Researchers have used sound waves to precisely manipulate atoms and molecules, accelerating the sustainable production of breakthrough smart materials.Predicted to be the defining material of the 21st century, MOFs are ideal for sensing and trapping substances at minute concentrations, to purify water or air, and can also hold large amounts of energy, for making better batteries and energy storage devices.Scientists have designed more than 88,000 precisely-customised MOFs - with applications ranging from agriculture to pharmaceuticals - but the traditional process for creating them is environmentally unsustainable and can take several hours or even days.Dr Heba Ahmed, lead author of the study published in Nature Communications, said the efficient and scaleable method harnessed the precision power of high-frequency sound waves."MOFs have boundless potential, but we need cleaner and faster synthesis techniques to take full advantage of all their possible benefits," Ahmed, a postdoctoral researcher in RMIT's Micro/Nanophysics Research Laboratory, said."Our acoustically-driven approach avoids the environmental harms of traditional methods and produces ready-to-use MOFs quickly and sustainably.
Researchers at IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia presented at ICRA 2019 - the International Conference on Robotics and Automation held in Montreal (Canada), the most recent results about the new version of the hydraulic quadruped robot HyQ, HyQReal.The HyQReal robot is developed to support humans in emergency scenarios.HyQReal is 1,33 m long and 90 cm tall, and its weight is 130kg considering hydraulics and batteries onboard.The robot is protected by an aluminium roll cage and a skin made of Kevlar, glass fiber and plastic.The new features have been tested in Genova Airport, in Genoa (Italy), with the support of Piaggio Aerospace, demonstrating the power of HyQReal by pulling a small passenger airplane (Piaggio P180 Avanti), 3300kg weight, 14.4m long, with a wingspan of 14m.The long-term goal of the project is to create the hardware, software and algorithms for robust quadruped vehicles for rough terrain that can be tailored to a variety of applications, such as disaster response, agriculture, decommissioning, and inspection.
When the Amazon Prime Day deals roll into town in July, it's a no-brainer that the Amazon Echo Dot will get a big discount like it does every year.The thing is, it'll be nowhere near as good as this one - and it ends at 9am tomorrow.This is a UK-only deal, but we've rounded up the latest top deals in the US over on our Memorial Day sales page.UK readers, be sure to check out the Bank Holiday sales this weekend too.We're expecting Prime Day to bring the Echo Dot down to £29.99 as per usual, or £24.99 at the very best if Google aggressively price cuts the Google Home Mini as the search giant can't help but wind Amazon up any chance it gets with its line of rival smart speakers.Act fast though, and you can get an Amazon Echo Dot bundled in with a month of Amazon Music Unlimited's (it's like Spotify) family plan for just £15.98.
A report released today has revealed that the UK's 25 highest paying company's offer staff between £61,000 and £90,000 as a median compensation package.The list by job site Glassdoor is dominated by finance and tech firms, three of which have their headquarters in the UK.John Lamphiere, EMEA managing director at Glassdoor, said: “It is no surprise that multinational tech and finance firms dominate the list, given that both industries compete fiercely for talent, especially when it comes to tech roles."While salary and bonuses might get people in the door, it is more likely to be culture and career progression that help people stick around in the long term.”Read more: Here's how much you could earn as a software engineerHere are the UK's 25 best-paying companies:
Every interaction we have with a brand is expected to be quick, seamless and personalised for our convenience.Despite this, the average Briton can spend up to 235 days waiting in a service queue or line over the course of a lifetime.In fact, the average person in the UK is now unwilling to wait more than six minutes for a service and two-thirds of shoppers (69 per cent) have decided not to buy an item because of the size of the queue in-store.At the centre of this lies the checkout and how a customer service operation manages this most important of interactions in the customer journey.Businesses must act fast to take advantage of technology such as digital signage, tablet scanners, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) and self-checkout terminals to remain competitive.The goal should be to make the bricks of the business intelligent by adapting them to new customer behaviours and the key to success does not lie in expanding the business but to utlise the technology available.
It has been nine days since Microsoft patched the high-severity vulnerability known as BlueKeep, and yet the dire advisories about its potential to sow worldwide disruptions keep coming.Microsoft warns wormable Windows bug could lead to another WannaCryUntil recently, there was little independent corroboration that exploits could spread virally from computer to computer in a way not seen since the WannaCry and NotPetya worms shut down computers worldwide in 2017.Some researchers felt Microsoft has been unusually tight-lipped with partners about this vulnerability, possibly out of concern that any details, despite everyone’s best efforts, might hasten the spread of working exploit code.The post affirmed that CVE-2019-0708, as the vulnerability is indexed, is every bit as critical as Microsoft said it was.Exploiting the vulnerability—which is present in older versions of Windows, but not the much better secured Windows 8 and 10—requires only that an attacker send specific packets to a vulnerable RDP-enabled computer.
