a startup with the ambitious goal of reducing global hunger by helping farmers maximize meat production, lives inside a São Paulo skyscraper that also houses big names like Microsoft andBut the heart of the company's operations lives far outside the city center, on farms in Brazil, the United States, and a variety of other countries.The five year-old startup is trying to create what
Twitter s live video broadcast of PBS Newshour s coverage of President Donald Trump s inauguration attracted 6.824 million unique viewers, making it the tech firm s most-viewed live stream to date.It was the first time the San Francisco company streamed live coverage of a presidential inauguration, but the viewership slightly surpassed the 6.8 million unique viewers who tuned into BuzzFeed s election night coverage, Twitter said on Tuesday.A unique viewer is someone who watched the live stream for at least 3 seconds.The company did not report the average time a viewer spent watching the inauguration, but said the broadcast peaked at 377,000 concurrent viewers around the time Trump took the oath of office.The company has been making bigger bets on live video and has also streamed non-political events, including Thursday night football games.Since the inauguration, Trump s administration has been fixated on the number of people who attended or tuned in for the big event.White House press secretary Sean Spicer last week accused the media of deliberately underestimating the size of the inauguration crowd, claiming it was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.Aerial shots of Trump s inauguration, though, showed a crowd size that appeared much smaller than Barack Obama s 2009 inauguration.Spicer also made incorrect claims about the ridership on Washington s subway system being higher than on Inauguration Day in 2013 and new white ground coverings being installed.On Monday, Spicer stood by the claim that Trump s inauguration was the most watched, clarifying that he was including the viewers who watched the inauguration on television and online.That claim is still unsubstantiated, according to Snopes, which fact-checked the claim.Nonetheless, the inauguration was a big day for Twitter, Facebook and other social media companies.In total, 12 million tweets were sent on the day of the inauguration.On Facebook, 60 million people in the United States generated 208 million likes, posts, comments and shares related to the presidential inauguration.Twitter also transitioned the Twitter accounts for the president and other members of the administration on Friday, although the plan didn t go off without a hitch.More than a half million people unfollowed the @POTUS account because Trump became president, but found themselves following the Twitter account anyhow.Photo: Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts as Melania Trump looks on during the 58th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017.
With the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, the United States got a new president.While President Trump's cabinet selection process has played out publicly, a variety of folks from former president Barack Obama's administration have quietly stayed on.One of the most prominent people that's staying on is the head of
more and more believe that Facebookgrundaren Mark Zuckerberg is aiming to be president of the united states in the future.the Rumor was started properly after that Zuckerberg violated their behavioural patterns during a visit to Texas recently, reports The Washington Post.It is about Zuckerberg embraced a behavior that is reminiscent of typical presidentkandidaters, namely to participate in municipal projects and carefully thank the people involved in the different events.Zuckerberg must have recently gone on their first rodeo in Texas, dressed in a hat and safety vest in honour of the day.He should also have thanked the involved police officers for their great effort.Then he should have participated in a municipal planteringsprojekt.
While we just swore in the 45th President of the United States for a four-year term, there will be another big election in two years.Add it to your calendar now while you re still thinking about politics.In 2018, the US will have what s called a midterm election.This is the quieter election where a third of the Senate, the entire House of Representatives, and many state governors are up for re-election.Midterms also see considerably less voter turnout than elections where the presidency is up for grabs.In fact, according to Time, the last midterm election in 2014 had the lowest voter turnout since World War II.
We have previously written that Apple may see the proposal about the Iphone manufacturing in the united states with open eyes .Now, a report from the Nikkei that it actually is so.According to the report, are looking Apple on an investment, together with Foxconn, the seven billion dollars that will lead to a factory USA, writes Cult of Mac.It is not the first time that it is reported about a possible expansion of Foxconn and Apple in the united states.Last month, wrote 9to5Mac that Apple had asked Foxconn and Pegatron to see over the Iphone manufacturing in the large country in the west.The new report does, however, provide details that Apple and Foxconn are considering a seven billion great investment.
