There is a lot of outdoor gear out there, but much of it is dependant on the season.When you’re in the market for a jacket, sleeping bag, or tent, you’re probably factoring in whether or not it’s winter, spring, or summer.It’s great to have a thermal jacket from The North Face, sure, but it’s likely not something you’re going to need all year-round.Which is why a good backpack or duffel can be so valuable.And with REI’s Outlet sale going on right now, it is a perfect time to pick one up for cheap.What’s more, this sale is offering an additional $20 off your purchase when you spend $100 or more on outlet sale items.
Maine-based Hyperlite Mountain Gear is known for its high-quality, hand-crafted ultralight backpacking gear.The company works primarily with lightweight Dyneema fabric (formerly cuben fiber) and have become experts in creating equipment with this durable, waterproof material.After expanding its lineup to include shelters, packs and stuff sacks, Hyperlite is broadening its scope again introducing the new Dirigo 2 tent, the company’s first self-contained, three-season, two-person backpacking shelter.The Dirigo 2 is the result when a group of outdoors enthusiasts and Dyneema experts decide to build something different.Not only does the tent use Dyneema sourced in the US, but it also is constructed with five different Dyneema Composite Fabrics.Dyneema is a 100 percent waterproof fabric and is regarded to be among the strongest man-made fibers in the world.
Castles is going to be accumulated between 7am and 12pm the next second.You have to ensure that the castle is secured at each corner utilizing bungee rope and tent pegs.If you are in need of a stronger castle
Snapchat and HBO used augmented reality to enhance the Game of Thrones experience at this year’s SXSW.At the castle and battlefield created in Austin, Texas, to promote the upcoming season of the Game of Thrones, Snapchat worked with HBO to create several AR components that added a digital layer to the real-life experience.Using Snapchat’s AR marker tech—a tool that connects the digital AR technology in a phone to real-world objects—massive banners outside featuring various characters became digitally splattered with blood when scanned with the lens on the app’s camera.With another lens, a map outside a tent within the training grounds came to life with fire.Additionally, each visitor got a pin, and when they scanned it with Snapchat, it digitally caught fire and sparkled.This isn’t the first time a brand has used Snap’s AR marker tech tool.
To the haters, it's a four-wheel deathtrap, assembled in a tent and ready to fall apart the minute you drive it in the rain.When the Model 3 was first announced in 2014, we didn't know much more beyond that it would cost $35,000, have a range of at least 200 miles, and be 20-percent smaller than a Model S. Two years later, the prototype was revealed to the world—and the world went nuts for it.I'm a particular fan of it head-on, where the combination of the light clusters and the front not-grill work to great effect, proclaiming, "I am a sleek and sporty car."The layout is conventional for an EV, with the battery pack sandwiched between the axles.Additionally, as our test car's 20-inch wheels were shod in winter tires, it's not really possible to make any definitive statements about its dynamic ability other than to say I would very much like to try one out on track, in track mode.Any and all regenerative braking occurs as you release the accelerator pedal, which you can set to either standard or low; the former is best used in the city or if you're a true devotee of one-pedal driving.
When we go shopping for a tent for use on camping trips, we typically look for ones that are spacious enough to be comfortable, light enough to transport easily, and built to provide good protection from the elements.The new Universe tent from Tentsile extends its versatility far beyond that, however, giving campers the ability to not just sleep comfortable on the ground, but hang from the trees like a hammock and float on water, too.Billed as a “the three-element” tent, the Universe is large enough to sleep five adults comfortably and offer a six-foot ceiling, allowing many people to comfortably stand up inside.It reportedly provides 300 square feet of floor space and includes three large vestibule areas for stashing gear and supplies as well.As you would expect, the tent ships with a waterproof and UV-resistant rainfly and it features mesh netting to help keep the bugs at bay.While all of those features are nice, what sets the Universe apart from other family tents is the versatility of the terrain — or the complete lack of it — that it can be used on.
