Neuro Max is a dietary supplement that aims at improving your cognitive and brain health.It is made up of organic ingredients that are perfectly safe for daily consumption.The manufacturer of this product is Metabolic Response Modifiers which are commonly known as MRM.
iOS developer Brian Mueller’s Carrot Weather app has won numerous awards and features in Apple’s App Store for making it fun to check the day’s forecasts.It’s finally made its way to Google Play so Android users can enjoy its hilarious approach to bringing you weather information.Sure, you can see plenty of data at a glance, follow storms, and check forecasts for the several days ahead, just like most other such apps – but Carrot sets itself apart with ridiculous dialogue that insults you while telling you about the weather and guiding you through the interface.It’s silly, but there’s something about hearing a robotic voice exclaim, “These clouds can go fuck themselves,” on a rainy day, that makes you feel like your weather app knows what’s up.There are other little niceties like graphics that change along with the weather, and a simple little game that challenges you to find locations on a world map while poking fun at your lack of intelligence.Ponying up for the premium tier ($3.99 a year) unlocks a home screen widget and access to historical weather data dating back 70 years.
Intel, one of the grand old statesmen of the tech world, is under investigation for potential age discrimination in its approach to layoffs initiated in 2016, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.At the heart of the matter is the perception and allegation that Intel sought to get rid of older employees and retain younger ones instead.That’s good for the company, as older workers tend to be better paid, more aware and assertive of their rights, and more likely to have families and make use of company benefits — but such age bias is not something that US employers are allowed to engage in.Two years ago, when announcing its layoffs and restructuring, Intel indicated that it would be a process that stretches into 2017 and would involve a mix of voluntary and involuntary redundancies.The WSJ reports that “dozens of former employees sought legal advice on whether they could sue” and some of them lodged complaints with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), whose documentation of the Journal has seen.For its part, Intel maintains that “factors such as age, race, national origin, gender, immigration status, or other personal demographics were not part of the process when we made those decisions.” And yet, the WSJ’s review of Intel’s own internal documents reveals that in one set of 2,300 layoffs, the median age was 49 years old, seven years older than the median age of the remaining staff.
Crunchy - munchy balls recipe is a delicious and tasty dish that your child will eat veggies that might normally refuse. This snacks recipe is made with the goodness of veggies and spices which goes according to your tastes buds. There are many vegetarian recipes but veg kurkure balls recipe is yummy yet healthier snacks will be ready in a jiffy and will be surely loved by your children. It is perfect for your kid’s tiffin box as well as evening snacks recipe. Kissan sweet and the spicy sauce add an amazing flavour and bring out the authentic tastes to the dish.
 If you are seeking ahead to buy an Electric Vehicle Home Charger, you are on the right track.This electric charger has potential to charge 3 times speedier than the ordinary 10A household socket or Level 1 cord set.These chargers have come into existence after realizing the high demand for electric vehicles.These are demanded by the eminent automotive brands like Kia, Nissan, Ford, Fiat, and more in the list as it offers minimum charging times over the ordinary chargers.Hence, EV is ideal for dealerships and service locations as these are portable and users can use it anywhere, therefore no need to choose a specific place for charging.Where can Electric Vehicles (EV) applicable?EV can use at any place in the house as these are safer enough to use in the front of infants because designed by the veteran professionals leave no sign of damage while or without use.These are made by the ways of security and safety measures, therefore, these can install at workshops or garages without any worry of risk.Precise and ideal design: The EV chargers are made by using the combat design that you can use regardless of any particular place.Safe for all purposes: Designed via the usage of RCSP safety, users can confidently use it any region even crowded because those are absolutely secure.Available in dynamic alternatives with rapid charging: These are designed by using single or three phase and charging alternatives such as 3.7kW (1ph) to 22kW (3ph).Straightforward installation: The installation process of EV home charger is not complicated.
Players could swing lightsabers around (badly), speed off in pod-racers (badly), and, most bizarrely of all, take part in Star Wars-themed dances (also badly) set to real-life pop ditties tweaked to have Star Wars lyrics.From the “Empire Today” to “Princess in a Battle,” Kinect Star Wars’ dancing minigame is home to some of the most absurd auditory mishmashes of Star Wars and popular culture, but none are more legendary than “I’m Han Solo,” heavily lifted from the Jason Derulo classic “Ridin’ Solo.” Please listen, and be amazed (or horrified):The infamy of “I’m Han Solo” has outlived any other memory of Kinect Star Wars, the embodiment of everything that makes the game a black mark in already pretty dodgy history of Star Wars gaming.It’s meme-power is so potent, this week Select All published an in-depth interview with Kevin Afflack, a music producer on Kinect Star Wars, trying to uncover just how such a bizarre song was made in the first place.But the story of “I’m Han Solo” is so much more than the hows and whys, it’s in the meaning we can derive from its insightful mediations on the psyche of Han himself.And so, to celebrate its depth, I — a man with an actual degree in English Literature — will now offer a literary analysis of this legendary song, a tale of trauma and identity.
