p The United States bests most nations when it comes to exploring outer space, curing disease, and designing lighter, thinner smartphones.But when it comes to weather prediction, America lags behind a European prediction model that does a better job at telling us how warm or cold it will be three to 10 days out.A lack of computing power, scrimpy research budgets, and an overworked National Weather Service are the prime reasons for this forecast gap.And as the White House considers new leadership for the agency that manages the weather service—and slashing its budget—many scientists, weather experts, and meteorologists worry that this gap might widen.“It’s gotten to the point that most meteorologists are just discounting the American models, especially for more than three days,” says Doug Kammerer, chief meteorologist at NBCUniversal’s WRC-TV in Washington, DC.Weather pros like Kammerer sometimes have to make a judgment call when the American and European models disagree.
p It was a chilly January night in Las Vegas as Danny Bowman and I hopped on our LeEco smart bikes in a dim parking lot of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.The chief revenue officer of LeEco -- an enigmatic Chinese company positioned as one part Samsung, one part Netflix and many parts unbridled ambition -- had spent the last 30 minutes up in one of MGM's pricey Skyline suites trying to convince me about the legitimacy of the company's US strategy.But it was the fifth day of CES 2017, and I just wanted to race.It just so happened that LeEco had unveiled a smart mountain and road bike at the conference, complete with a 4-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and laser beams (yep, lasers) that shot out of the handlebars.Bowman, who regularly biked with his colleagues near LeEco's office in San Jose, California, was more than game.Over the next few months, however, the victories would be harder to come by at LeEco.
president of the United states Donald Trump wants to cut U.S. government spending hard hand.Trump a 10 year period, driving the cuts would be 3.6 trillion, or 3 600 billion usd, told the Reuters news agency.Reuters Trump plans to target savings, particularly of the poor to health care and food programs.Trump's management intends according to sources, will ask the republican-dominated congress to approve the cuts.the Cuts are not expected to go through in congress.Trump's proposal, however, stress what are the Trump highlighted by the fact budget fact.
the United states justice department bring a civil action against the car company Fiat Chrysleriä against the diesel car emissions is a hoax.the Matter told Reuters news agency the two-source basis.according to Sources, the action is due to leave officially on Tuesday.the Action according to the Italian-american car company has used the emission limits of the crossing to allow the software 104 000 diesel car in 2014-2016.Fiat Chrysler has so far not commented on the information.USA ministry of the environment, according to the company's cars was used in the program, which received emission display tests the usual smaller.
Us president Donald Trump wants to sell half of the country's makeshift for oil reserves in the SPR (Strategic Petroleum Reserve), showing Trump's first budget proposal.the News agency Bloomberg and the economic newspaper, the Financial Times says Trump's goal is to improve the reserve oil sales to the Us economy.the Us department of energy, according to the Us strategic reserve is more than 687 million barrels of oil in Texas and Louisiana located in storage places.the Reserve would be used, if the united states would face large, unexpected accident for example, or a natural disaster.Budjettiehdoutuksessa states that the oil stock sale would start already in 2018.the first year it collected $ 500 million and over the next decade, a total of up to 16.6 billion bucks.
p today revealed that it’s giving brands more multimedia features to encourage one-on-one conversations within promoted tweets, including video, interactive images and questions-based bots.Called Direct Message Cards, the feature can involve up to four, custom, call-to-action buttons that send users to direct messages with the brand.Additionally, it can be used in organic tweets.One of the launch brands, Patrón Tequila, is running promoted tweets in the United States that utilize a “Bot-Tender,” which offers personalized recommendations based on responses to consumer inquiries about entertaining guests, cocktail flavors and emojis.The bot can suggest hundreds of drinks combinations from Patrón’s Cocktail lab, depending on the Twitter user’s query.“Twitter is the perfect platform to create unique, simple-yet-compelling moments that connect with audiences during this journey, in real time,” Adrian Parker, vp, marketing at Patrón Spirits Company, said in a statement.