Which kind of fabric is ideal is based on how you devise to utilize your tent.There are several parameters with the help of which you can figure out among nylon or canvas, which is best to use based on your requirements.ComfortCotton emanates much better than nylon, maintaining the interior humidity level with the outside.A nylon tent can turn out to be miserably warm very faster in direct sunlight.Water ResistanceNylon is water resistant by nature as well as it is often sheathed to make it waterproof.Nylon fibers do not rot, so conserving a wet nylon tent will not ruin it.Therefore, nylon tents should be completely dried prior to storing since fungus can still grow on the surface.Canvas can be simply darned with the help of a sewing kit, while nylon needs a particular repair patch.The pole structure utilized for canvas tents is heavier and extremely bulky than the lightweight poles utilized in nylon tents.Other FeaturesHemp and cotton are innate, renewable materials that are biodegradable, and therefore perfectly better for the environment.
Synergy Wave System LLP is the distributor of a wide variety of Solar Bag In Gurgaon.This is equipment with thin film solar cells as well as batteries.The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that is stored in the batteries and can be utilized to power portable electronic appliances such as mobile phones.
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Living on an understudy spending plan isn't simple so some great cash saving tips for understudies can truly prove to be useful.Extending that dollar to cover all that you need and not asking acquire and take does not need to be troublesome.You don't have to live in a tent and eat one supper daily, however following some basic cash saving tips for understudies can enable you to spare a couple $100s a semester.4 Money saving tips for understudies Understudy Discounts: Being an understudy, you are offered such a large number of advantages, as limited sustenance, transport concessions and even limits on apparel.Make certain to know where you are qualified for these limits so if at any point you have to open your wallet for something, you'll realize where to go to get a rebate for it.Go to the utilized book shop or contact a senior to save money on your semester book charges.Also, remember to pitch your books to the following cluster.
Walmart’s cavernous stores apparently aren’t large enough to hold the Hidden World in DreamWorks’ latest How to Train Your Dragon film.Instead, the retailer announced today that it will use its parking lots to host free five-minute VR dragon-riding experiences — and the expected significant lines of people — in an effort to spur merchandise sales at matching gift shops.Developed by Walmart-backed Spatial & in partnership with DreamWorks, the endeavor looks more like a theme park installation than a traditional retail experience.Visitors as young as 8 years old are allowed to participate in the action, which starts with a character greeting at an onboarding tent before moving into a VR world powered by headsets and motion VR chairs.Since the goal of the free ride is to sell merchandise, guests are led directly to a themed gift shop right after they take off the VR gear.A YouTube video of the experience shows fully computer-generated fantasy scenes that look as if they could be straight out of a modern video game, though kids and adults aren’t handed controllers or actually playing anything.
As the popularity of hammock camping continues to grow, the options for backpackers who have adopted the off-the-ground lifestyle continue to evolve and become more sophisticated as well.Take the new Mantis all-in-one hammock from Kammock.This new lightweight option, which just launched on Kickstarter, promises to deliver all of the shelter and amenities that come with a tent, along with the comfort that comes with sleeping among the trees.Billed as delivering everything you need in one simple package, the Mantis not only comes with a full-sized hammock capable of supporting up to 500 pounds of weight, it has all of the extras you need for a good night’s sleep, too.That includes a rainfly and integrated insect netting, as well as tree-friendly straps and a built-in stuff sack for storage.Kammock claims that it is perfect for all seasons, giving backpackers the ability to mix and match the various parts as needed to dial in the level of comfort they need to match the weather conditions.
You might not look anything like Gene Autry, John Wayne or the Marlboro Man, but you could still be a cowboy.The Professional Bull Riders (PBR), in the first national advertising in the group’s 26-year history, brings together a diverse group of men and women—firefighters, teachers, mixed martial artists, wearing their own clothes, not primped or styled—for a dose of Americana and a big-tent appeal for the rodeo-spinoff sport.The commercial, from PBR’s corporate sibling Endeavor Global Marketing, aired during the CBS Super Bowl pregame show.With a turnaround time of less than a month from concept to finished product—tagline, “Be Cowboy”—execs said they wanted to take advantage of the massive TV audience tuning into the big game and lift the veil on a sport that’s more closely associated with the Wild West than the NFL.The first order of business was to bust a few old-school stereotypes and draw parallels to modern-day rugged individuals.(Stetsons and oversized belt buckles not required).
