the electronics manufacturer logitech's Harmony Link device was the company's tried every home device, which would make cell phones and tablets useful universal remote controls.the link was in support of thousands of electronic devices, all of which could so manage just using your phone.The Verge reported that Logitech discontinued the manufacturing of equipment and support, as well as etäkytkeä Link over the network off.the Company has put its customers an email stating that 16. march 2018 Harmony Link support is stopped and the device operation stops.logitech's contact person has confirmed on the forums talking about the employee's report, that the decision to terminate the Harmony Link is due to the maturity of the license.Its renewal, therefore, would pay money for that Logitech does not want to shell out.
self-learned game developer you like to develop games.Gaming company Panic Art Studios, Finlayson, located in the office is probably the game enthusiasts dream: is the console and the machine, and shelves adorned with various game figurines and the walls of the game posters.These two guys have managed to create a few years in the company, which last year amounted to 1.2 million euros turnover.the net result came in the range of approximately 130 000.the Company originated in 2012, when Viglione got tired of unemployment.He came along the following year, and in 2014 the company became a joint-stock company.
information technology problem you have this week to tease been severely affected in hus, namely the Helsinki and uusimaa hospital district hospitals.Now the situation is reported to be fine.the Troubles began Tuesday, the traffic disturbance, which is due to really two things: the first trip was a software error, its on hit even a hardware failure.on Wednesday, come new problems, this time the patient information system.Thursday morning the HUS information the situation is in these respects the condition, the patient information system is no longer detected defects.patient data system because of problems had to be canceled only two eyes surgery, which is quite a small proportion of the total amount.
"If, for example, 10% of the company's consumer customers in exchange for paper invoice e-invoice, 5 percentage points more sales of claims cash out cash by the due date."If, for example, 10% of the company's consumer customers in exchange for paper invoice e-invoice, 5 percentage points more sales of claims cash out cash by the due date.Medium-sized service companies in the it means in practice, hundreds of thousands of euros per year", Lindorff estimates.businesses and consumers for a fee that is major difference between paper invoice and the electronic invoice between, find out fresh Lindorff Analysis -publication.Particularly well in the comparison can match the consumer's e-invoice or e-bill.Consumers paid e-bills in January-June time, i.e. no later than two days after the due date 89%, while the corresponding proportion of paper invoices was 72%.
If this is the case, the phone is impossible to use the Finnish winter.Some of Apple's new iPhone X -super phone users complain that the phone's otherwise been praised as the screen goes dark or starts to work poorly the already cool, +7 degrees, writes, inter alia, GBR.Also reddit's Apple discussions complaining about the same thing.Even the screen protector does not help the problem.Although the screen is not completely pimenisikään, it does not, for example, obey the touch properly.Then, say, writing gets tricky.
When a new iPhone model goes on sale, starts older models often happened surprisingly a lot of damage.the financial sector according to the phenomenon might continue to go down in companies start to namely the replacement of mobile phone owners ask telecom operators to shut down phones and prevent their use.the mobile phone can be closed by the IMEI code, since the code is used for an individual mobile device detection.the Measure applies only to the mobile phone, no subscriptions.the financial sector of the association's crime prevention and safety officer Risto Karhunen said the association's bulletin, that a large part of the damage notifications is certainly genuine.
at the Same time can prevent a neighbor from using an unsecured connection.the German at dartmouth university researchers have found that aluminum foil wrapped in the shape of the plate improves wireless network range and increases unprotected Wi-Fi security.researchers in the project used various forms of 3D-printed on the plastic plates, but probably the thing succeeds as well, for example, a piece of cardboard.Finally, the piece is coated with ordinary, every kitchen through aluminum foil, so that it can be reflector.eurekalert presented in a way to save a lot of money, it a special directional antenna you pay for kalle at up to thousands of euros.If the cardboard is not satisfactory, the 3D printers get cheaper to produce a few for a tenner.
Banks and other payment intermediaries were prohibited from supplying the service for donations of future money, on which it is active.the United states and the leak site Wikileaks have been chilling long before last year's email leaks.the U.S. has tried their best to make Wikileaks life difficult, but some actions have had a quite different effect.the feud began when Wikileaks released a controversial video, in which the U.S. battle chopper were killed civilians.the Outrage grew when later published a raft of U.s. diplomats ' reports and similar.U.S. trying to defeat Wikileaks by blocking its money taps.
the crypto currency of with you can do this just in new exciting ways.Now look bad like a bunch of ethereum-investors have lost a huge fortune with one shitbird.the incident report, inter alia, in The Register.Destroy event of a significant digital ethereum-wallet of the ruling Parityn systems.Parityn behind one of the ethereumin developers, Gavin Woods.according to the Information Parityn using wallet software had a bug, which one unlucky user got the launch.
network connection been interference affected the Hus hospital on Tuesday.Bug fix lasted for hours, and on Wednesday, HUS suffered a new failure patient information tojärjestel.When it's a big and complex system, possibly broken to get parts is a lot.the Time in many other areas of development has gone into information systems direction, where the technically simpler systems are able to provide better service," said the politician, software architect Otso Kivekäs.Part of the hospitals systems the complexity is due to the fact that the patient is a lot of different things done a lot and the staff has a lot of different positions."Partly it's about how the patient information system around a rotating business is done.
