Events We’ll be opening the doors at Continuous Lifecycle in less than one month, and we really want you to join us to discuss containers, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and much, much more.Our 40-strong speaker lineup will enlighten, educate, and even entertain you as they discuss core concepts such DevOps and Continuous Delivery, dive deep into key topics such as containers and security, monitoring or compliance, and take you through the nuts and bolts of key tools such as Prometheus and Istio.We know real world experiences are always important, which is why the lineup includes practitioners from sectors such as media, banking, health and nuclear power.And that’s all on top of two great keynotes from Kubernetes and Google Compute Engine co-founder, and Heptio CTO, Joe Beda, and Squarespace’s Tanya Reilly.If you want to get even deeper, there are spaces remaining in our Advanced Kubernetes workshop, led by Giant Swarm’s Tobias Bradkte and our Serverless workshop, led by serverless pioneer Mike Roberts.This all happens at the QEII Centre in Westminster on 14-16 May, and you’ll be supplied with excellent food and drink, and the space to enjoy it with the speakers and your fellow attendees.
Events It’s all very well hearing the theories behind DevOps, Containers, Continuous Delivery and more, but nothing beats talking to someone who’s actually put them to work in a real organisation.That’s why at the Continuous Lifecycle conference next month – 14-16 May – we’ve got speakers who’ve done just that.If you’ve ever wondered what the reality is of running continuous integration for simulation software for nuclear power plants, GTS's Joachim Herb can explain just that.When it comes to the financial sector, we have Jason Maude discussing Continuous Delivery in one of the UK’s newest, cloud-based banks, while Fidelity Investments Nick Penston and Juan Flores will be discussing creating a delivery pipeline for 10,000 colleagues.And if mixing chaos engineering and a platform supporting 220 million users is your idea of a challenge, you’ll want to catch Crystal Hirschorn’s talk.These are just a few speakers from our 40-strong lineup, who will also cover industries like video gaming and health, as well as explaining the core concepts behind DevOps, Containers and Continuous Delivery, and diving into key tools such as Prometheus and Istio.
There’s just a few days left to grab your early bird tickets for Continuous Lifecycle, and join us in May for three days of serverless, containers, CI/CD and DevOps.We’ll be taking an indepth look at how the smartest companies have overhauled how they do their software development and deployment to save time, money and heartache.And you can save £100s on all of this by taking advantage of our early bird conference and workshop offers, which finish for good this week.Our two day conference features over 40 speakers, including keynotes from Heptio CTO and Kubernetes co-founder Joe Beda, and Squarespace principal engineer Tanya Reilly, as well as practitioners who’ve applied DevOps, Containers and more in industries ranging from media to medical, finance to nuclear.Our optional workshop day includes all-day sessions on Serverless Computing on AWS, Advanced Kubernetes, Managing Production with Kubernetes and Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques.This all takes place from May 14 to May 16 at the QEII Centre, in the heart of London, and we’ll make sure there is excellent food and drink on hand, as well as time and space for you to connect with the speakers and your fellow attendees.
Events Serverless, containers, CI/CD and DevOps, are changing how software is developed and deployed, and you get an up close view of how this is happening in the real world at Continuous Lifecycle London in May.If you act fast, you can save £100s by taking advantage of our early bird conference and workshop offers, which finishes for good next week.Our programme will help you get a feel for how organisations are exploiting new tools and architectures to transform their software development and deployment operations, and give you the chance to get hands on with specific technologies, at our optional workshop day on May 16.For example, if you’re looking to get started on Serverless, Mike Roberts returns, with his workshop on Serverless Computing on AWS, which will take you from first steps to building and deploying an application.If you’re looking to get into containers, we have sessions on Advanced Kubernetes, and Managing Production with Kubernetes.And Dave Farley returns to deliver a session on Advanced Deployment Pipeline Techniques.
Two more weeks to save £100s on conference and workshop ticketsEvents If you’re kicking yourself because you just missed the deadline for our Continuous Lifecycle London early bird tickets, you’re not the only one.Which is why we’ve extended the offer for another two weeks.That means you can still save £100s on tickets for our two-day conference covering the best in DevOps, Containers, Serverless, and Continuous Delivery.Whether it's our keynotes from Kubernetes pioneer and Heptio CTO Joe Beda, and Squarespace principal engineer Tanya Reilly, or our conference sessions, you can be assured that the focus is on helping you work out how best to exploit the technology in your own software organisation.You can see the full conference agenda here.