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Acer at its 2018 annual keynote event held recently in New York City, announced a plethora of products including the Acer Swift 5 Laptop.Specially designed for those who prefers portable and lightweight devices without sacrificing power, Acer says the Swift 15 laptop is the lightest 15-inch laptop in the world.The company says it was able to cut down on the Gadget’s weight courtesy of an all-new compound material used for the laptop’s base and lid.The chassis is mostly made of the magnesium-lithium alloy, an apparently ultra-light metal compound, while a magnesium-aluminium alloy is used on the palm rest area for extra sturdiness.With a weight of 2.2 pounds (1kg), the Acer Swift 5 features a 15-inch full HD IPS touchscreen fitted into a 14-inch chassis with minimal bezels measuring about 5.87mm (0.23 inches) resulting to about 87.6 percent screen-to-body ratio.The laptop comes with the Acer Acer Color Intelligence technology and Acer BluelightShield technology which helps adjust gamma, colour saturation in real time and adjusting of the screen’s blue-light emission over extended periods of use.
In light of the recent sanctions against ZTE, Tencent has pledged to work to build China’s own chip and semi-conductor industry.Reuters reports that Tencent’s leadership called the recent actions against ZTE a “wake-up” call and said that Chinese firms should not have to rely solely upon foreign suppliers.“The recent ZTE incident made everyone more clearly realize that however advanced one may be in mobile payment, without the mobile, the chips and the operating system, you still cannot compete,” said Tencent’s Pony Ma.Tencent, a Chinese gaming and social media company, is one of Asia’s most valuable firms, and it operates the popular WeChat app.Tencent’s efforts could include using the data collected from WeChat to help Chinese chip makers come up with better chips or encourage WeChat app developers to use chips made in China when developing their software.Ma said that he would like for Tencent to get involved with making chips itself, but admitted that was a bit outside the company’s area of expertise.
It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US, which also marks the unofficial start of summer (at least in my book).And summer means sweltering heat from which there is but one relief: it’s the cool, refreshing breeze from an air conditioner.And while there’s nothing exactly wrong with my current, window-mounted AC unit (which I got in college in exchange for a six-pack of beer in what might be the best trade I’ve ever made), after making the switch over to smart lights in my room, I can’t help but want a smart air conditioner.Most of this just stems from pure laziness.I’ll admit that I was, for years, skeptical about the value of smart lightbulbs, right up until I bought a set on a deal and discovered the unparalleled joy in being able to turn off the lights in my room without getting out of bed.There are added benefits, too, like being able to automatically set lights on a timer.
A robot submarine operated by researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) discovered the remains of the San José, a Spanish galleon that was sunk more than three hundred years ago.The REMUS 6000, an autonomous underwater vehicle, discovered the wreck in nearly 2,000 feet of water off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia.The location of the shipwreck had been an ongoing maritime mystery, speculated about by historians and searched for by treasure hunters for decades.The discovery was made in 2015, but the WHOI just recently received authorization to release the details about the discovery.The 13-foot-long REMUS 6000 is designed for deep-water operations, with a maximum depth of 3.73 miles.“The REMUS 6000 was the ideal tool for the job, since it’s capable of conducting long-duration missions over wide areas,” said expedition leader Mike Purcell.
Witness the majesty and madness of the Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept, an oddball one-off created especially to show off the talents of Honda UK’s engineers.It’s the handiwork of a specialist team from the Product Engineering department, based at the Honda of the UK Manufacturing factory in Swindon.Codenamed “Project P” it’s based on a pre-production version of the Civic Type R hatchback, but with a body-style you might more typically expect to find on American, not British, roads.Things get crazy from the B-pillars back.The rear seats and the trunk have been removed altogether, replaced by a flat loading area as you’d expect from a pickup.Honda’s engineers have kept the huge rear wing, however; it’s been made movable, so that the bed can still be accessed.
The first pictures of Brie Larson filming as Captain Marvel made waves, not just because they gave us our first look at the character in live action, but because her famous costume came in some surprising colours.But now the new movie suit has officially made its way to Marvel Comics’ canon.Marvel has released a preview for next week’s Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel, a one-shot tie in to the company’s ongoing build up to its big, Infinity-Stone-focused summer event.In the lead up to the event, the stones have made their presence known in the Marvel Universe once again, in the hands of various different Marvel Heroes and villains — and Carol has the Reality Stone, which grants her the unfathomable power of being to communicate with the parallel, co-existing realities of the Marvel Multiverse.Or rather, specifically, with the Captain Marvels of the Multiverse, who also all hold their respective reality’s Reality Stone.Except, as the preview for Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel — by Jim McCann, Diego Olortegui, Erick Arciniega, and Clayton Cowles — shows, Carol’s using this vast power for what is basically the equivalent of a Captain-Marvel-Only group chat.