the Education sector xed-accelerator takes startups to the Finnish schools, so they could come immediately to the world.Mervi Pänkälä-day has started a Skype meeting with Asia.Pänkälä-driven by socio–emotional skills development Mightifier application made in the autumn of the distribution agreement to Asia, the world's largest children's and textbook publishing house Scholasticin with.Connectivity 1.74 billion of sales made for the american release instead were born in the Helsinki bridge mountain embankment, teacher-training institution near the location of the xed-accelerator networks.So a couple of weeks in Singapore will be the distribution of Finnish products, which children give to the school in the class each other feedback on character strengths.”in the Future, the vast majority of sales can come from outside Finland,” he said.
Clanedin based on from the learning technology sector to new investment and development company.the Finnish pedagogy and artificial intelligence of the combine learning at the beginning Claned has already gotten the export rate in the world.the Instrument is the same owner of the development company Learning Intelligence Group LIG.LIG buy this fall, Jyväskylä university and the Niilo Mäki institute international rights lukupeli Graphogamea.Finnish schoolchildren are familiar with children learning to read help the game in the name of the Ekapeli.the first few are coming to british English, Portuguese and Norwegian.
a Rosy picture of Finland and the nordic countries digiosaamisesta is fading, anticipating the Boston Consulting Group report.the Finnish companies digistrategia are world class, but they do not lead to the desired outcomes.Thus, Finland is the other nordic countries, alongside falling seriously behind the rest of the world digitalization development.It is based on 1300 executive interviews in North America and Europe.the Nordic countries have been involved in 109 leaders.”a Rosy picture of Finland and the nordic countries digiosaamisesta is fading.
Gaming company Rovio entertainment's tracking begins with the company's ipo system Danske Bank a "buy" recommendation.Danske Bank analyst Raul south hill to set the stake in the share target price of 13 euros.This view on the basis of the rise could be in store for 22.6 percent of the share tiistaiseen of 10.60 euros the decision level.Danske sees the game business to boost the stake of growth and to improve margins, Told Bloomberg, referring to the Danske Addition, licensing is seen to maintain brand awareness.danske according to the next year forecast of the Stake enterprise value and ebitda ratio the ev/ebitda number is 11, i.e. the stake in Danske, according to a 22% discount for the game industry companies, the median valuation.
Smartphones have become are practically portable computers, which are used more for everything else than talking.the Phone talking to I guess the current communication opportunities for the spectrum of the used to delivering be downright antique.for Some sheer phone maybe not enough.Thus wants to believe at least the japanese of the future model, which is published by the very small size of the phone.Already the name of a niche phone-S to tell that a large audience be harmed.the Phone writes for The Verge, whose data are derived from the Engadgetin japanese version.
Mail is reasonable to focus on high-volume activities, which it can exploit economies of the Same time, the mail provided by the number of packages is growing very fast in the network of trade breakthrough.In 2010 the corresponding figure was 26 million package.number of letters Sent can continue to fall even at the current rate faster.the Letters, however, are only one part of the Finland, parcel delivery volumes increase is seen only the first act.
the Americans have got to wonder 3 000 online advertising involving horror gallery.have you noticed facebook in the ad, which oddly deals with the subject, where just talking to?tracking how a certain ad you online around like a disease?If you have liked facebook in Sauli Niinistöstä or Finlandia-hymn, you are given information, on the basis of which you can be targeted advertising.Doubt and discord have been sown.the Cambridge university study, according to the 10 likes is enough to the fact that Facebook knows you as well as my colleague, 70 likes and it knows you as your friend, 150 likes, and Facebook knows you like a family member.
the e-commerce community Bonusway asking Finnish intentions to shop christmas shop launch the task Black Friday.electronic shopping that make every fourth intends to buy a mobile phone.Black Friday is celebrated 24. November, that christmas shop launching campaign to date has become significant also in Finland.Bonusway asked their customers what they are going to sale the day of purchase.the Questionnaire was answered by 2 250 clients.eletroniikka products most popular project is the mobile phone which intends to buy 25 per cent of the respondents.
the Fault was fixed at 19 to date."a patient information system, thus the long pour is a serious patient safety risk.We, fortunately, have known safety, but the widespread outage will cause further delays and congestion on duty in the course of this evening," said the bulletin huch's leading chief Petri Bono.HUS:no hospitals found a wide information about the traffic disruption this afternoon.Dysfunction cause turned out to be corrupted data communications part of the equipment.
Ooklan October results English is mobile broadband in # 27, and the typical speed is measured by 32.2 megabits per Finland the above is in many listings of Central and Eastern European countries, nordic countries, Middle east countries and Asian countries.Finnish operators DNA, and elisa's leaders say that the speed of the table tell me that Finland would be a slower network than the above broadband the main difference is that finland has the most customers fixed-price and unlimited data package.DNA terminal equipment business director Cedric Kamtsan is convinced that in Finland, customers have access to the world's best mobile network.Kamtsan believes the speed comparison results explain that the majority of mobile subscriptions in Finland includes unlimited data, which the pricing is determined by the speed of the class.