Among other things, super-entrepreneur Elon Musk is known for his willingness to frankly weigh in on a range of topics, particularly regarding the nature of tomorrow.Now, some of his most striking words on the future of energy have been immortalized in an easy-to-follow video that may leave petroleum fans especially animated.Futurism has put together a quick cartoon illustrating some of Musk's key views on solar energy, which he reckons will wipe out oil before too long.Using audio and transcripts from one of the Telsa CEO's live events, the forward-facing site provides a visually enhanced version of his reasoning, including some simple math that even laypersons (and also Musk's gallant interviewer, despite his apparent uncertainty) can understand."You could power the entire United States with about, lets say, 150 to 200 square kilometers of solar panels," the toon-ified Musk explains."Take a corner of Utah.
But don’t be fooled by the speed at which these investments are being made: like any investment, there is significant behind-the-scenes due diligence that puts investors in a position to fully understand the upside and risk to their eSports investments.As with other emerging industries, the eSports industry presents a deep learning curve for outside investors.Rooting out the risks associated with investing in an eSports team requires that traditional legal due diligence be augmented by identification of what are unique industry-specific issues.Below is a non-exhaustive checklist of the more prevalent issues investors should consider prior to any investment into an eSports team.Esports teams can be organized as domestic (i.e., U.S.) companies, like a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC), international companies, like a German private company (GmbH), or as a group of individuals playing together under a common team name.Many eSports “teams” actually consist of multiple teams that play different games, compete in distinct tournaments and enjoy varied revenue streams – all while co-existing under a common team banner.
On December 15, 1791, when the U.S. government passed the first amendment and guaranteed freedom of speech, legislators were not thinking about Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant.But what about agents, smart digital assistants, and robots?As the field of artificial intelligence continues to grow and engineers pair it with natural language processing, we are increasingly seeing a voice-first future computer interface driven by intelligent assistants.Case in point: the November 2015 death of Victor Parris Collins.The accused murderer, James Bates, owned an Amazon Echo, and police were quick to request any recordings of conversations on the night of his death, as well as anything Alexa, the digital assistant Amazon embeds into the Echo, might have said.Amazon has pushed back — doubtless fearing a reduction in sales if Echo becomes known as a spy device in customers’ homes — and today filed a motion to quash a search warrant for any recordings from the time in question.
Last week, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler accused the company of sexual harassment and human resources negligence in a blog post.Other female engineers at Uber have responded to Kalanick’s addressing of the situation by noting that Uber as a company has a systemic problem with sexism embedded into its culture.So far, ewe know that the planets have a warm climate and rocky terrain, promising signs for water and therefore life.Waymo has filed suit against the Uber-owned self-driving trucking company Otto, on the accusation that Uber “misappropriated” trade secrets, and infringed upon its patents.Apple Park will open in Cupertino in April of this year and provide work space for 12,000 Apple employees.In addition to the new office space, Apple Park is also going to have a big theater with a thousand seats called the Steve Jobs Theater.
Not only are UK startups raising record amounts of funding year on year, but tech giants like Amazon are investing and doubling down on the UK economy, as if the mood music was taken straight from a dance scene in La La Land.Doug Gurr, Amazon’s UK country manager made it all sound pretty sexy, emphasising “all types of roles from flight-test engineers, software engineers and corporate managers” while fleetingly mentioning the “fulfilment roles in our fulfilment centres” when speaking to the FT.The move followed promises by other tech giants to double-down on the UK, seemingly undeterred by the uncertainty around Brexit.In November last year Google said it would hire an additional 3,000 people in its London office over the next few years.Soon after, Facebook said it would hire an extra 500 employees in the UK in 2017, boosting its British headcount by 50 per cent.The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), a policy group representing tech and digital startups, released two reports in quick succession.
