more or less, is that if you aren’t the driver, you’re a passenger with a golden ticket to adventure and can partake in the portability provided by the phone in your pocket.If you need some direction as to which worlds are worth exploring during your travel siesta, we've assembled a guide to the top 10 mobile games you can enjoy from the comfort of your go-to device for your next cross-country expedition, regardless of whether you're an iOS or Android user.
Latest Oukitel’s piece is finally out in the global presales and the new Oukitel K6 will be availalable right until the end of the year for a special discounted price of $199.99 on the Banggood e-shop.And that’s certanly not a bad price for a phone brimming with pretty powerful hardware equipment and features.Oukitel K6 of course belongs to the famous “K” big battery line and to prove that it can show off the 6300 mAh battery.Such capacity should be enough to last 3 or even more days on a single charge and the makers are pretty confident it can handle pretty well also the mobile gaming demands.Check out the following video to see the power consumption test showing it can run the games for 12 continuous hours.The phone is also the modern full-screen model with big 6-inch FHD+ Incell display and 2180×1080 pixel resolution and it should be one of the first pieces with the new Helio P23 octa-core CPU and Mali-G71 GPU.
Editor’s note: This originally appeared on Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast hosted by Bernard Leong, dedicated to dissecting the pulse of business, technology, and media in Asia.Matthew Brennan, co-founder of China Channel and host of China Tech Talk joined us in a conversation to discuss Tencent’s gaming empire worldwide and their third killer app after QQ & Wechat: Honor of Kings.We discussed the recent major happenings from Tencent in their purchase of stock from Snap in the US and bypassing Facebook’s market capitalisation temporarily, and how they assembled their gaming portfolio and assets, particularly Honor of Kings, in a strategy as the top gaming company now in the world and mitigate against the concerns of the Chinese government in mobile gaming addiction.Here are the interesting show notes and links to the discussion (with time-stamps included):Matthew Brennan, Co-founder of China Channel dot co (@mbrennanchina , Linkedin, Wechat:Yowdy-CQ) [0:38]Since our last conversation, what have you been up to?
Sumo Digital cofounders Carl Cavers (left), Darren Mills (centre), and Paul Porter.UK gaming studio Sumo Digital has announced it will go public on the London Stock Exchange this week in a listing that will see it valued at £145 million.Founded in 2003, Sumo Digital is one of the UK's biggest games developers today along with "Candy Crush" mobile gaming firm King and "Grand Theft Auto" creator Rockstar.The Sheffield-headquartered games developer, which employs around 450 people, creates games for Sony and Microsoft.It has worked on popular titles such as "Forza Motorsport 7" and "Hitman".Sumo Digital will list "SUMO" shares on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market on Thursday.
Nintendo is striking new partnerships to speed up its mobile game production pace, according to sources.The video game company is reportedly looking for new software developer partners that will produce smartphone games for the company, enabling it to release them at a faster rate in the future.This follows Nintendo’s existing work with DeNA and its stated plan to launch five mobile games by March 2017.March 2017 came and then passed without Nintendo and DeNA quite hitting their original goal.The most recently released Nintendo mobile game is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which arrived last month, bringing the total number of releases for the pair up to four.That is one shy and nearly a year beyond the goal of releasing five mobile games be the beginning of this year.
It’s hard to predict exactly what 2018 will hold, but more Nintendo mobile games seems to be a pretty safe bet if a recent report from The Wall Street Journal is anything to go by.According to this report, Nintendo is looking to partner up with more mobile developers in order to raise the pace of its output after 2017 fell somewhat short of expectations.Though Nintendo had originally planned to have five mobile titles on the market by March 2017 it currently only has four, with the delayed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp being the most recent release.Given that the company has only been working with mobile developer DeNA to achieve its lofty mobile goals, it’s not entirely surprising this mark has been missed.The Wall Street Journal states that, by partnering with a larger number of developers, Nintendo believes it’ll be able to release more games at a faster pace.This move towards mobile is a significant stance change for Nintendo; not so long ago the company was staunchly opposed to bringing its famous franchises to mobile, preferring to focus on its own devices instead.