Plants and micro-organisms purify the indoor air through the programmed walls.Now take the Finnish company stride over to the united states.the Finnish environmental company Naava start a plant on the us east coast for its green air-purifying walls.the Company has received € 3.2 million from investors to start manufacturing and business in the united states.The new manufacture will be located in New Jersey, and will be Naavas first plant outside of Finland.the Company is targeted primarily on the metropolitan region around the city of New York.
Lavabit, an encrypted email service once used by exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden, is relaunching.After the NSA contractor stole thousands of highly confidential documents about US spying capabilities and fled the United States in 2013, investigators went after the startup he had used as anThey demanded that founder Ladar Levison install surveillance
No one has well managed to miss that the new US president, Donald Trump is an avid Twitter user?As the tools he has up until now been using an Android handset from Samsung, but after entering the White House he is forced to change platforms.Trump has also been assigned a new phone number that only a few have access to.president of the united states can not use any smartphone.as for the telephone Trump will use is still unclear.When Barack Obama became president in 2009, his battle for his beloved Blackberry world-famous.
A federal judge in Seattle is set to hear arguments Monday morning from the Department of Justice as to why he should halt Microsoft s efforts to allow it to tell users, in most cases, when the government demands customer information.
If you want to follow what Donald Trump administration s does in its first 100 days, there s a website for that.Track Trump, backed by Silicon Valley s Sam Altman of Y Combinator, aims to track the promises that the new president has made and what happens to them.The promises are drawn from Trump s Contract with the American Voter, the administration s 100-day action plan.Those promises include funding the building of the wall at the U.S.-Mexico border,  with the full understanding that the country of Mexico will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost of such wall.Others: Repeal Obamacare; withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trump just signed an executive order about this Monday ; renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA; enact new ethics reforms to drain the swamp.At least one promise Silicon Valley tech companies are watching closely is allow American corporations to repatriate money at a 10% rate.Right now, the update under the Obamacare-repeal promise says Trump has signed an executive order saying he will pursue the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and asking federal agencies to minimize its economic burden.
This week, Cowen and Company's Timothy Arcuri predicted that Apple's next handset will use a new front-facing laser-based facial recognition feature, and now we're hearing more about the mooted technology.Sometimes right, sometimes wrong KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo via 9to5Mac has predicted Apple will add upgraded sensors, including several new biometrics technologies, to its iPhone range.Specifically, Kuo predicts Apple will add the facial recognition tech alongside a new optical fingerprint sensor which will take the place of the current Touch ID capacitive fingerprint sensor, though the report does not reference the iPhone 8 directly.This will allow the company to integrate the sensor into the display, which leaves Apple free to increase the size of the screen and reduce the size of the bezels – a design feature which is heavily rumoured to appear on the iPhone 8.The new KGI report states the under glass design of current fingerprint scanners aren't compatible with the kind of full-face display thought to be included on the iPhone 8.This new optical sensor will apparently be an under panel system, which won't use the capacitive tech provided by AuthenTec, which Apple purchased in 2013.
Apple and several book publishers might have passed the final stage of their long-running ebook price-fixing dispute with United States officials, but the guilty parties recently arrived at that stage with Canada s Competition Bureau, Reuters reports.The dispute began in 2010, when Apple was initially accused of ebook price fixing in an effort to prop its own iBooks above competitors like Amazon, a popular destination for ebook purchases.In 2012, 33 U.S. states and the Justice Department sued Apple and book publishers Hachette, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, and others, with the latter group accused of setting prices in order to gain leverage over Amazon.Apple claimed innocence over the years since the lawsuit and suggested in its appeal that its actions increased competition in the ebook space.Furthermore, the company argued that ebook prices have gone down since iBooks introduction in 2010.The appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied in March 2016, three years after Apple was found guilty of having conspired with book publishers, which forced Apple to cough up $450 million to affected customers as part of a settlement.
NEW YORK—United Airlines says all of its U.S. domestic flights are grounded on Sunday because of a computer problem.Company spokeswoman Maddie King said in a brief statement that it issued a ground stop in the U.S. because of an IT issue.It didn't give any more details, and it wasn't immediately clear how many flights were affected.