China announced Friday that it has no intention of using currency devaluation for the benefit of commerce.china's announcement was in response to Us president Donald Trump's comments, in which he described the chinese of currency manipulation ”the grandmaster”, tells the Reuters news agency.Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuan said, in turn, hope that the united states considered "full and correct” exchange rate.”China has no intention to apply the foreign trade interests, but of the renminbi devalvoinnilla.the Renminbi continued devalvoinnilla there are no grounds”, Geng said.”If I have to attach a Chinese ”grandmaster” classification, so I think that China really is the grand master.
Sales dipped 2.6 per cent to 18.21 billion yuan (US$2.65 billion) in the fourth quarter, better than the 18.17 billion yuan consensus estimate of 16 analysts polled by Bloomberg.“We have largely completed our initiative to ensure that new and existing customers meet our stringent quality requirements,” Jennifer Li, chief financial officer of Baidu, said in a conference call following the release of the earnings report.Revenue in the fourth quarter resets our revenue base and we look forward to 2017 as a time of gradual recovery and growth.The advertising business is affected by clean up efforts in the short term, but Baidu’s value proposition to our customers remains strong,” she said.Competition for online advertising is intensifying in China, driven by two of the country’s largest providers of internet-related services.Alibaba Group Holdings, which operates the world’s largest online shopping platforms, is increasingly receiving revenue from advertisements on its Tmall and Taobao platforms.
The total download capacity for a single 5G cell must be at least 20Gbps, the International Telcommunication Union (ITU) has decided.In contrast, the peak data rate for current LTE cells is about 1Gbps.The incoming 5G standard must also support up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometre, and the standard will require carriers to have at least 100MHz of free spectrum, scaling up to 1GHz where feasible.Speaking of users... 5G must support at least 1 million connected devices per square kilometre (0.38 square miles).This might sound like a lot (and it is), but it sounds like this is mostly for the , rather than super-dense cities.When every traffic light, parking space, and vehicle is 5G-enabled, you'll start to hit that kind of connection density.
ZTE Corp has been granted a reprieve for the fifth time from United States export restrictions over the violation of long-standing trade sanctions on Iran.Shenzhen-based ZTE, China s largest listed telecommunications equipment supplier, said in a regulatory filing on Friday that the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce has extended the company s temporary general license to March 29.That represents the shortest reprieve granted by Washington to ZTE.The company had previously received four consecutive extensions, each of which were valid up to three months, since March 24.The latest filing followed ZTE s announcement last week that a settlement of the case was expected to result in penalties – including but not limited to a fine and other relevant liabilities under US laws – imposed on the company by relevant US government departments .The outcome of the settlement issues still remains uncertain, but will likely have a material impact on the financial conditions and operating results of the company, ZTE chairman Zhao Xianming said in that regulatory filing on February 14.
Well this could be a game changer for most of us living outside beautiful China!According to latest information it seems that Xiaomi plans to release the Xiaomi Mi MIX outside the country for the first time, and UAE will be the first in line to welcome the awesome tri-bezel less smartphone in their market.This comes as a bonus, to a recent confirmation by a Xiaomi official who was asked whether this is the start of a global roll out for the device and answered that“the Mi MIX will be making its way to other markets.”So for all of you Xiaomi fans in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), be prepared since the Mi MIX will be arriving there in March, priced at the equivalent of $816.50 USD, offered by online and retail outlets Etisalat and Carrefour.This is the first country that will be able to officialy sell the device, but soon, several more will be added – according to the Xiaomi official.Unfortunately Xiaomi will not take place in this year’s MWC, so we will have to wait until we have something official to report.Share this:TweetMorePocketShare on TumblrEmailPrint
