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I am passionate and focused in seeking solutions of complex business and user problems in creative ways.

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It is a very rough representation of all the ideas.Sketches can be done on paper with a help of a pencil, and it is actually the preferred way because of the overwhelming amount of options in digital tools that might get on your way, and you might end up deciding what is the best line/font/shape to use instead of thinking about the core ideas.But you are free to choose some digital tools, but it is easier to create a sketch on paper.By simply outlining the main elements and ideas you will be able to quickly show your suggestions on the structure of the future app to all stakeholders.The details should be omitted, you will have time to focus on them later.When all features and main elements are presented on paper and you continue developing them on a more profound level, the rough sketches turn into detailed sketches, and they now can be called wireframes.
In today’s world of startups, small and medium businesses that become more and more popular every single day it is all about your company’s business strategy that will help you position the company on the overcrowded marketplace and ensure growth and stability.Basically the strategy is a plan that consists of different components and depending on the sphere of business these components may vary.All the results obtained from the research phase will help in the next phase, the main purpose of which is to visualize your users and their behaviour.2) Move on to user storyIf your audience is diverse or there are several roles within our app such as buyer and seller, for instance, then it will be good to know how each group will interact with the app.That is why the set of all interactions with your app need to be created.