Recent examples include Audeze’s incredible LCD-3 planar magnetic headphones and Shure’s breakthrough KSE1500 electrostatic in-ears, among several others.Sure, you’ll have to wrestle with your wallet (and the law of diminishing returns) to get them, but these headphones offer a revelatory sonic experience that even the priciest wireless wonders can’t touch.Unlike the more complex designs found in some of their counterparts, the ADX5000 spin forth their aural talents with traditional dynamic drivers, albeit with a clever twist.Still, the satin lining over thick foam inside the case is satisfactorily luxurious, and once we saw the sterling gleam along the earcups’ outer rings calling our name, our audiophile butterflies fluttered accordingly.While that may be weighty in some segments, at this level it’s near featherweight.Hand assembled in Japan, the headphones immediately exude an air of quality, starting with the monster-sized open-back earcups, guarded by a shield of honeycomb-punched metal and finished with ribbons of chrome along the edges.
For the launch of its new European brand platform, “What Matters Is Inside,” luggage company Delsey Paris tapped agency Buzzman to conceive a short film of the same name.To wring some semblance of magic out of the brand’s connected suitcase.They dominate Kickstarter, polluting our social feeds in an ongoing battle with high-tech underwear punters for our attention.It feels like just one more thing you have to charge.When the film opens, we meet Simon, an overworked corporate drone who doesn’t even have time to take calls from his mother.We won’t spoil the rest—not until after you’ve seen the video below, anyway—but what Simon discovers will send him in an epic pursuit of a connected suitcase, which always seems to remain just one trip out of reach.
When you no longer live with your parents, deciding to go on holiday together can be a bold move.Chances are, you haven’t spent this much time in one another’s company for a while, and both you - and your expectations of travel - may have changed.For some, like me and my mum, a joint trip is an opportunity for a much-needed catch up with the bonus of new scenery, while for others, the countdown to heading home begins as soon as they step off the plane.You’re an adult - but parents can sometimes forget.Tamsin Ivy, 26, from Surrey, has holidayed with her parents off and on as an adult, alongside her two sisters who are 20 and 22.“My dad insists on carrying all the passports and boarding cards as he thinks we can’t be trusted not to lose them and my mum thinks I can’t remember how to pack my own suitcase, even though I’ve gone on plenty of trips without them,” she tells HuffPost UK.
A commuter who picked up the wrong suitcase on a train has told of how “random acts of kindness really do make a difference” after she managed to track down the makeup artist who owned it using the power of social media.On 20 April, Lauren Costello, from Swindon, took to Facebook to explain she had picked up the wrong bag when travelling from Paddington station, London.On opening the bag she realised her error, as the suitcase was filled with thousands of pounds worth of beauty products and a DSLR camera.Costello, who is national director for primary and special education with the Academies Enterprise Trust, wrote on Facebook that she believed the bag belonged to a professional makeup artist and felt awful for taking it, as it contained someone’s livelihood.Despite it being “a bit of a stretch” she desperately wanted to find the owner on Facebook - and, against the odds, she did.Two days after Costello shared the status it transpired that freelance makeup artist Nicola Gordon-Jones had lost her bag when travelling from Kristina Gasperas’ beauty academy, where she had completed a bridal makeup course.
In the past year, Louis Vuitton has been dipping its toes into fashion tech, starting with introducing its $2,450 Tambour Horizon smartwatch last summer.Now, it’s released something a bit more accessible (but still ridiculous) in price: a $370 luggage tracker called the Louis Vuitton Echo.The device lets you track your suitcase via the LV Pass app, available on both Android and iOS, and it comes with a three-year service subscription to Sigfox.The Sigfox subscription allows you to the track your luggage at various airports globally.Once you land, the app notifies you of the position of your luggage and whether it was opened during the trip.The LV Echo is meant to work with the luxury brand’s Horizon line of suitcases, and it has a light sensor that detects when your luggage is opened.
As the flames licked the 2,000-square-foot house, he packed a suitcase with some clothes, stashed other items into a few bags, and grabbed his computer and a charger for his medical device.So, the police got a search warrant to look at data from Compton's pacemaker, including his heart rhythm and heart rate, according to a report in the local Journal-News.The data contradicted Compton's version of events, said a cardiologist who reviewed it:"[I]t is highly improbable Mr. Compton would have been able to collect, pack and remove the number of items from the house, exit his bedroom window and carry numerous large and heavy items to the front of his residence during the short period of time he has indicated due to his medical conditions."The pacemaker's data was "one of the key pieces of evidence that allowed us to charge him," Lt. Jimmy Cunningham told a local television station.Data from fitness trackers has called BS on multiple suspects' alibis.