Amazon is continuing to resist efforts from US police to obtain Alexa data that could prove to be useful for an ongoing murder investigation, Associated Press reports.The Seattle tech giant filed a motion last Friday — its first formal legal response on the issue — to prevent prosecutors in Arkansas from obtaining data that may have been collected by one of its Amazon Echo smart speakers.Police are investigating the death of Victor Collins, who was found floating face-up in a hot tub at a friend's house in Bentonville in November 2015.James Bates, the friend in question and the person that reported the death, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.He claims he was asleep in the early hours of the morning when the alleged murder is thought to have taken place.Amazon is arguing that the Benton County prosecutors haven't established that their investigation is more important than the privacy rights of its customers, while prosecutors claim that any captured audio could help them to identify who was present.Benton County prosecutors asked a court to force Amazon to hand over the data from Bates's Echo device that may or may not be on Amazon's servers and may or may not prove to be useful in the investigation.Responding to the request in a court filing, Amazon reportedly states that prosecutors hadn't established the need for Amazon to violate its customers' constitutional rights.Amazon believes that the prosecutors should have to prove that they can't find the information they're looking for anywhere else before it's forced to hand over any data."Given the important First Amendment and privacy implications at stake, the warrant should be quashed unless the Court finds that the State has met its heightened burden for compelled production of such materials," Amazon reportedly said in the court documents.Why detectives want Amazon to complyDetectives believe that music was being streamed to the back patio on the night of the alleged murder, possibly via Bates' Amazon Echo device.Amazon's Echo devices are programmed to "wake up" when they hear one of the three following words: Amazon, Echo, or Alexa.They record and store audio from a few seconds before the wake word is said until they deem the command to be over.The Echo devices don't record audio at any other times but sometimes they are accidentally awakened when they misinterpret a word for a wake word.
With mobile operators’ marketing departments already throwing around claims about their 5G services, the United Nations is weighing in with its definition of what qualifies a network as next-generation.Verizon Wireless will begin delivering “5G” service to select users in 11 U.S. cities in mid-2017, even though some places don’t yet have access to 4G.And at the Mobile World Congress 2017 trade show in Barcelona, companies including Intel, Qualcomm and Ericsson will be promoting their moves towards 5G.But what marks the difference between one generation of mobile technology and the next?There are 13 technical requirements for next-generation networks on the draft list published by the International Telecommunication Union, the UN agency that sets rules for radio spectrum usage and telecommunications interoperability.Among the requirements are peak download speeds of up to 20 gigabits per second and peak upload speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
With mobile operators' marketing departments already throwing around claims about their 5G services, the United Nations is weighing in with its definition of what qualifies a network as next-generation.Verizon Wireless will begin delivering "5G" service to select users in 11 U.S. cities in mid-2017, even though some places don't yet have access to 4G.And at the Mobile World Congress 2017 trade show in Barcelona, companies including Intel, Qualcomm and Ericsson will be promoting their moves towards 5G.But what marks the difference between one generation of mobile technology and the next?There are 13 technical requirements for next-generation networks on the draft list published by the International Telecommunication Union, the UN agency that sets rules for radio spectrum usage and telecommunications interoperability.Among the requirements are peak download speeds of up to 20 gigabits per second and peak upload speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
The company, which primarily makes Windows PCs for digital content creators, has brought the same cylindrical “hot air rises” concept to a system that’s hand-built by one person, using a custom-designed, Mac Pro-like case that’s made in the United States.That avoids situations you’ll sometimes find in a standard tower, like when heat from the GPU washes over the CPU, or when warm air has nowhere to go and forms pockets of heat.In a production environment that requires hauling around a computer, we’d much rather deal with this than a heavy tower.The other benefits of the Circular’s design are that it takes up less space, and runs cool and quiet with just a single fan.The cylindrical tower measures 15 inches tall and 12 inches across, and sports a single 140mm fan (plus a filter) at the very bottom.CPU cooler (the only other fan in the system), 32GB of Crucial DDR4/2133 RAM, a Gigabyte GTX 1070 GPU, a Silverstone 500W PSU, a 480GB Intel 540 series SATA boot drive, and a512GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2 PCIe NVMe drive.The bulk of the ports, including two USB 2.0, four USB 3.0, and two USB Type-A 3.1 ports, as well as gigabit ethernet, face upward from inside the Circular’s top opening.
