Swedish software entrepreneur Magnus Jern loves Barcelona so much he even got used to drinking badly-tasting Barcelona tap water during his 10 years in the city.It is bad for you – it’s terrible, it tastes bad.”As a solution, they started to buy bottles of water, which soon started to pile up at their home.“I thought: if this is the best thing on the market, there’s an opportunity here,” Jern told CoFounder in an interview at Tapp’s shared office on a side street in the Poble Nou neighbourhood of Barcelona.So in late 2015, Tapp Water was born, and in January 2017 its first product went on sale.“It was not the product that we wanted to provide in the end, but it was good enough – that was the key thing.”
One of the supercell's key persons, game designer Lasse Louhento has left the company.Louhento told me Facebook-updates position, which he said "decided to send a supercell of six and a half magical years," Economy writes.Louhennon from the output of the first pocket gamer.biz.Louhento has so far not told of new plans.the Economy is not yet able to reach him to comment on his departure.Lasse Louhento lead the team that originally developed the year 2012 appeared to Clash of Clans in-game.
Although the family car include stressful factors, the atmosphere in the cars is generally good.It's not in the backseat screaming kids, not a dispute about where we could stop and eat, no packaging, not even travel costs.autoloma the families to pluck the most traffic, claiming the american car giant Chevrolet, which has clarified the issue home continent.the traffic of your name first too bad I cant target 63% of respondents to the survey of the parents.Although the explanation is made in the united states, the results would be probably the same in the direction of the home-Finland.the Study did Chevroletille Harris Poll -research institute.
the World's most expensive phones cost hundreds of thousands of euros.the technology company apple's new iPhone X -model's starting price in Finland was more than 1100 million, the trade magazine reported in September.the more Expensive version costs more than 1300 eur.the Price is salty, but the phone is by no means the most expensive.If the money is not in short supply, Apple has to offer significantly higher value than the phone.Most pay Apple diamond plated "Diamond Rose", which will lighten your wallet more than 755 000 eur, anyphones.com-the site says.
IoT-security house Armis estimates that 20 million Amazon Echo and Google Home is still at risk groups.Critical to the bluetooth bug seems many of the voice-controlled helper devices, write to Hacker News.these include the Amazon Echo and Google Home.Blueborn-vulnerabilities affect many smart devices and iot devices, and to a lesser extent, smartphones and computers.a Total of eight different vulnerability cluster Blueborn allow malicious code to run on the devices, data theft and device control.Speakers can, for example, eavesdrop on the user's home.
Poliittikkojen möläytykset are guaranteed to fuel social media kohuille all over the world.Also of concern aggressive debate is common.Studies have revealed that brexit strains have been trying to affect hundreds of Russian Twitter fake accounts.Last month, the advertising market administrator shall assign complaints to the social-stars, who are mentioned on blogs and instagram in marketing its products for a fee.the Youth hurrah, you know Brussels are fulfilled, the Belgian social media.the end of the week in an immigrant background, young people rioted in Brussels, Belgium and Morocco football match.
Salon-is this personal experience.after the Army Salonen went to the right car shipping company to work.the Experience was instructive, although, ”quite a culture shock”.after Returning back to Finland, he got a call bus, and from there to work.in This company, he drove a bus for seven years, until her family circumstances change.Salonen firstborn child was born and Salonen discovered that he is not a child will be able to be tied up anymore to work 14-15 hours a day.
Chinese car company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has purchased the boston Terrafugia.Terrafugia's goal is to start flying cars to sell in 2019, told the news agency Bloomberg.the transaction is a news agency that so far, one of china's most promising investments of flying car development.China is not according to Bloomberg previously been serious in the race, although the country's research and development efforts on more than 80% goes to product development.Flying cars are many of the company's crosshairs.it is, inter alia, a ride service company Uber, aviation giant Airbus and alphabet's ceo Larry Page, two car companies.
the End is the traditional time license sales and associated maintenance, which is also gradually changing the monthly payment of your saas business”the saas model in the early stages of accumulation the traditional license of trade the amount equivalent to the cost of customer acquisition.a few years before the income stream exceeds the time the license model generated the sale.the research company Inderes wrote in his report last year, for example, that software house Basware estimates that the saas customer is worth to the company by 1.5-fold compared to the customer who purchased the product in the traditional license fee.the cloud service model also includes customer-engagement components continually updated the software will not require from the customer a big initial investment.contracts are traditionally also extended.
Just like all kinds of flashers and bright does not support the tuner on the lack of sun to cheer you up.(the Story has been published previously in December 2015)the Wifi so the wireless lan is prone to all the world's disturbances.They can cause, say, the neighbor's Netflix viewing, he's in bad shape have a router, do-it-yourself-man electric tunings or nearby running around, shady torrent peer-to-peer network of the user.the List can continue, say, babies crying, alarm, dimmer switches, halogen lights and screens.the Router should be placed as far away as possible from all possible sources of interference.