If you’re going to fork out nearly $6,000 for a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage then you may as well throw in its new Echo tracking device for a mere $370.We first heard about the luxury brand’s idea for such a device at the start of this year, and the company has now delivered.Essentially a black stick with some smarts inside — oh, and also featuring the all-important LV logo on its exterior — the Echo can be clipped into a dedicated pocket or secured in a band located inside the company’s line of Horizon 50, 55, and 70 cases.The pricey device is the first to use Sigfox’s Monarch geolocation system, comprising a radio recognition service that allows the Echo to operate without any additional hardware such as GPS or Wi-Fi chipset.Once paired with your LV Pass smartphone app, Louis Vuitton promises you’ll be able to “travel with peace of mind, tracing your connected luggage in the main worldwide airports.” Note the word main — limited coverage means that at the current time, Echo will only function at certain airports (full list here).Your luggage will presumably be right there with you until check-in, but if some ne’er-do-well tries to nab it, you’ll be able to fire up your smartphone and watch your beloved suitcase in real-time as it’s hurried off to another part of the airport, and possibly beyond.
That suitcase had all of my business attire in it, and it was too late to go back and get it.The kind woman on the other end listened to my predicament and asked a variety of questions about my size, styles and color preferences.Still, knowing that is one thing, while actually executing those experiences is another.It turns out that most of them were from customers frustrated about delays, overbooked flights and other service-related issues—a growing list of customers telling others not to do business with the airline.The onus is on us, as brands, to listen up and to turn these various conversations into meaningful decisions that improve the customer’s experience.To accomplish this, companies must be properly equipped to not only capture insights from billions of online interactions, but also to analyze and distribute these insights at scale.
Turntable giants Crosley may mostly be known for their cheap, suitcase-style devices — a gateway tool for a huge number of modern vinyl listeners — but the company has been increasingly creating products for more discerning ears.This week, the company announced a new mid-tier model it calls the C6.A simple belt-driven deck, the new model is aimed at the ears (and eyes) of those looking to ditch their all-in-one turntables for something a bit more elegant.The C6 comes in three beautiful colorways: Shiny black, racing car red, or walnut veneer.A fully manual turntable, the C6 will be a great option for budding audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts that want the full experience of analog.“The intent of creating the C6 was to provide music fans with a truly analog experience at an audio grade which various features such as the counterweights and moving magnet cartridge provide,” Jason Menard, Crosley’s director of marketing, said in a press release.
No James-Bond-style courier-spy is complete without his beautiful but rugged suitcase, says a new five minute ad from luggage maker Tumi.Alexander Skarsgård of True Blood and Big Little Lies fame plays a mysterious man of impeccable taste and considerable means in the moody fashion campaign from EP+Co.It takes him traveling to the farthest corners of the world and back.He totes a Tumi behind him the entire way.He dresses well, and seduces a gorgeous woman with nothing but a look (he is, apparently, the tortured haute equivalent of Apple’s Face ID).The brand does itself a bit of disservice, though by cramming in, early on, awkwardly dramatic footage of machines manufacturing the suitcase.
Increase your total baggage awareness with some technologically enhanced luggage.Raden’s polycarbonate case’s minimalist style disguises its inner smarts.The companion app uses the handle’s digital scale so you won’t get surprised by extra fees at check-in, and its geolocating feature helps pinpoint your suitcase at baggage claim.Be sure to ask if the bag’s phone-boosting battery can be checked on your flight.Rimowa Limbo Multiwheel Electronic TagThis roller lets fliers on select airlines—Lufthansa, Swiss, EVA Air, and Austrian, with more soon—check their luggage using the airline’s app; your bag tag is sent to the tote’s E Ink display.
You’ve got the tech you need: phone, laptop, Kindle, adapters for every global region and enough cables to connect a small city.A recent survey by Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts showed that around a quarter of business travellers consider staying in touch with family and friends back home a top priority, using their downtime to communicate.From portable power banks to GPS tracking dots to mobile scanners - here’s what to pack for your next trip.Power banks are rechargeable external batteries for your phone, tablet and laptop – some even run off solar power.They come in three sizes: small, to slip in a pocket and charge your phone maybe once; compact, to charge it two or three times; and high-capacity, to keep your all devices charged for days on end.To see if your missing suitcase is halfway to Singapore or simply on the next luggage carousel, consider a GPS tracking dot.
X-ray radiation can mutate cells and cause cancer, but that was a small risk for a commuter who didn’t want to part with her handbag at a southern China train station during the Lunar New Year.An online video showing horrifying images of a skeleton wearing high heels on all fours riding a conveyer belt was shared by the China media site Pear Video, and aggregated by the state-run newspaper People’s Daily.The image was reportedly from a security video captured on Sunday at the Dongguan Railway Station, showing a woman who wanted to personally escort her purse through the X-ray machine.The video also seemingly shows the woman emerging from the machine after her ride.She then checks her purse, grabs her suitcase, and continues her trip slightly more radiated than she was moments before.The Lunar New Year is the busiest travel period in China.