p The Washington Examiner is the latest publication to commence an exploration of the towns and cities that went for Trump during the 2016 elections, i.e.The project is called exactly that, and will feature reporting from deputy commentary editor Daniel Allott and his documentary filmmaker brother Jordan Allott as they write about residents of nine counties, from both swing and safe states, that went red on 2016’s electoral map.up, and will be followed subsequently by Erie County in Pennsylvania, Macomb County in Michigan, Coos County in New Hampshire, Volusia County in Florida, Orange County in California, Salt Lake County in Utah, Howard County in Iowa and Trempealeau County in Wisconsin.Each county will have its own set of stories–there are currently six for Robeson County–but the Allott brothers will be updating and adding stories to each country after they debut on the site.The stories will look at the reception of different groups within those counties to the president, tracking a trajectory that began with the election and will continue throughout his term as he introduces new orders and policy.The idea was broached by Daniel and Jordan Allott and met with enthusiasm by editorial leadership.
p LeEco, often called the "Netflix of China," is in the news again, and again it is because another disaster has befallen the company.After announcing a $2 billion merger with TV-maker Vizio and then canceling it, as well as purchasing a Silicon Valley property from Yahoo and then selling it, LeEco's rapid expansion to the US is now rapidly unwinding.CNBC reports that more than 85 percent of LeEco's US staff is being laid off.It cites one source as saying "only 60 employees will be left" after cuts to the 500-strong US workforce are made.CNBC obtained an e-mail calling for an ominous all-hands meeting for this afternoon, where the move will no doubt be explained to employees.The report says the remaining 60 people will be tasked with "encouraging Chinese-American consumers to watch LeEco's Chinese content library."
p Telco argues payment isn't covered by reorg schemeThe widow of an Avaya employee has said the troubled UK telco should not terminate her death benefits following its bankruptcy filing in January.Avaya had told the bankruptcy court that survivor payments are not a benefit covered under its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.It said the Survivorship Benefit is a pension, not death, benefit, despite the fact it was triggered by the death of her husband, Stephan Clark, because the Supplemental Plan merely "transfers her husband's pension benefit to her upon his death".However, Marlene Clark argued that the payment should be treated as a welfare benefit, and as such should be protected."Given Mrs Clark's case on the merits, it is astonishing that [Avaya] and their advisors thought it advisable to terminate Surviving Spouses' death benefits under the Supplemental Plan postpetition without prior Court authorisation," said the submission on behalf of Clark.
p We finally saw what the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon looks like at the New York Auto Show this year, and now we know how much it will cost.For a paltry $84,995 (plus $1,095 for destination), you, too, can snatch up one of the 3,000 Demons coming to the United States.The Camaro ZL1, starts at $61,140, and its higher-performance 1LE variant starts at $69,995 including destination.However, none of these cars can touch the Demon for straight-line, quarter-mile supremacy, or even 0-60 mph prowess.Nearly $85,000 may seem like quite an ask for Dodge, but the way I see it, it's giving Demon owners a bit of a break -- you can't get anywhere near this kind of performance for the money elsewhere.And on top of that, the serialized Demon Crate, with all the drag-strip goodies you could ever want (including narrow front-runner wheels, a performance powertrain module that unleashes all 840 horsepower and 770 pound-feet of torque from that 6.2-liter V8 engine, and a bunch of tools to put it all together), will be available to Demon customers for just $1 (actual retail value: $6,140).
p Sony Music US Latin is working with Landmrk, a company that handles location-based, digital initiatives, to mobilise musician Shakira’s global fanbase with the incentive of unlocking 'treasure' telling the story behind the music.Fans are put on ‘The Search For El Dorado’, an initiative in which they are guided to 890 hotspots (or landmarks) across 99 countries, baited with the promise of unlocking new El Dorado content and experiences.The album, which comes out 26 May, may attract a sizeable social media footprint – that can only help contribute to sales as a result of the engagement and exposure; forget not that the artist is the best-selling South American singer, boasting two YouTube music videos that have received in excess of one billion views, and has over 45 million followers on Twitter and 2 million on Facebook.UK hotspots include London’s Hyde Park, Brighton Pier and St Andrew’s Square in Edinburgh.Ricardo Chamberlain, digital marketing manager, Sony Music US Latin, said: “We know location campaigns are the ideal way to get fans all over the world actively involved in projects while also providing them with rewards for doing so.”Seth Jackson, chief executive of Landmrk, added: “Our adaptable platform empowers brands to build something tailored to them and their audiences.
