Premium network Epix has a streaming service option for viewers who don’t have a traditional television plan but want access to the network’s content.Called Epix Now, this service provides on-demand access to movies and the network’s original shows via supported streaming devices, which now includes Roku and Fire TV.The service was already available on mobile and Apple TV.Epix is a premium network available on satellite and cable television that provides access to movies, documentaries, shows, and original content, including stand-up specials.The channel is now available through a number of online live television streaming services for an additional fee, but there’s also an option for customers who only want Epix.Epix Now is priced at $5.99/month and can be purchased even if you don’t have a television provider.
Big-screen TVs are better than ever, with more resolution, more contrast, and built-in streaming options for platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.But despite these advances, TV sound has stayed pretty much flat.The only reliable way to get better sound from your TV is with an external speaker.That’s why Vizio’s current discount on its 3.1-channel soundbar package is worth checking out.At $128 from Walmart, you save $70 on what was already a low, regular Walmart price of $198.Vizio’s recommended regular price on this model is $270.
A key component of a solar eclipse is, well... the sun.But images from the Curiosity rover on Mars show delightfully nerdy evidence of Martian moon Phobos passing in front of our star after the sun had already called it a day (or rather, a sol) and dipped below the horizon.A user on the forums first flagged the images from Curiosity, and then NASA's Doug Ellison, who helps coordinate the rovers' photo-taking, took to Twitter to break down the unusual celestial sight.Actually spotting the over-the-horizon eclipse took some involved image analysis.Basically, the dusk light the sun projects upward after setting briefly dimmed over the course of a few minutes.Ellison shared the above GIF animation, which is essentially a time-lapse of the event.
WASHINGTON, D.C. March 28, 2019 -- While many advancements have been in improving its efficiency, the refrigerator still consumes considerable amounts of energy each year."Energy efficiency of a normal refrigerator is affected by the heat-insulating property of the thermal barriers of the freezer."There is a significant difference in temperature between the freezer of a traditional refrigerator and ambient air temperature and the normal thermal barrier of the freezer causes considerable cold loss."Cao and his team hypothesized that using part of the cold loss to cool the fresh food compartment could be a promising solution in improving the efficiency of the refrigerator."The evaporating temperature of the refrigeration cycle depends only on the freezer temperature and appropriate reduction of the evaporator area in the fresh food compartment will not decrease the overall efficiency," explained Cao."Most families need one or two refrigerators and they are always on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Researchers from Rochester Institute of Technology and Seneca Park Zoo are developing a virtual reality gaming environment that will let zoogoers experience a Madagascar rainforest ecosystem.They recently journeyed to the Centre ValBio field station in Ranomafana National Park on a trip that laid the groundwork for creating accurate 3D models of the exotic Madagascar wildlife and habitat.RIT Professor Anthony Vodacek and Seneca Park Zoo Society Director of Programming and Conservation Action Tom Snyder used remote sensing equipment to examine animals including comet moths, scorpions, katydids and other large insects.The goal is to create the virtual reality gaming environment in the next one to two years.The zoo is currently beta testing a game that simulates the Genesee River ecosystem.Visitors can play as an otter, a farmer, a homeowner or a scientist to learn about how their actions impact the environment.
But following a series of high-profile accidents in the United States, safety issues could bring the autonomous dream to a screeching halt.At USC, researchers have published a new study that tackles a long-standing problem for autonomous vehicle developers: testing the system's perception algorithms, which allow the car to "understand" what it "sees."Working with researchers from Arizona State University, the team's new mathematical method is able to identify anomalies or bugs in the system before the car hits the road.Perception algorithms are based on convolutional neural networks, powered by machine learning, a type of deep learning."Making perception algorithms robust is one of the foremost challenges for autonomous systems," said the study's lead author Anand Balakrishnan, a USC computer science PhD student.The same way cars have to go through crash tests to ensure safety, this method offers a pre-emptive test to catch errors in autonomous systems."
An improved understanding of uranium oxides, which fuel the vast majority of the U.S nuclear power fleet, could lead to the development of improved fuels or waste storage materials.ORNL researchers approached this problem computationally with help from the lab's Compute and Data Environment for Science (CADES).Through CADES, ORNL staff members have access to computing resources that engineers tailor to specific projects, enabling management and analysis of massive datasets too cumbersome to tackle otherwise.Amorphous uranium oxides are common, but the lack of a consistent structural order within them can be difficult to model.Using genetic algorithms--computational tools designed to efficiently solve problems according to the theory of natural selection--the team studied these structures on a CADES high-performance computing cluster called Metis, a two-cabinet Cray XK7 system.This method helped them build statistical relationships between structural stability and the local uranium environment, two factors that affect the crystallinity of solid forms.