Security personnel operating X-ray machines at airports and other transport hubs have a hugely responsible job and need high levels of concentration as they carefully analyze the contents of each item passing through.And while most will see nothing particularly outstanding during a typical shift, there will be times when an object causes the operator to sit up and take notice.An object like … well … a human.As bags and other items passed through the machine, the operator suddenly noticed the unmistakeable shape of a person on the monitor, the BBC reported.The woman at the center of the incident had first placed her suitcase on the conveyor belt before walking through the scanner carrying her handbag.Security insisted she put her handbag on the conveyor belt, too, but clearly keen to keep hold of it, she hopped onto the belt and disappeared into the scanner.
Keeping your smartphone charged while on the go is a constant challenge.Sure, you can carry a portable battery pack around with you, but running a cable to your mobile device can get awkward and unwieldy, which makes us wonder why someone hasn’t come up with a way to wirelessly provide a charge instead.At first glance, the Snow-C looks like just about any other down jacket you might find someone wearing outside in cold weather.It features 90 percent down insulation to provided added warmth and it is designed to be lightweight and highly packable, making it easy to stuff into a backpack or suitcase when traveling.It is also wind-resistant and features a durable water-resistant coating to help keep moisture at bay, too.But take a look inside the jacket and you’ll find some useful technology too.
On 22 June 1948, the MV Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks carrying 492 Caribbean passengers.I came to the UK 17 years ago to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse.We came to the UK in good faith and we have made our home and our lives here.We contribute on every level and in every sector of British society.Many EU nationals are already severely affected by the current Home Office stance and families are being torn apart.Yet today I am told I’m a foreigner and should go back where I come from.
The Premier League has floated the idea of some sort of winter break finally being introduced into its football season, with the next batch of wrangling about TV money open to the concept of giving those stressed millionaires two or three weeks off to play with their presents after Christmas.Put the drone in the suitcase, Coleen, we're off to Antigua for January.This would bring the Premier League into line with many of the other big European leagues that give their teams a similar mid-winter break, although it's down to the money men to ultimately decide.A statement from the PL said: "The Premier League has been in discussions with the FA and EFL for several months regarding the challenges of the increasingly congested English football calendar and ways in which we can work together to ease fixture congestion while also giving players a mid-season break.Provided space can be found in the calendar, we are open to this in principle and will continue constructive discussions with our football stakeholders to seek a workable solution."No change can be made without the say-so of the TV rights holders, though, with any break having to be included in the paperwork when the TV rights come up for grabs again in 2019.
Having a same employer for years on end will soon become history — independent contractors could account for half of the workforce in the US in just a decade’s time.The current labor market looks more like a ‘one-night stand’ — workers increasingly value short-term work arrangements, flexible working hours, and unconventional work spaces.The platform economy’s one-night stand marketplace pioneered by Uber, TaskRabbit, and Deliveroo, however, posed a setback for workers, who are no longer entitled to traditional employment benefits such as sick leave, insurance, and pension.Uber is now stepping up to change the game — it’s urging for implementation of portable benefits — traditional employment benefits not tied to any single employer.Having your ‘employment’ benefits in the suitcase while you switch from a client to a client sounds like a good deal.Virginia’s Senator Mark Warner has proposed the first national legislation that would give platform workers benefits otherwise reserved for employees.
Forget all those fancy features and cute designs.If what you want is the biggest, loudest, and baddest portable speaker in the market, we might have found the one.This accessory is named Valkyrie and is made by Njord Audio.It measures (750 x 480 x 280 mm), making the case as large as a suitcase.I mean, the thing looks like machine gun case, and the creators say it is as tough as it looks!It seems to handle anything.
), an appliance that churned out multi-course meals with the push of a button, and Rosie the Robot handling all the chores, none of the family members hardly had to move a muscle.While we still have 46 years to go until then (hopefully during that waiting period, someone will have invented a car that folds up into a suitcase), our homes are already looking more and more futuristic, thanks to the rapidly increasing availability of smart home technology.We can buy refrigerators that can order us more milk when we’re running low.And we have beds that adjust based on our sleeping patterns.At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in January, we saw even more futuristic gadgets for the home, including a TV that rolls up like a poster, a mirror that talks to us, a laundry folding machine, and a queen-sized bed that rocks us to sleep.One thing’s for sure: While robots like Rosie might be a bit far into the future, there are now thousands of home devices on the market that are “smart,” meaning that they connect to some sort of app or hub and can talk to us and each other.