OnePlus once again made magic with the OnePlus 6, a phone whose performance-for-value was good enough to snag a rare CNET Editors Choice award.The power of OnePlus, a Chinese brand out of Shenzhen, isn't that it's crested the pinnacle of mobile design and performance.A battery life of 15 and a half hours is a pretty good score in CNET's phone tests, where we loop video in airplane mode until every last bit of power dries up.When an hour and a half can make all the difference between having connection or not when you're out late, this battery backsliding is a big deal.Portrait mode on the OnePlus 6 is great.Arriving late with promised features doesn't just string buyers along; it casts doubt over the feature's quality.
If you've been in a large crowded place with a fair amount of security, you've probably seen bomb-sniffing dogs at work.Dogs have long been used for detecting contraband and explosives, but attackers have made advances in body-worn explosive technology, forcing law enforcement to evolve too.Because this technique is so specialized, the dogs involved must undergo intensive training from a young age.So before investing in that two-year process, behavioral researchers at Auburn University (where the Vapor Wake training technique was originally developed) want to know if they can identify the behavioral and neurological indicators of which puppies will make good Vapor Wake dogs.To do that, they're putting really cute puppies in fMRI machines."The best dogs, the ones that become the Vapor Wake dogs, by about six months and sometimes as early as three months we start seeing differences between those dogs and the dogs that don’t graduate to that same level," says Jeffrey Katz, a cognitive behavioral researcher at Auburn who is leading the research into Vapor Wake puppies.
With Apple expected to reveal some of the big features of iOS 12 in a couple of weeks' time, there's some advance news on what one of those features might be: the ability to use your iPhone as a secure door key for a hotel room, thanks to the magic of Near Field Communication (NFC).That's just one of the potential uses of the technology, which is being opened up to developers in iOS 12, according to The Information.Apps not made by Apple were given a limited amount of access to the iPhone NFC chip with iOS 11, but apparently a lot of the restrictions are going to be lifted, letting developers build more advanced features.Like, for example, tapping on your hotel room door lock to get inside (something you can already do with an Apple Watch).The NFC chip is currently used for Apple Pay, and it could also be used to let you into your car or to pay for your ride on public transit.Which phones will get it?
Diamonds is the strongest naturally occurring material on Earth.It is also renowned for its incomparable properties, such as high stiffness, exceptional thermal conductivity, high chemical resistance, and high optical transparency.Although these remarkable properties of diamond make it highly desirable for many scientific and technological applications, progress has been slow due to its brittleness.A recent study, affiliated with UNIST has unveiled that brittle diamonds can be bent and stretched elastically when made into ultrafine needles.This breakthrough has been jointly conducted by Distinguished Professor Feng Ding's team from the Center for Multidimensional Carbon Materials (CMCM), within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) at UNIST, in collaboration with an international team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), City University of Hong Kong, and Nanyang Technological University.The team demonstrated that their nanoscale diamond needles could flex and stretch by as much as nine percent without breaking, then return to their original shape.
As the world evolves to embrace smaller living spaces, new travel trailers, and RVs spring up around the country.Others were made for families to live luxuriously, like Airstream’s new Globetrotter.Certain trailers really catch the eye while alternatives feature unique functionality, such as the Escapod Topo Series which was built for rugged terrain.The Land Ark company introduces one of the craziest travel trailers we’ve seen yet — Drake, serving as a combined exquisite modern living experience and off-the-grid home.Drake features two lofts and a flex room that you can customize to meet your needs.The trailer provides for more than 350 square feet of space including the lofts — one which fits a king mattress and a secondary that fits a queen.
If Alexa’s “butt dialing” this week has made you paranoid about your Echo, you’re not alone, but luckily there’s a way to prevent inadvertent eavesdropping by the smart speaker.As one family of Echo owners discovered, to their horror, Alexa can mis-hear commands and accidentally share a private conversation with a random contact.Disappointingly, while Amazon makes it exceedingly easy to turn on Alexa communications and synchronize your contacts with the virtual assistant, actually disabling it and deleting your contacts is a lot tougher.When you enable Alexa calling, it automatically sucks the contacts stored on your phone or tablet and synchronizes them with Amazon’s system.Periodically, Alexa will check your address book and update its records accordingly.From the Alexa app, it at first looks as though you can go through each Echo smart speaker and disable communications individually.
Get ready for more adventure, drama and sex in space.Thanks to Amazon, the highly-praised sci-fi series The Expanse will return the TV.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a surprise announcement that his company will air the next season of the hit show, during the International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles on Friday night, according to the Hollywood Reporter."I was talking to the cast half an hour ago, before the break for dinner started," Bezos said on stage at the conference."I was telling them that we are working hard at Amazon to save The Expanse but it wasn't a done deal yet.During dinner, ten minutes ago, I just got word that The Expanse is saved."