Either way, the human body is constantly calibrating, making microscopic adjustments to keep us from falling as we weekend-warrior our way to greatness.Our muscles and our senses are not perfect, and that leads to errors.The study was part of Seethapathi's doctoral thesis in mechanical and aerospace engineering at The Ohio State University and was published earlier this month in the journal eLife.She has since accepted a postdoctoral position at The University of Pennsylvania."The tasks that your body does almost subconsciously have all these tiny movements behind them," said Manoj Srinivasan, a co-author of the study and associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Ohio State.The team monitored and measured motion in each runner's torso, the placement of each footstep and the force with which the leg pushes against the ground.
Colliding black holes and neutron stars create ripples in spacetime, called gravitational waves.These were "heard" for the first time in September 2015.One of the most remarkable experiments in history — a pair of giant machines that listen for ripples in spacetime called gravitational waves— will wake up from a half-year nap on Monday.That experiment is called the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO); it consists of two giant, L-shaped detectors that together solved a 100-year-old mystery posed by Albert Einstein.In 1915, Einstein predicted the existence of ripples in the fabric of space However, he didn't think these gravitational waves would ever be detected — they seemed too weak to pick up amid all the noise and vibrations on Earth.By 2017, three researchers who helped conceive of LIGO earned a Nobel Prize in Physics.
The Drug Enforcement Agency is still collecting phone records from a major telecom company as part of a surveillance program, but hasn't sufficiently spelled out why it has the legal authority to do so, according to a report made public Thursday by the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General.The surveillance program, referred to as Program C in the report, appears to be Project Hemisphere, which was first reported on by The New York Times in 2013.The Times' reported AT is the telecom company supplying phone records to the DEA.To request the records, the DEA uses an administrative subpoena, which doesn't require the review of court."We found that the DEA failed to formalize a complete and adequate legal assessment regarding its use of Program C to obtain reports and other advanced analytical information to ensure such use was lawful and appropriate," the report reads.The report shows that concerns about legal overreach in government surveillance programs are alive and well.
Business Insider, citing internal Facebook emails, reported Thursday that Instagram is considering whether to designate Jones as a "hate figure," which would involve barring him from the photo-sharing site.The discussion came after Jones, who founded conspiracy site InfoWars, posted an image of a painting by US artist Mear One that some Facebook executives considered anti-Semitic.The post, which has been pulled down, shows an image of what appears to be "caricatures of six Jewish men sitting around a Monopoly board, which is being held up by four subservient figures, shorn of their clothes," according to Business Insider, which reported earlier about the painting.Initially, Facebook's risk and response team said the post did not violate the social network's rules but then the company's UK executives argued the post was anti-Semitic, the report said."This image is widely acknowledged to be anti-Semitic and is a famous image in the UK due to public controversy around it.If we go back and say it does not violate we will be in for a lot criticism," a member of the policy team said in an email obtained by Business Insider, which did not name the executives.
For almost five years, the Broad City duo of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have been my weekly comedic outlet.They go to birthday parties, dabble in the city's nightlife and mix recreational substances.The show celebrates all different types of people.In fact, the show supports Ilana's attempt to "find herself a lady."Broad City touches on Ilana's desire to be in noncommitted "open relationships" and then follows her as she falls in love with Lincoln, her partner in an open partnership, and gives monogamy a shot.In one episode, Abbi transforms into her alter-ego Val, a lounge singer who appears only when Abbi is black-out drunk.
As Amazon Prime's annual cost has grown over the years, so has its spread of perks, and that's particularly true for video game fans who claim its attached "Twitch Prime" subscription bonus.Weirdly, paying Amazon's subscription fee sometimes results in vouchers for other services' subscription fees, primarily in the form of free-trial offers to paid MMOs.On Thursday, Amazon went one bigger by allying with its first-ever console maker in order to create a pretty solid perk.If you own a Nintendo Switch and pay for Amazon Prime, you can now claim a combined 12 months of free Nintendo Switch Online access (a $20 USD value) through a Twitch Prime perks page.If you've already pre-paid for a full 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online (which includes access to online multiplayer modes and a selection of classic NES games), you're still in luck.This new Twitch Prime offer logs you into your NSO account, then stacks your new free months on top of any NSO period you've already paid for.
