American technology company Broadcom plans to buy chip maker qualcomm's 100 billion dollar acquisitions, told the news agency Bloomberg on Saturday own sources leaning.the acquisition would be the technology sector's largest and would put the chip manufacturers to the new power order.broadcom's plan is to pay for Qualcomm shares to $ 70 so that the offering would include both the shares that cash.qualcomm's purchase would increase broadcom more the third largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world.the greater would be Intel and Samsung Electronics.a Hundred billion dollar acquisition, if implemented, would higher than dell's EMC's purchase in 2015.
Activity in Russia is hampered, inter alia, the Ukraine crisis and western sanctions, which are burdened with the company of the brand.the purchase price is 60,4 billion rubles or eur 895 million.Also Norwegian Telenor is starting in 2015, the amount deliberately reduced its stake in the country's third largest operator in the Veon (former Vimpelcom) to the current 14.6%.the Nordic telecoms companies in entering the itänaapuriin the turn of the millennium, when the Russian mobile market was clearly lagging behind western levels, and the country needed foreign technology.All three leading Russian operators, namely MTS, Megafon and Veon, the market value has dropped to a third of the peak companies in the economy also press russia's stricter legislation, which obliges them to large administrative investments.
the Finnish unhurried summer, summer car process as well as the lifestyle ramifications of telling My Summer Car was in 2016 a direct hit.the Game was downloaded already before the official announcement of the 100 000 times, which is also reflected in the developer's revenue.on Wednesday announced tax information, according to Johannes Rojola earned in the year 2016, the mere income of almost 580 000 euros.Rojola company is called information according to the case, however, are specific to personal income.the Game got years ago, a lot of publicity.
One of this year's most anticipated and followed most phone releases were Essential PH-1.with a Clever name blessed älyluurista does not, however, risen in all the people's favorite, but try passing now the bad news the next.essent lowest guarantee find a huge number of smartphone expertise, the founder of the company is the Android original developers hear Andy Rubin.the Biggest hype in return, the company received however out of only a mediocre Android smartphone without the actual, customers interested in specific features.the Phone's price even lowered to 200$, when the transaction is not the original $ 699 price been as expected.the Phone's outer shell is made of many competitors, favored by the aluminum instead of titanium.
has launched in the city Uberpuppies -service, where users get free order puppy dog 15 minutes of their home or workplace.Puppies deliver in delhi, Paws for a cause - animal protection organization, and its purpose is to bring visibility to delhi's stray dog problem as well as get people excited dog for adoption.”Dogs can be ordered from home via the app when the app appeared in the Uber Puppies – button.But we ask for your patience, for these adorable puppies are very popular”, says a company release.India according to the company trying to clean up the stunt of recent times wallow identify the reputation.Uber is a suspect in several criminal practices around the world, as well as the authorities bluff Greyball-use of the program.
Bitcoin-the virtual currency value rise again to new record levels.Perhaps the news coverage the subject received the Dutch thieves got the bitcoin atm robbing.bitcoin's price rise of more than 7300 dollars of coverage numerous sources, for example, The Next Web.CoinGecko service statistics, the course was at its best 7402,95 dollars, after which it sent a slight decline.Just in the last 7 days exchange rate rise has happened 22,95%.Continuous coverage of the cryptocurrency value is not overlooked in the underworld.
STOCK market: the game company Next Games missed more than nine per cent drop inthe day of the published results of gaming company Next Games missed tuhtiin decline, after the company's losses appear to be growing in the near future.currently, the company's success is down to one play.the Next Games to develop three new, but so far they accrue only to the product development and marketing expenses.the Development of the results of the company told just enough that the next game will test and test marketing stage in the years around the turn of Addition, the company warned that profitability can also calculate the investment in the new premises.
Only this year founded the company was rewarded In a game as a developer.In 2017, the Finnish game developer is a Platonic Partnership.the Prize was divided now for the eighth time.Platonic Partneship is only the beginning of this year established Its debut game has attracted plenty of international interest in the extraordinary topic of choice, says the award criteria.try the novelty game Lydia tells the game means it, what adult alcoholism and its caused by the adults of the strange and frightening behavior of the children feel, and how it affects the child throughout life.
the Us president Donald Trump's Twitter account was Thursday, purl 11 minutes.the Reason the account of the fall of the is now service Twitter customer support in the last days at work have been women person was the last thing the company closed the Trump account, among others, the BBC and the Arstechnica report.the Company intends to start a "full internal investigation" to the event reasons.the Company did not specify what it contains.president of The Trump has so far not commented on the incident.
so far, the company's success is down to one play.the Next Games to develop three new, new, so far they cause just product development and marketing expenses.the Development of the results of the company told just enough that the next game will test and test marketing stage in the years around the turn of Addition, the company warned that profitability can also calculate the investment in the new premises.Also Digitalist Group is 7.3 per cent decline in the low vary.That continued in July-September loss, although the operating loss decreased from last year.
originally a Swedish staffing firm Academic Work each spring from Sweden to Finland, it consultant 12 week quick finland, the Academy of education required to be a network test to search more than 4 000 people, of whom one in ten pass the test.the Program get in the end 300 people, including 20, i.e. less than seven percent.the Group's Finnish company the Academy of finland's managing director Jukka Pulkkinen tell you that strict qualification reflects the cognitive, i.e., i.e. information processing ability of the importance.personal service companies a selection of the course participants in the strict sieve of the season, because it promises all of the 12-week express training course to pass the test for a job.for a Course to get among the many field workers, for example, a mathematics teacher.