A letter on God and the Constitution written by George Washington is up for sale after spending decades in a private collection.The letter to Richard Peters, speaker of the Pennsylvania House, is signed Sept. 7, 1788, and praises God for the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.Written a week after Washington told Alexander Hamilton that he would likely accept calls to assume the presidency, the letter came at a time when the Constitution was under attack.Some states wanted to hold a second Convention that may have undermined the Constitution.RARE POWDER HORN THAT BELONGED TO AFRICAN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER GOES ON DISPLAY“It would seem from the public Gazettes that the Minority in your State are preparing for another attack of the – now – adopted Government; how formidable it may be; I know not,” Washington wrote.
Our company is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service with a great product selection for any budget.We have managed hundreds of events ranging from small backyard gatherings to large corporate events.No event is too large or too small for us.
Our company is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service with a great product selection for any budget.We have managed hundreds of events ranging from small backyard gatherings to large corporate events.No event is too large or too small for us.
Tesla has been teasing the idea of an affordable companion for its Model 3 sedan for a while now, and during Wednesday's quarterly earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave us maybe the biggest piece of news on the Model Y that we've yet seen.The Model Y will be based on the Model 3 sedan and will share as much as 75 percent of its parts with the most affordable Tesla.We've been skeptical of Musk's claims that Model Y would be in production by 2020, but with that amount of shared parts, perhaps there is much less engineering heavy lifting to be done than we thought.The other interesting tidbit he gave about the Model Y was that if Tesla has its druthers, the Model Y won't be built alongside the S, X and 3 in Fremont.It will get its own dedicated production line at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.This makes a ton of sense, particularly when you consider just how little room Tesla has left in Fremont (remember the tent, people?).
When it comes to exploring the Earth’s oceans, scuba divers face a myriad of challenges.With a limited air supply in their tanks, divers only have a short amount of time that they can spend underwater, and when they are in great depths it can be exhausting work.Returning to the surface can help mitigate those issues, but it also wastes a lot of time and energy, while divers also run the risk of contracting decompression sickness (aka the bends) if they rise too quickly.But a pair of veteran divers are looking to change all of that by creating an underwater tent that can serve as base camp for extended expeditions into the depths of the sea.Designed and patented by National Geographic explorer Michael Lombardi and New York University professor Winslow Burleson, the Ocean Space Habitat (OSH) was conceived and built to overcome the biggest challenges that divers face.The OSH can be brought to a suitable depth, inflated to its proper size, and anchored in place, allowing undersea explorers to come and go as needed.
Remember Tesla’s production tent, the one it erected to help crank out Model 3s last year?Apparently, it didn’t sit well with California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, and the company now faces fines totalling nearly $30,000 (£22k) over violations of labour laws.Business Insider reported Friday that Cal/OSHA inspected the assembly line known as GA4 between June and December last year and dinged Tesla for a number of regulations violations.Cal/OSHA issued the company six citations for allegedly failing to secure a permit for the structure, neglecting to effectively train workers on evacuation procedures, and failing to properly inspect the production area for potential workplace dangers.In total, the fines amount to $29,365, which it’s worth noting is less than the cost of a Model 3.Laurie Shelby, vice president of environmental, health and safety (EHS) at Tesla, told Gizmodo in a statement by email that the inspection was not prompted by “any incident or injury and occurred during the construction phase of the project,” and added that the company has appealed the citations.
Tesla has been fined more than $29,000 over half a dozen alleged issues involving its GA4 production “tent” in California.The fine was issued by the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA), which claims that Tesla failed to get a permit before constructing the GA4 open-air facility, among other things.The fine is said to be from six citations totaling up to $29,365 USD.The alleged issues revolve around the auto maker’s open-air structure used for assembly.The company reportedly violated half a dozen of California’s labor regulations, including allegedly failing to inspect the facility for possible safety issues.In addition to the aforementioned issues, Cal-OHSA alleges that Tesla failed to cover or put a guard on an opening within the GA4 facility that was said to measure 22 x 14 x 8-inches in size.