That the digital journey is about technology is one misconception that makes the companies end up on the wrong track, writes Johan Löfmark, TCS.Unfortunately many believe that it is ground breaking technology that is the key to success.If the techniques are used right, they are of course fascinating and can provide great opportunities for improved customer experiences, new services, new business opportunities and at the macro level to the change of the whole branschstrukturer.But more and more frequently used abbreviations and acronyms used without having to be put in an organisational or industry context.They get to the indulgences in the PRESIDENT's words and in the financial statements in order to assure the outside world that the company or organisation is not located after in the development.of Creative destruction is observed daily, where the digital companies operate on a shift in the sector and give the other more traditional businesses and industries to new competition.
Federal authorities and private researchers are alerting companies to a wave of domain hijacking attacks that’s using relatively novel techniques to compromise targets at an almost unprecedented scale.The attacks, which security firm FireEye said have been active since January 2017, use three different ways to manipulate the Domain Name System records that allow computers to find a company's computers on the Internet.By replacing the legitimate IP address for a domain such as with a booby-trapped address, attackers can cause to carry out a variety of malicious activities, including harvesting user’s login credentials.The techniques detected by FireEye are particularly effective, because they allow attackers to obtain valid TLS certificates that prevent browsers from detecting the hijacking.“A large number of organizations has been affected by this pattern of DNS record manipulation and fraudulent SSL certificates,” FireEye researchers Muks Hirani, Sarah Jones, Ben Read wrote in a report published Thursday.“They include telecoms and ISP[s], government and sensitive commercial entities.” The campaign, they added, is occurring around the globe at “an almost unprecedented scale, with a high degree of success.”
Laravel beta version was released in 2011. But due to extension ability using bundles and high speed, it has become one of the most preferred open source development platform in a short span of time. With elegant coding, faster development, reduced process time and quick execution, this MVC framework is the best open source framework for developing superlative web applications with robust features for various business and industry verticals.Brevity Software Solutions is a leading Laravel web development company in India specializing in maintainable and reliable Laravel web development solutions. We strive to keep your business ahead of your competitors and try to satisfy the evolving needs of modern enterprises through our Laravel development services. Adopting all the techniques and skills of Laravel since its inception, we work hard to deliver effective solutions to our clients.
Area 1, a California-based security company founded by ex-National Security Agency hackers, has come under fire for passing European diplomatic cables allegedly hacked by China on to the New York Times.Area 1, founded in 2013, says COREU, the European Union’s diplomatic communication network was compromised over a three-year period by “elite” Chinese hackers, with over 1,000 cables stolen.It then passed a selection of the cables onto the New York Times.Area 1: “It was China”The move has left some observers stunned – and with plenty of questions.Area 1 attributed the hack to China, but offers no forensic evidence, with the NYT report merely saying that the techniques deployed by hackers “resembled” those of an “elite unit of China’s People’s Liberation Army”.
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AIKEN, S.C. (December 4, 2018) - Savannah River National Laboratory, in collaboration with Clemson University, the University of South Carolina and Savannah River Consulting LLC, has demonstrated the use of electrochemical techniques to monitor the growth status and energy levels of microorganisms used in biotechnology industries.As published in a recent Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Express article, the techniques monitor the microbes in real time, improving the cost-effectiveness of the results compared to conventional sampling and analysis.Microorganisms are used in many industrial applications, including production of fuels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foods (e.g., ethanol, acetate, biodegradable plastics, penicillin, and yogurt).Like all organisms, microorganisms use food sources such as sugars, proteins, and lipids to obtain organic carbon for growth as well as energy from electrons released during break-down of food sources.A decline in the vigor of a microbial culture could be caused by a diminishing food source, presence of a growth inhibitor, or contamination from another culture.To ensure the microbes are performing optimally, their cell numbers and / or chemical byproducts must be monitored.
In 2018, cybercrime is an epidemic.Businesses and ordinary people are being held to ransom.We even learned last month that some U.S. weapons systems could be hacked within hours.It’s scary stuff, but we only know of the Pentagon vulnerabilities due to an ethical hacker finding the flaws.The threat is so high these days that ethical hackers get paid big money to expose vulnerabilities.It’s not too late to learn the techniques, even if you’ve never hacked before.
ANN ARBOR--By essentially turning down the pitch of sound waves, University of Michigan engineering researchers have devised a way to unlock greater amounts of data from acoustic fields than ever before.That additional information could boost performance of passive sonar and echolocation systems for detecting and tracking adversaries in the ocean, medical imaging devices, seismic surveying systems for locating oil and mineral deposits, and possibly radar systems as well.He likens his approach to solving the problem of human sensory overload.Speech frequencies are right in the comfort zone for human hearing.The higher frequency of the smoke alarm sound creates directional confusion for the human ear."The techniques my students and I have developed will allow just about any signal to be shifted to a frequency range where you're no longer confused," said Dowling, whose research is primarily funded by the U.S. Navy.