Betting that the market next year, new games, says ceo Olli Sarekoski.lottery people have quietly begun to distance himself from the old favorite game.the Lottery revenue has fallen in January-August 261 million, which is 17% less than the same time last year.a Lot of the reputation of the large Finnish winner of the wing collected the euro jackpot is also on a downward path, but only less than two per cent.the Lottery's president and ceo Olli Sarekoski said that in the olden days the lottery was the only people connecting to the game Saturday night."Now the world has changed in the way that traditional product alongside has become complementary products and some like more of them to complete."
Jeff Bezosin Amazon increased the fist shop gigantti sex online store.in June, the company seized the arms in a Whole Foods.July 27. the day Jeff Bezosin assets exceeded for the first time Bill gates ' wealth value.the World's richest title was stripped of Bezosilla however, just moments later, as amazon's share price fell and decreasing based on its assets under 90 billion dollars.his Father abandoning the teen mother in the boy was already as a child, noticeable mathematical talent, but only a few predicted his 1994 institute based on the company long life.He wanted to attempt the exotic world of valloitt time.
payment service Klarna owned Sofort has raised questions about the way to deal with ecommerce customer data, Tivi tell.If a customer wants to pay for their purchases using online banking, Sofort, at least not in all cases control consumer this your own bank for the service, but ask to register online banking user id and password Sofort.com-page in the form.sofort's activities has been widely discussed, inter alia, Facebook.a Finnish customer trying to buy a German online store goods, but did not agree in the end to surrender their ids to the site.the Service using ids protection mechanisms of the account balance of checking: the bot log the customer's online bank, download there data and then performs the payment.tivi the source of the issue is communicated poorly, and the technique is questionable.
bitcoin's value has decreased on Friday to less than $ 7,000.the virtual currency value has gone up more than $ 1,000.bitcoin was reached on Wednesday, the highest ever class 7 888$.Finnish time at approximately 16.45 bitcoin value moved 6 773$.the day count had accumulated 5.2%.Bill explains next week's planned software update for the delay.
the trade unions Pro left today, the ict sector strike warning.the employer side representing the Shirt to figure out how the strike would affect, for example, the operator of the repair work of the fault.This evaluates the Service sector employers palta the labour market manager Anu Sajavaara."we'll find Out now, how the strike would affect the operators in the repair work of the fault."we Expect to call the conciliator as soon as the beginning of the week, so I would let to negotiate, and the strike could still be avoided."sajavaara, according to the trade union Pro and defender of erimieilisyys temporary agency work use has been chafing for ten years.
the irs reported that in October started by buginmetsästys campaign has borne fruit.the tax administration would be that the bounty hunters would be looking for security vulnerabilities to its gain tax web service.This has been done, and the first palkkiotkin have now been paid.the tax administration according to the fees paid to now three of the discovery, the largest of which call was 3500 euros compensation.Find Jarmo Puttonen, according to the remuneration right to be error found it took a few hours.Puttonen is a white hat hacker, an old factor.
Musical.ly is a social video app that let users make personal music videos either upright karaokena or recommended to be lip sync.the Video also gets the effects, and nothing prevents either dancing to the beat rate.Musical.lyn's popularity blew up american teenagers for the popularity of in 2016.It already has 100 million users, but many also believe that app is only gathering momentum.Bloomberg reported that the Musical.lyn's potential attracted the chinese entertainment giant Bytedancea so hard, that it went Musical.concluding a whopping 800 million dollars.
in Jyväskylä functioning of the accounting office, management set a large way goals two years ago.Eqvitian the goal was to electrify all accounting office operations and reform systems.the Company system side changing completely electronic and paperless office implementation of came across the company a common target.Now eqvi unit has reached couple of years ago target, where thanks to the size of the accounting firm moved for a week to work in France, told the bulletin.”we Said over two years ago, that to stay in the race and to be an attractive employer also in the future, we need to get to a completely electronic of the most modern in the system.the slogan ' we determined that we digitized everything we possibly can," explains Eqvitian ceo Jarkko Hakola release.
Chinese consumers are expected to use online shopping more than 20 billion Us dollars in one day.on November 11. the day originally had family values are respected in China a little rebel the singles ' holiday.however, It is the purchasing power increases and technology advances changed the clock - online shopping feast.This case we have only to subscribers
Apple is looking for a way to move to the mobile phone of the past, techno-evolution to the next step.according to Bloomberg sources, Apple's after the pioneer of augmented reality and to develop the ar-glass to replace the iphone's position in the market.according to Bloomberg sources say that apple's ar device should be a separate entity, nor does it need additional external equipment to function, such as a cell phone to calculate complex algorithms.apple's ar glasses would be its own entity, which would be its own display, processor and operating system.the Device's development schedule is very aggressive and can still change.a Quick timetable suggests also the fact that apple's ar-the department has grown in two years from a small group of several hundred staff, with a nose in a bobbing Dolby Labs development led to Mike Rockwell.