p “Life is easier on iPhone,” Apple declares on a newly unveiled web page meant to woo Android users to switch./p p The iPhone maker is also throwing in an offer for trading in an old Android for up to $260 credit toward a new iPhone, which it describes as “the world’s most loved smartphone” — if it does say so itself./p p Apple’s new push comes a couple of weeks after it reported a 1 percent decline in iPhone sales in the second quarter compared with the same period a year ago, although revenue from the iPhone rose./p p Sales of iPhones had been declining over the past few quarters before they rebounded during the first quarter, which included the holidays./p p Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company’s earnings call earlier this month that would-be iPhone buyers might be holding off on buying new phones amid high expectations about the company’s release of a 10th anniversary iPhone this fall./p p The web page touts the following as the iPhone’s selling points: its camera, its speed, its privacy protection, its customer support from “real human beings” and more.
p This news suggests that you may not be able to buy LeEco's hardware products in the U.S. for much longer.It looks like LeEco’s big bet on expansion into the U.S. may not have paid off in quite the manner the company expected.The Chinese firm is reportedly prepping for a massive round of layoffs on Tuesday, May 23, according to a report from CNBC.The report notes that only 60 percent of the company’s U.S. workforce will be left after the round of cuts.According to CNBC’s source, its current U.S. workforce sits in at over 500 employees.The report also cites an email calling employees to a “Town Hall” meeting that is supposed to occur at its locations in San Diego, San Jose, and Santa Monica, all in California, and that all employees are being told to attend unless they have pre-approved time off.
p Microsoft has accused a Chinese gaming website of hacking Xbox accounts, using stolen payment card data to purchase rare items and selling the proceeds on the open market.In a complaint filed in the US District Court in the Northern District of California on Friday (19 May), Microsoft alleges that gaming website iGSKY has been "reaping millions of dollars in illicit profits from their illegal enterprise" since at least July 2015.IGSKY offers players the opportunity to buy cheap in-game credits and rare items for various games including Fifa titles, Grand Theft Auto 5, Poke mon Go, Madden NFL games , Forza Hoizon 3 and Final Fantasy 14.The site then sold access to these compromised accounts along with the fraudulently obtained in-game credits via iGSKY, the company alleged.From December 2016 to January 2017, Microsoft's investigators successfully made six test purchases of Xbox accounts with in-game credits.In one test purchase described by investigator Jeremy Beckley, Microsoft's team purchased 11,000 Fifa points via iGSKY and paid $59.79 (£46.04) to parent company Gameest through PayPal.
p This shows the risks racing drivers take, and how quickly things can go south during a race.Among the many forms of motor sports, rallying is one of the most dramatic to watch.Because not only do cars travel at high speeds across the ground, they occasionally leave it.Epic jumps are a big part of rally driving.Meaning, sometimes the car lands on all four wheels and drives on, and sometimes it crashes to the Earth like the Skoda Fabia World Rally Championship-2 car in this video.Seeing a potential jump opportunity, driver Quentin Gilbert pegged the throttle and launched himself and co-driver Renaud Jamoul into the air.