In 2017, global industrial gases market size was accounted for USD xx Billion.It is expected to expand by USD xx Billion with a CAGR of xx% in the coming years on the basis of increasing demand for metal production & fabrication, food & beverage, petrochemical & chemical, automobile and pharmaceuticals & healthcare industry.The main factor fueling the growth of global industrial gases industry are developing the techniques of enhanced oil recovery in gas & oil sector, increase in depletion of petrochemicals & chemicals and enlargement of capacity of refinery.Increase in the sales of passenger car is estimated to increase the demand for industrial gases in the automobile sector worldwide over the forecast period.Click to Continue Reading on Rise in investment in aerospace and automobile industry is increasing the demand for services of metal fabrication, participating in the growth of industrial gases.Nitrogen is required in pre-flight lung diagnosis for calculating ability of person to respond to aircraft cabin environment.Therefore, increase in usage of industrial gases in healthcare sector is increasing the demand of industrial gases market in the coming years.Nowadays, governments of different countries are contributing substantially to the GDP of the healthcare sector.
SAN ANTONIO -- Nov. 27, 2018 -- James Dante, a manager in the Mechanical Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute, has received a Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) award.The Weapons Systems and Platforms Project of the Year Award, presented at the plenary session of the SERDP and ESTCP Symposium, recognizes work that introduces new technology to reduce the military's environmental footprint.SwRI is helping the military develop an accelerated technique to better evaluate how well new paints protect metal equipment from atmospheric corrosion.Previous methods for testing new coatings did not accurately predict performance in the field because the environmental exposure factor was not realistic enough.Defining how to run accelerated cyclic corrosion tests and shifting the way the military looks at this testing is the next step towards quick and accurate predictions.The techniques can then be used across the spectrum, from military applications to the oil and gas industry and beyond.
However a recent multi-institutional study, led by Rockefeller scientists, has produced a new blueprint of the Aedes aegypti genome that vastly improves upon its predecessor.aegypti carries pernicious pathogens, including Zika, dengue, and yellow fever, and transmits these diseases to hundreds of millions of people annually.Though results of this effort enabled over a decade of mosquito genetic research, the techniques of the time were limited and the genome had significant shortcomings."And if you can't trust that the DNA sequence was correctly assembled, you're not going to get very far."Matthews recalls meeting mosquito researchers from other institutions whose projects had become excessively time consuming, or outright impossible, due to a lack of reliable genetic information.The team first sent a sample of Ae.
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Vitaly Bahachuk wants you to share your crypto.His company lets you lend cryptocurrency peer-to-peer via smart contract, ensuring you can send your buds some red-hot Ether and, in theory, they have to pay you back.Further, it allows for some other clever tricks to be played with ERC20 tokens, including performing some of the techniques used by equity traders.Co-founded by Alex Bazhanau and Bahachuk, Bloqboard is live now and the lending system is powered by decentralized lending protocols.They’ve recently raised $1.2 million from Polychain Capital to set up shop after a summer of building use cases for the lending space.“Bloqboard has quietly launched last month in beta testing to a limited number of users with limited functionality.
Security researchers at UC San Diego and Stanford have discovered four new ways to expose Internet users' browsing histories.The techniques fall into the category of "history sniffing" attacks, a concept dating back to the early 2000s.But the attacks demonstrated by the researchers at the 2018 USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT) in Baltimore can profile or 'fingerprint' a user's online activity in a matter of seconds, and work across recent versions of major web browsers."My hope is that the severity of some of our published attacks will push browser vendors to revisit how they handle history data, and I'm happy to see folks from Mozilla, Google, and the broader World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) community already engage in this," said Deian Stefan, an assistant professor in computer science at the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego and the paper's senior author.For example, a Chase customer is much more likely to be fooled when presented with a fake Chase login page than if the phisher pretends to be Bank of America.The faster the attack, the longer the list of target sites an attacker can 'sniff' in a reasonable amount of time.
After months of work, a set of guidelines designed to protect humanity from a range of threats posed by artificial intelligence have been proposed.AI has been for years a blanket term for machine-based decision making, but as the technology gets better and are more widely adopted, the results of AI-based outcomes are having a greater effect on human lives — from gaining credit, employment, and even to criminal sentencing.But often those decisions are made with proprietary and closed-off algorithms, making it near-impossible to know if the decisions are fair or justified.These guidelines, according to the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), are designed to be baked in to AI to ensure the protection of human rights.That includes a right to know the factors, logic and the techniques used to the outcome of a decision; a fairness obligation that removes discriminatory decision making; and an obligation to secure systems against cybersecurity threats.The principles also include a prohibition on unitary scoring — to prevent governments from using AI to score their citizens and residents — a subtle jab at China’s controversial social credit system.