Niantic’s much-anticipated Harry Potter follow up to Pokemon Go is coming next year, but Harry Potter fans who want their first taste of Hogwarts on mobile don’t have to wait, because Harry Potter is coming to the Los Angeles-based mobile gaming studio, Jam City.Through a partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Jam City has gotten a license to develop a new mobile game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery that lets players create their own character and enroll in Hogwarts.The new game will not only let players enroll in Hogwarts, but they’ll get to train their characters in all of the magical classes and extracurricular activities the school has to offer.And for fans of Slytherin’s favorite professor, potions classes are also on the curriculum.Jam City said that most of the iconic professors from the Harry Potter stories reprise their roles in the game — including Professor Dumbledore.“What an honor it is for Jam City to develop a mobile game for one of the largest and most iconic brands in history,” said Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of Jam City, in a statement.
Grab Games and its founder Anthony Borquez are always chasing new experiences; always getting excited about new platforms and technologies.The team got into mobile gaming early and later dabbled in the social gaming space, but now they think the future is in VR and, a bit further off, AR.Borquez and Grab have been exploring VR and AR since 2013, as that first wave of excitement was just starting to gain momentum.It was almost a foreign concept to put a headset on someone’s face and build a 360 VR game.Borquez’ ambition, in regards to VR, is to create the type of AAA experiences that Grab’s designers enjoy both as gamers and developers — games like John Wick Chronicles and the studio’s upcoming boxing title, Knockout League, which landed on Steam Early Access back in January.“For AR, we’re not necessarily making games, but we’re building unique experiences that allow gamers to consume content in a totally new way.
This story was delivered to BI Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers.Instant Games allows users to play HTML5 games within Messenger or on their News Feed without having to download the game or redirect from Facebook's properties.There are 72 Instant Games on Messenger at the time of writing, up from 17 at launch in November 2016.The updates will help Facebook’s longstanding effort to compete with Google and Apple as a platform that consumers use for a range of digital activities, from gaming to messaging to working.Here’s why Facebook’s efforts could work:The additional features will make Instant Games more engaging, and keep users on Facebook longer.
In an effort to shed light on the underrepresentation of women in mobile gaming — within the industry, culture, and marketing — Android and Google Play are working to push forth impactful initiatives to help make a change.Next in the lineup is Change the Game — an interactive online experience that walks you through the relationship between women and mobile games in the United States.Past initiatives have included Google’s series of summer camps called Girls Make Games, where young girls learned about programming and game design.Another was a mobile game development program, through which the winners were given all the resources needed to make their games a reality on Google Play.Before launching Change the Game, product leads behind the initiative wanted to first learn more about the experiences and perceptions of female mobile players.So, because there are so many different complex challenges when we’re talking about where we are right now, we wanted to be really careful that we weren’t drawing conclusions about women as a whole … rather, taking one step back and putting it in context of culture, and history of the industry,” Google product marketing manager Kate Brennan told Digital Trends.
Portal is one of the most famous video game series around, as most Valve franchises tend to become.If you’re building a new PC and you’re asking your friends for game recommendations, chances are high-to-certain that Portal and its sequel will be near or at the top of the everyone’s list.There’s only one problem: Portal 2 came out way back in 2011, leaving players without a new Portal game for the past six years.Those of you Portal fanatics who need a fix are about to get one, but unfortunately, it’s probably not what you were hoping for.Today Headup Games announced a new release in its Bridge Constructor franchise that’s themed around the Portal series.The game, unsurprisingly, is simply called Bridge Constructor Portal.
When Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launched on iOS a few weeks ago, our own Sam Machkovech took it to task for its "hurry up and wait" gameplay loop and in-your-face, hard-sell microtransactions.Now, data from app analysis firm Sensor Tower suggests the game is struggling to bring in much money from players, even after attracting more than 15 million downloads in six days.In a recent blog post, Sensor Tower estimates that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has brought in about $10 million in revenue in its first nine days of iOS availability.That might sound like a pretty good start for the game, but it pales in comparison to the $24 million in revenue for Super Mario Run and $33 million for Fire Emblem Heroes in the same time frame after their launches.Perhaps more worrisome for Animal Crossing's mobile potential, a whopping 86 percent of the estimated revenue so far comes from Japan, with a further 11 percent coming from the US, according to Sensor Tower.That suggests a game with a decent domestic following for Nintendo, but one that seems unlikely to break out into a Pokemon Go-style international hit.
Niantic Labs has really come a long way since it started as Google fledgling in 2012.It has become one of the biggest and sometimes most controversial names in the mobile gaming business thanks to the two-sided fame and infamy of Pokemon GO.But years before that, Niantic had its own baby, is own vision.That child was Ingress, which may have been born far too ahead of its time.But now, the time may be just right and Niantic is taking advantage of that to launch Ingress 2.0: Ingress Prime.First was the theme of the game itself, set in a near-futuristic world overlaid on top of our own, revolving around a literally and figuratively nebulous thing called XM, short for exotic matter.
KSV, the esports team company started by Kabam cofounder Kevin Chou, is announcing today it has acquired Samsung Galaxy, an esports team that recently won the big League of Legends world championship title.The addition of the South Korean team gives KSV control of four major esports teams across games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.The common thread is that all of the teams are based in South Korea, where esports is a kind of religion.KSV believes that its focus on the Korean teams will help it become a contender in the global esports market, since the Koreans are so competitive in esports, which is expected to become a $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion market by 2020, according to market researcher Newzoo.Chou, CEO of KSV in San Francisco, said in an interview with GamesBeat that his team started contemplating how to get a League of Legends team as soon as they formed their new esports startup, KSV.Chou and Kent Wakeford spent years building Kabam into a mobile gaming giant and selling it (in parts) for more than $800 million to Netmarble and Fox.
With the latest mobile gaming platforms and 4K-ready machines like the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, you may find yourself needing the best routers to support your streaming games with minimal lag.Rather than throw your controller every time you start to rubber-band or glitch around the screen, think about investing in the best routers for gaming, which are designed specifically for the high performance you require.This MU-MIMO enabled Zyxel model is designed for “power users” that need top reliability and speed for their Wi-Fi signal for smooth 4K gaming.Plus—and this may be particularly important if you are on a budget—it’s not as expensive as many other high-end routers with plenty of gaming features.This tri-band router includes MU-MIMO technology and out-of-the-box access to WTFast Gamers Private Network, a network of servers that have been shown to have excellent performance befitting high-speed games.Smart connect will also switch between bands automatically for you, so if a bunch of friends come over with their smartphones, you don’t have to worry about your game suddenly cutting out.
For PC gamers already in the holiday shopping spirit, MSI and NewEgg have a sick deal for you way ahead of Black Friday.What you're about to see is a VR-ready, ultra-portable gaming laptop for what most budget mobile gaming rigs cost.For a limited time, MSI is selling its GS63VR Stealth Pro gaming laptop for just $1,149.That is, specifically, a $1,599 product for $300 off – with another $150 off through a rebate mail-in card.Inside, this laptop is sporting a 15.6-inch, Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 display powered by a 6th generation Intel Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics with 6GB of GDDR5 memory.Backing those processors are 16GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD + 1TB hard drive combo for storage.
It’s got the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a display that Razer says will make this the ultimate mobile gaming device on the market.To find out, we took both phones and pitted them head-to-head to find out whether you should buy a Razer Phone or an iPhone X.158.5 x 77.7 x 8 mm (6.24 x 3.06 x 0.31 inches)143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm (5.65 x 2.79 x 0.30 inches)2,560 x 1,440 pixels (514 ppi)2,436 x 1,125 pixels (458 ppi)