p /p p class "bwalignc" RedZone MapTM to Integrate Facial Recognition Technology with Its Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Solution to Enhance Situational Awareness /p p /p p MIAMI & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 23, 2017– /p p Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. (NASDAQ:HMNY) and RedZone, creator of the RedZone Map navigation app, a tool for situational awareness and enhancement of personal safety, announced today that Helios and Matheson Analytics has acquired global licensing rights to IsItYou’s facial recognition technology in the field of crime and terrorism for integration with RedZone Map./p p id "news-body-cta" This Smart News Release features multimedia.View the full release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170523005808/en/ /p p RedZone plans to integrate RedZone Map’s artificial intelligence technology and proprietary real-time crime database with IsItYou’s facial recognition technology.Through the integration of IsItYou and RedZone Map, RedZone plans to enable RedZone Map users to identify persons whose image they are able to capture on the user’s smartphone camera or video, if the identification can be obtained through RedZone’s available data sources and artificial intelligence technology./p p In the future, RedZone plans to develop the capability of delivering real-time notifications of criminally active individuals in a user’s area – such as large events or public spaces, by seeking permitted access to publicly located surveillance cameras operated by private enterprises or government entities./p p RedZone expects that the integration of IsItYou’s facial recognition technology with RedZone’s real time crime map will further enhance the personal safety of its users in the United States and internationally.
p Update: Kodak and Bullitt Group are bringing the Kodak Ektra to the U.S. with a lower price tag and an improved camera.It’s an Android phone with a giant 21-megapixel cam on the rear, and it’s built to mimic a point-and-shoot camera.The company announced the phone in October 2016, and the phone is actually made by a tech company called Bullitt Group.The Kodak Ektra has been available in Europe for a few months already, but the company is finally bringing it to the U.S.The shutter lag fix comes via a software update, which will be issued to European devices as well, and it will also bring several other new features and improvements such as RAW file support, improved face detection performance, and enhanced low-light performance.Everything about the Kodak Ektra is meant to revive nostalgia of Kodak’s “Ektra” camera from the 1940s — notably the leather finish on the back of the smartphone.
p Chinese company LeEco is set to layoff almost all of its US-based staff tomorrow, according to sources, as it restructures both its business and its focus to stave off total failure of its US brand.Sources say that out of the 500 or so US employees LeEco currently employs, only 60 will be left.The meetings will be taking place in Santa Monica, San Diego, and San Jose via WebEx, according to the screenshot of the email.Sources speaking to the publication state that LeEco will announced US-based layoff tomorrow in all likelihood, but if not then, it will in coming days.The sources go on to talk about LeEco’s planned refocus, one that will ‘encourage’ Chinese-Americans to utilize the company’s streaming content library, the product with which LeEco first launched in China.The company has since branched out into hardware, offering 4K smart TVs and smartphones to consumers in the US.
p Samsung’s Galaxy S ‘Active’ series promises to bring flagship performance to a rugged body, but not everyone wants to spend top dollar on a phone they’re planning to treat mean, regardless of its ability to withstand punishment.With that in mind, LG has today announced the LG X Active, an affordable rugged smartphone built to withstand the perils of the great outdoors.The device, which appears to be an exclusive to the AT network (via Android Authority) in the United States delivers IP68 (water resistance of 1.5m for 30 minutes) and MIL-STD 810 military standard certification.Related: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6It promises a 5.2-display coated in Gorilla Glass (no word on which version) and promises a 4100mAh battery life, which can charge from 0-100% in just two hours.That display also offers a handy glove mode that’ll enable it to be used while wearing gloves up to 2mm in thickness.
p It seemed like it was yesterday when Chinese manufacturer Oppo unveiled the R9s and R9s Plus, with the former getting solid praise when we reviewed it in March.Fast forward to today, and it appears that Oppo will soon announce the R11 and R11 Plus, given their certification by TENAA.Likely the R9s’ and R9s Plus’ successors, the R11 and R11 Plus will feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 660 processor.Both phones will feature the same dual-camera setup, with a 16 MP and 20 MP tandem that delivers 2x optical zoom with help from the image signal processor in the Snapdragon 660.You will find no fancy dual-camera setup around front, though the 20 MP sensor hopes to still deliver solid selfies.The R11 and R11 Plus will also feature a fingerprint sensor below the display, with Android 7.1 Nougat covered by Oppo’s Color OS the star of the show.