With a population of around 1.4 billion people, everyone wants a piece of the Chinese market.And as Chinese consumers become increasingly connected in cyberspace, digital marketing provides a shortcut for businesses and brands to that opportunity, provided, that is, marketers select online channels wisely.Speaking at the Emerge by TechNode conference in Shanghai on Thursday, CMO of key opinion leader (KOL) marketing platform PARKLU Elijah Whaley told delegates that while Chinese social, content and commerce platforms offer similar functionalities, there is a key differentiating factor—user purpose or intent.The question, according to Whaley is, “Why am I walking into this app or what am I explicitly getting out of from interacting with the ecosystem?”The seamless ubiquity of WeChat makes it the go-to place for online marketing, but the platform is particularly good for CRM, and as a place for conversation given its core function in messaging friends, families, and coworkers.“We see a lot of partners really wanted WeChat to be a marketing platform,” he said.
Contribute to the hyperlocal global warming of your feet and arms with Aldi's new outdoor heater, which outdoes all other current outdoor heaters by including a light and a speaker.If your neighbours don't already hate you because of the rumblings of video game weaponry and unsocial-hour food deliveries, this will definitely get them on to the council.It costs £99, which could be a lot for an outdoor heater-cum-speaker, or it might not be very much, as it's a new market and prices are somewhat in flux at the moment due to their only being one model of heater/speaker on sale.And it hit the UK market today, only via Aldi's online shopping portal, so there's an extra £3.99 involved in having it brought to your house.That means no one will judge you in person for walking out of a shop with one.The light can be remotely commanded to change colour too, should the party not be going that well and perhaps blue light might be more appropriate as an accompaniment to whatever tune its poor owner is sending to it via Bluetooth.
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Smart home security systems are surging in popularity, with homeowners taking safety and security more seriously than ever.Arlo is among our favorite options for smart security cameras, with a top-notch product lineup.For Arlo enthusiasts, Best Buy is offering a sweet smart home starter pack (link), with a Sengled LED A19 smart bulb kit (a $70 value), included for free with every purchase of $200 on Arlo items.Securing your home is smart, but securing free swag is even smarter, so head to Best Buy now to get in on this lights/camera action.Thanks to this exclusive offer from Best Buy, the normally-$70 Sengled A19 smart LED multicolor bulb starter kit can be yours for the price of $0.00, and all it takes is $200 spent on Arlo security items.Offering an astonishing 16 million colors and whites to choose from, the Sengled Smart LED bulbs will light up your life in ways you never envisioned.
Source code, pipelines and boiling frogsInterview While many cloudy companies aim for four nines of uptime, it was four ones for GitLab today as the source shack celebrated the release of version 11.11 with a chat with The Register.Helpfully coinciding with Kubecon, the gang has emitted a release aimed at the orchestration technology.Users of the self-managed incarnation of GitLab (running it on-premises or in the public cloud) can now provision a cluster at instance level, with all projects in the instance making use of it for deployments.While Kubernetes integration is a crowdpleaser at Kubecon, at least as useful is the arrival of a new executor to the GitLab Runner for Docker Containers on Windows, bringing to an end the hokey practice of using the shell executor to make things happen.Marin Jankovski, an engineering manager at GitLab, described the Windows functionality as "amazing", defining a Runner as "a binary that you set up on any of your machines and you can execute any sort of code that you want."
Apple has redesigned its MacBook keyboards after the firm admitted that previous models contained a design flaw.The problem is so widespread that Apple has pledged free repairs for most modern MacBooks that utilise the butterfly mechanism beneath the keyboard.It has been a busy week for the iPad maker.Earlier this week Apple promised to be “clearer and more upfront with iPhone users about battery health and performance,” after a UK watchdog investigated its iOS updates that deliberately slowed down older iPhones.Apple admitted there was a problem in an update to its keyboard repair program, which lists all affected models.Essentially all MacBooks with the so-called butterfly mechanism beneath the keys (nearly all modern MacBooks) will now be fully eligible for Apple’s Keyboard Service Program.
It will win no awards for dynamic range or colour rendition, and if you’ve got strong feelings about the number of megapixels available in post-production, it will leave you uninspired.But the Canon RP is one of the cheapest full-frame mirrorless cameras available and just good enough to give you the glimpse of a photography future you might not have been able to afford up until now.LIKE: It's affordable, has easy to use menus, beautiful JPEGs, and clever Program mode.A full-frame camera has a much larger sensor than the usually more affordable micro four thirds or APS-C cameras, and much, much larger than the sensor(s) in your phone.I own the A7 III and used to be a pretty big fan of Canon DSLRs, so I decided to pit the two formidable brands against each other to see if dropping the extra £400 on the A7 III was worth it, or if one could settle for the Canon RP.Canon’s tardiness leads to some significant issues (more on that in the next section), but Canon is also an old hand at making digital cameras and has perfected its menu system and controls.