Canon announced a new pair of instant-print cameras that are set to challenge Fujifilm’s Instax mini-film cameras, part of a trend embraced by social media users and influencers alike.Enter the two Canon IVY CLIQ instant-print cameras Each of Canon’s new shooters can hold up to ten sheets of Zink film, can export its photos to the CLIQ+ Instant Camera Printer + App, and includes an optical viewfinder plus a USB cord for charging the battery.The IVY CLIQ+ (the higher end of the two cameras) sports an 8-megapixel sensor, 2 x 2 and 2 x 3 printing options, expansion via a microSD card slot, a reprint option to share recent shots with friends, and a selfie mirror surround by an LED light ring so you can get that perfect vanity shot.Canon and authorized retailers will start selling the IVY CLIQ+ in April, including ten sheets of 2 x 3 photo paper to start you off with, for $159.99.It’ll come in Pearl White, Sapphire Blue, or Ruby Red.Meanwhile, the IVY CLIQ camera sits at Canon’s lower end of the instant-print camera spectrum.
With so many different companies working on self-driving car technology, it’s not uncommon for companies to hit upon similar developments at around the same time.But Intel and subsidiary Mobileye believe a recent development made by Nvidia is just a little too similar to their own to be a coincidence.In a blog post titled “Innovation Requires Originality,” Intel senior vice president and Mobileye president and CEO Amnon Shashua takes aim at a recent Nvidia proposal called “Safety Force Field” (SFF).While the company called it a “first-of-its-kind” safety model for autonomous vehicles, Intel wasn’t so convinced.That’s primarily because, according to Shashua, the system bore quite the resemblance to Mobileye’s own development in its “Responsibility Sensitive Safety”(RSS) paper.The only problem: Mobileye’s paper was published nearly two years earlier, in 2017.
We all knew it was coming, but today Gearbox made it official.During its PAX East keynote, the company officially unveiled Borderlands 3, a game fans of the series have been waiting a long time for.At the moment, details are basically non-existent, but Gearbox did share a trailer that shows us the characters we’ll be playing as and who we’ll be up against.Judging from the trailer, Borderlands 3 seems to be a typical Borderlands affair.There’s a pair of rough-looking villains who are probably insane in one way or another (as powerful people in post-apocalyptic worlds tend to be) and a group of four vault hunters who will serve as the game’s main characters.We don’t know their names or their capabilities yet, so it seems we’ll be waiting for those details.
Twitch Prime has announced a decent giveaway for subscribers.Members can now get 12 free months of Nintendo Switch Online.And if you're a Twitch Prime subscriber who already has a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can still get those 12 additional months added on for free.See this deal on TwitchNintendo Switch Online, which features both Nintendo's multiplayer games, exclusives and a library of its classics, normally costs $3.99 for a month, $7.99 for three months or $19.99 if you pay for a full year in advance.Twitch is offering the deal in stages: members can claim the first three months until Sept. 24, 2019, and then the remaining nine months through Jan. 22, 2020.
It can be hard to get your head around exactly what AI does and how it can be deployed though, which is why we present to you these five fun online experiments—all you need is a web browser and a few minutes to see some of the party tricks AI is already capable of.Recognises words from your definitionsBe wary of loading this one up unless you’ve got a bit of time to spare today, because it can be particularly addictive: The idea is to remove blocks from a wall by typing out definitions that Google’s AI can recognise.Using machine learning algorithms, Google engineers have trained Semantris on billions of lines of sample dialogue.Google recommends “playing with slang, technical terms, pop culture references, synonyms, antonyms, and even full sentences” to try and get Semantris to understand what you’re saying to it.Uber engineer Philip Wang, on top of a generative adversarial network (GAN) developed by Nvidia’s AI team.
There's nothing quite like the smell of peanuts, Cracker Jacks and expensive beer at the ballpark on Major League Baseball's opening day.NASA, though, is marking the first games of the 2019 regular season from a much greater distance.The space agency tweeted a video on Thursday showing all 30 MLB ballparks as photographed by International Space Station astronauts from orbit.It starts with the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim and ends with the Washington Nationals.You'll find your favorite team's stadium somewhere along the way.The long-distance looks show quite a bit of the cities surrounding the stadiums.
He was quoted by Screenrant:Snyder also joked “maybe Martha [Wayne] didn’t die, and that she got put into Witness Protection in Kansas.”Kansas, of course, is where Martha Kent lives.So the implication there is that “Martha” is not two separate women but one, and Batman and Superman are stepbrothers.An idea was floated that after Martha Wayne was shot, she didn’t die.Instead, she was put into witness protection somewhere in Kansas, under the name Martha Kent.