Many Finnish user, I got his phone Whatsapp error message, which, according to the messages trying to send.messages are not, however, left the phone on the move, and messages arrived to your handset from our friends.Microsoft web services also use your phone to send messages, so its either through text messaging was not successful.the network service the problem of global mapping of the down detector-service failure was particularly high in Europe, but the problem was elsewhere in the the united states service, seemed to the contrary, continue to work in most parts of the General has proved to be reliable WhatsApp has occasionally suffered major problems, the Independent, the last service was a major worldwide problem in the end of August.
the Digitalist Group announced third-quarter earnings report Friday morning.Digital services to develop Digitalist group's operating loss shrank to eur 1.4 million in July-September in the rear-the comparison period amounting to eur 2.0 million loss.loss per Share remained at eur Sales increased in the third quarter from 4.5 million to eur 3.0 million.Growth came according to the company organically and through acquisitions.the Digitalist future prospects unchanged.
the technology company apple's new iPhone X smartphone arrived today Friday sale.Elisa and Telia started the phone deliveries to pre-order respondents, although the device can get your hands on today only part of the subscribers.Telia the first batch was sold in advance to the end in record time.the ordinances will come along in November, when the phone is available.Elisa without reservation sold phone sales are focused in the Helsinki Alexanders store, where the sale came in the morning of the century phone item.elisa's business director Jan Virkki was waiting on Thursday congestion of the store.
the world's most valuable company Apple announced on Thursday rocked the interim readers.the phone left to scoop up the July-September 10,714 billion dollars in net profit, while in the previous year corresponding period profit 9,01 billion dollars.Also in July-September sales were projected bigger: 52,58 billion dollars, while expectations amounted 50,69 billion dollars.Apple sold during the quarter a total of 46,677 million iPhone, while a year ago the store was 45,513 million iphone.Apple announced the results of the New York stock market after closing.the launch had been expected mild positive mood, for the day to trade in the company's rate ended up 0.73 percent rise in 168,11 the dollar.
the security company wants to keep workers on the phone updates up to date, and the allowed devices list is pruned.many of the Android platform phone security doubt still many information security companies, experts and other the corporate safety director.the Finnish F-Secure does not allow at the moment any chinese Android phone for work use, tell technology information security software manufacturer F-Secure representative said recently, a customer of the occasion, that the company is prohibited by chinese Android phone.F-secure's director of cyber Erka Koivunen set words more carefully and said that the company is limited to the allowed phone range, because all of the equipment upgrades and data protection practices are not at a high enough level.”we've enhanced our control, because we want everyone to have a phone, which is available with the latest updates quickly," Koivunen told addition to This, a prerequisite is that the device's software improperly collecting user data, or that the device comes with unnecessary software, the so-called ”bloatware”.
in the New iPhone X -phone has many new's 10-year anniversary on the phone, tomorrow, Friday sale to come in the new iPhone X has many new features that have so far remained in the public eye a little attention, writes forbes's David Phelan.He is tested by the iPhone X. ge for 10 days, according to their own words, "longer than any other Apple of the planet, i.e. the workers guard the outside".Phelan's picked up dozens of attention to a new phone a week and a half of use experience.the New phone model to come out in September next year, but Apple decided to bring forward the new models, which explains that the models were launched as many as three: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.the Company's parent, deputy director of the Dan Riccion according to Apple's entire ten year history, aimed at a fully digital keyboard.
the Israeli army the IDF is known for military skills, but its the best technology expertise represents the 8200-the name known to the intelligence unit.Intelligence competence also explains israel's amazing startup All, about 25 israeli startups-the company is listed on the Nasdaq.the Israeli army's mysterious 8200-the unit represents the military intelligence, the best knowledge.It is called with good reason also the world's best technology school.the civilian world, the same knowledge is utilized, for example, data security, data storage, mobile solutions and then, in a surprising place as the financial technology.
is the information in the operating income of its development and the future of the statement violated the stock exchange rules.the Helsinki stock exchange's disciplinary committee has dealt with a Soprano Oyj 26. April let investor news "soprano of the early years has had a promising start" relating to disciplinary matters.the disciplinary committee considers that a company's newsletter should have been issued a stock exchange bulletin, because the bulletin contains the insider information the company's operating results, developments and future prospects.the disciplinary committee according to the soprano of the bulletin contains such precise information, on the basis of which it has been possible to draw conclusions on the share price of the market abuse regulation and stock exchange rules."the Company's investor newsletter was also included previously undisclosed information.It has issued the previously announced visible clearly positive picture of the company's financial condition and future prospects.
in the New survey, finns are familiar with the artificial intelligence of the worst in Europe.the Technological development of the tip as a people themselves finns feel this moment's hottest technology i.e. artificial intelligence to all the worst in Europe.employment and the economy ministry wants to raise the Finnish artificial intelligence leading, but it might not happen very easily."Artificial intelligence has become part of european general knowledge.the research findings of our Finland the rise of artificial intelligence superpower is challenging, as a large part of the population is out of", OMD finland's strategy director Timo Paloheimo said.Outright distrust of experience, 39% of finns (Emea 33 %).