TAIPEI Reuters - Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics maker, is considering setting up a display-making plant in the United States in an investment that would exceed $7 billion, company chairman and chief executive Terry Gou said on Sunday.The plans, which would be carried out with its unit Sharp Corp , still depend on many factors such as investment conditions that would have to be negotiated at the U.S. state and federal levels, Gou told reporters on the sidelines of a company event.The plans come as U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to put "America First" in his inauguration speech on Friday, reinforcing concerns of a U.S. protectionist agenda that has cast a cloud over the outlook for global trade.Foxconn is formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co .Reporting by J.R. Wu; Editing by Mark Potter
The latest Samsung Gear S3 upgrade is now available for users to download, providing a smoother experience.The latest firmware version includes a number of stability and performance improvements, which have only just reached the UK.The same upgrade package was launched last month in the United States, but users in the UK have had to wait until this week.Samsung Gear S3 Frontier - How to update:In order to update your device, open Gear Manager app on smartphone paired with Gear S3.Tap through the Settings menu, find Update Gear Software, upgrade should be available to download.
The CalETC programs could benefit you directly if you live in California or stimulate EV adoption in other states so we can all breathe cleaner air.If you live in California, it will be increasingly hard to avoid at least considering choosing an electric vehicle EV for your next car purchase or lease.Three major California utility companies are following the lead of the state s clean transportation and emission-reduction goals by offering multiple programs to promote EV adoption by citizens and deployment by public and private agencies.California Electric Transportation Coalition CalETC members Pacific Gas and Electric Company PG , Southern California Edison SCE , and San Diego Gas & Electric SDG submitted applications to the California Public Utilities Commission CPUC for a variety of significant programs.All of the programs are aimed at moving the state closer to its zero-emissions vehicle goals.PG proposed seven projects focused on combatting climate change and promoting EV adoption.
With 2017 in full swing, we re already starting to see a noticeable uptick in the number of iPhone 8 rumors coming through the pipeline.Just a few days ago, a report surfaced indicating that Apple s next-gen iPhone may include an advanced form of facial recognition technology, capable of even discerning specific emotional states.Bolstering this report is a new research note from reputed analyst Ming Chi-Kuo who sheds even more light on Apple s upcoming smartphone plans.In a report obtained by MacRumors, Kuo writes that the iPhone 8 s new design has forced Apple engineers to come up with a new Touch ID solution to complement its full-screen zero bezel form factor design and to enhance transactions security.Indeed, it s widely believed that Apple s flagship iPhone 8 model will feature an edgeless display in the form of a wrap-around OLED display.As to the the aforementioned rumor regarding facial recognition, Kuo relays that Apple may be contemplating replacing Touch ID with a facial recognition alternative sometime down the line.
A number of Twitter users tonight are claiming their accounts have somehow automatically followed the Twitter accounts, @POTUS, @FLOTUS and @VP – now in the hands of the Trump administration – even though they had never followed the White House accounts, had unfollowed these accounts before the transition, or had the accounts blocked.As reported earlier, all the tweets from Obama s term as president were archived under the new Twitter account, @POTUS44, and his then 13 million-plus followers were also migrated.The account is up to over 14 million at the time of writing.In addition, Obama s followers were also set to automatically follow the new @POTUS account, now operated by the Trump team.It s possible that some of the Twitter complaints are related to a misunderstanding about how this transition process works.They may not have been aware that they were going to be auto-followed to Trump s @POTUS account when he took office.
A BBC Twitter account which claimed the US President Donald Trump had been shot was hacked, the media outlet said.BBC Northampton tweeted at 10.52am on Saturday 21 January : "Breaking News: President Trump is injured in arm by gunfire Inauguration."The post was immediately removed, but not before those believing the news had retweeted it.A BBC spokesman confirmed the account had been hacked and said: "We are investigating and taking steps to ensure this does not happen again.""We are investigating and taking steps to ensure this does not happen again."According to the news organisation, a US hacking group OurMine detected "unusual activity" on the Twitter account so decided to "re-hack" it.