Compared to the $900 Galaxy S10 and the pricier $1,980 Galaxy Fold (which doesn't yet have an official release date thanks to screen issues), the Galaxy S10E is the cheapest out of the group.And while it doesn't feel as luxurious as the iPhone XR, its small size is comfortable to hold.The phone also has a higher resolution and a greater pixel density than the iPhone XR, but you really can't discern much of a difference unless you hold the phones side-by-side.These days, however, an absence of a headphone jack isn't considered much of a deal breaker; indeed preferring the beloved but endangered headphone jack may just be delaying the inevitable as more and more phone makers decide to lop it off their handsets.Finally, the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10E are rated IP67 and IP68, respectively, for water resistance.Subjects also look sharper and the dynamic range appears to be wider.
Actually, I step into the lobby only on my third go-around: I walked past Forward twice because its entrance to the Glendale location is just as glossy and polished as every other building in the Americana at Brand shopping center.Instead, in Forward's "front of house," members check themselves in on tablets, where initials pop up according to what appointments are in queue.Forward Health considers itself the doctor's office of the future, where tech and medicine meet to create a seamless, collaborative primary care experience.What did I think was the absolute coolest feature out of everything I experienced at Forward?"I've had patients come in for appointments and cry because it's such a powerful experience for them," Favini told CNET.The app is compatible with anything that connects to Apple Health, including the Motiv Ring, MisFit Ray, Omron Evolv, AliveCor Kardia, Withings smart scales and many others.
After exploring the opportunity last year, major Dutch bank Rabobank has decided it’s not going to take its plans for a cryptocurrency wallet any further.In February last year, news surfaced that Rabobank was working on a cryptocurrency service – called Rabobit – which promised to bridge the gap between bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets.But the bank has now confirmed it’s canned the project.However, “After careful consideration with our customers in mind we recently decided that now is not the time to develop the idea further and bring it to the next phase of innovation,” a Rabobank spokesperson told Hard Fork in an email.A useful experiment in cryptocurrencyEven if the project is going no further, the bank says the experiment hasn’t been in vain.
Epic Games, known best for its Fortnite game, opened its online store for PC games this past December, competing directly with Steam, the leading storefront for computer games.By offering a larger percentage of sales to developers, Epic was able to secure multiple exclusive titles away from Steam.Select games received a discount, but to add even more value, any games over the price of $14.99 will have $10 automatically deducted from the price.Gearbox Software and Paradox Interactive pulled the preorders for their upcoming games from the store, Borderlands 3 and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 respectively.Hades, an upcoming game from critically acclaimed developer Supergiant Games, had a price increase from $17.99 to $24.99 and then decreased again $19.99.Epic customer service did remedy the situation after being contacted by the customer.
The race to bring 5G to the UK is coming to a head – EE announced it will switch on its network on May 30, beating out the competition, but now we've heard Vodafone will actually launch its first exclusive 5G phone before that, making the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G the first 5G phone you can buy in the UK.In a statement, Vodafone confirmed it will offer the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G as of today, and it'll also sell the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – there's no release date for this latter phone as of writing, but the Galaxy will be available on EE from June 7, so it could be a roughly similar date.The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G isn't going to be quite like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 4G phone, as according to Vodafone the 5G phone has a 24MP and 2MP dual rear camera array, whereas the 4G handset has two 12MP rear snappers.We've reached out to Xiaomi to see what else is different between the phones, and will update this article when we find out.Vodafone is presenting the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G as its 'affordable' 5G handset, as it's a far more mid-range device than the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, but with an upfront cost of £99.99, and costing £50 per month for even the most affordable contract, it's not exactly a cheap phone.If you buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G phone today you won't be able to connect it to 5G networks yet of course, but it'll still run on 4G, and you'll get an early glimpse at what the future of phones holds.
Over the past week, both Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt made the same appeal to American nationalism, with differing degrees of subtlety: Breaking up Big Tech will only help China.But the argument rests on the idea that what’s good for Facebook and Google is good for America.It also ignores how Silicon Valley is simultaneously seeking growth through partnerships with some of those same Chinese competitors, such as Google’s investment in and reported talks with Tencent to bring Google Cloud to China.There, she said, she heard that “while people are concerned with the size and power of tech companies, there’s also a concern in the United States with the size and power of Chinese companies, and the realization that these companies are not going to be broken up.”Schmidt was less direct, but conjured the same fears of falling behind China.On Sunday, he told the The Telegraph there is no legal basis to break up tech companies, arguing that “regulatory bias” in the West against Google and other American firms hurts consumers and hands China a competitive advantage on everything from privacy to data collection.
You can almost hear the gleam in Fred Kennedy’s eyes when he talks about the Space Development Agency, a new US Department of Defense organization.The Space Development Agency, which has only existed since March 12 (happy 2.36-month anniversary!The vision, right now, mostly involves hordes of small satellites keeping constant watch and shucking constant intel to Earth (be not afraid).Later, the agency could keep watch on spacecraft speeding beyond the usual orbits.Prior to that, he'd spent 23 years in the Air Force, including a three-year stint as a Darpa program manager, and then became a senior policy advisor in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.Imitating the reaction, he adds, “‘Those are toys.’”