Ruben Harris is a professional cellist and a recovering investment banker who now leads partnerships in San Francisco for Honor, a healthcare startup focused on seniors.He is also a founder of the Breaking Into Startups podcast.At the same time that a new President is stepping into the oval office to lead the United States roughly 4000 other government workers are leaving their jobs.Employers tend to categorize these individuals into policy or legal categories when they think about hiring.However, what folks don t realize is that people in government are organizers and hustlers with deep industry knowledge with skills that are applicable across the tech industry.They re people like Jotaka Eaddy, Head of Government affairs at Lend Up.
Last summer I was in Italy and visited a 500-year-old famous glass-blowing factory in Murano, near Venice.Their work is known throughout the world and is exquisite in terms of shape, color, design, beauty and uniqueness.I purchased two glass paintings and a large glass replica of a sailboat.A month later, three large crates were delivered by Federal Express to my Condo in the U.S.According to U.S. Customs, I owed the United States almost $600 for import duty notwithstanding the representations by the highly-reputable dealer in Italy.They wanted another 6% use tax of the value of all purchases because they believe that everyone should buy everything from merchants within our state.
The Trump administration has prioritized repealing the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a set of rules by the U.S. EPA aimed at limiting pollution from power plants.New analysis shows that repealing the rule would cost the U.S. economy hundreds of billions of dollars, add more than a billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and cause more than 100,000 premature deaths due to inhaled particulate pollution.Energy Innovation utilized the Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) to analyze the effects of repealing the CPP.The EPS is an open-source computer model developed to estimate the economic and emissions effects of various combinations of energy and environmental policies using non-partisan, published data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), U.S. EPA, Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Forest Service, and U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, among others.The EPS has been peer reviewed by experts at MIT, Stanford University, Argonne National Laboratory, Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.Our analysis compared a business-as-usual (BAU) scenario (based on existing policies as of mid-to-late 2016, not including the Clean Power Plan) to a scenario that includes a set of policies that narrowly achieve the Clean Power Plan’s mass-based emissions targets.
This week, the chip giant announced a new LTE modem -- called the XMM 7560 -- which crucially supports CDMA technology, or code division multiple access, a cellular technology used in some LTE networks.It will be Intel's fifth LTE modem and the first that theoretically supports download speeds of more than one gigabit per second on LTE networks.United States carriers Verizon and Sprint still rely on CDMA in their networks.For years, Qualcomm had been the sole provider of the iPhone's cellular modems -- the chip which enables the smartphone to talk to cellular networks around the world.But last September, Intel, struggling to find its place in mobile, finally made its way into one of the most important consumer electronic products on the market.Intel said it's sampling the modem to customers in the first half of this year and will move into production soon after.
Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp has been granted a fresh reprieve from export restrictions imposed on it by the US government.In an online posting on Thursday, the US Commerce Department said it has extended ZTE s temporary export license until March 29.The extension allows US companies to continue to supply the Chinese company with components as it seeks to resolve a US government probe of alleged violations of US sanctions on Iran.
Investigations into reported collisions by drones with civil aircraft found that they were caused instead by birds, wires and posts, or structural failures unrelated to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), a U.S. regulator said.There has been widespread concern about the risks that the flying of drones close to aircraft can pose, and the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday that reports of “possible” drone sightings to FAA air traffic facilities continued to increase in fiscal year 2016.There were 1,274 such reports of drone sightings from February through September last year, compared with 874 for the same period in 2015, the FAA said in a statement.Some of these sightings could have also been of birds mistaken for drones, according to analysts.The agency added that although the data contained several reports of pilots claiming drone strikes on their aircraft, the FAA has not verified any collision between a civil aircraft and a civil drone to date.The FAA’s approach to the integration of UAS into the national airspace system has been very cautious, disappointing many businesses that have planned deliveries using drones with having to keep every UAS within an operator’s line of sight.