Multientreprenören Elon Musk has so far not started any pure robotföretag but it is not impossible that it takes place in the future judging by his recent tweet.On Twitter, type Musk that he should build a cyborgdrake without going into the detail of what it actually is about.A cyborg consists of both organic and mechanical body parts which makes me suspect that Musk, in fact, planning to build a robotdrake.But it is just speculation from my side.anyway, I can feel that it is about time that someone gets hold of such an important project and I look forward to getting out a little more about Musks future kite-surfing plans.
It is now clear that the japanese SoftBank to buy up the Alphabets robotföretag Boston Dynamics, which it bought in 2013, when the company still went under the name of Google.Ever since last year it has been rumored that the Alphabet has been looking for buyers of Boston Dynamics, the company that, among other things, develop the humanoid and four-legged robots Big dog, Cheeta, Spot and Atlas, due to profitability problems.for A while the data did allege that Toyota would buy the company but now it was another japanese company that eventually became the owner of robotföretaget.SoftBank is no beginner when it comes to robots, and has, through its subsidiary, SoftBank Robotics, former Aldebaran Robotics, they developed advanced robots Nao and Pepper.What SoftBank is paying for Boston Dynamics, there is no information at this time.
the Piaggio Group, the company which owns Vespa, has developed this robotväskan that it calls for the Gita, which perhaps makes it a bit less of a hassle when you're going out and travel.the Bag should be able to navigate fully autonomously if there are maps available of the area it is in, or can be set so that the bag simply just following its owner.You can pack your bag with 18 kilos of luggage and it has a top speed of 35 kilometres an hour which means that you can use it for example, if you are on a bike.Exactly when the Gita is released to the consumer, or what it will cost is currently unknown.Piaggios robotföretag Piaggio Fast Forward will, however, present the Gita a little closer to the 2 February so probably we get maybe a little more clarity on it then.
the Future of the bag is a robot.the Robot has already started to vacuum our home.Now, it wants to move into our suitcases.If R2-D2 were a suitcase, it is not impossible that it would remind of the Travelmate.Behind the Travelmate is a robotföretag in San Francisco.They have made a prototype of a suitcase you do not have to carry or drive yourself.
in 2013, Google bought up the two robotföretagen Boston Dynamics and SHAFT but it has for a long time been rumored that Google's parent company wants to divest a part of its robotdivision because of that you do not see how these should be able to be profitable in the short term.According to the japanese newspaper Nikkei it will be Toyota that will take over the american Boston Dynamics and japanese SHAFT.the Deal will not be completely finished yet but it looks as if the both companies and its around 300 employees soon will have new owners.Whether the Alphabet will leave robotbranschen completely, there is no data.However, it seems that the Alphabets robotföretag brought a right languishing since Andy Rubin left Google in autumn 2014.Toyota has for a long time invested in the different types of robots and perhaps they are better at managing knowledge within the Boston Dynamics and the SHAFT than what the Alphabet/Google has been.