As if the simple fact that Energizer sells smartphones wasn’t surprising enough, the company is unveiling 26 new models at Mobile World Congress this year, with flagship features like pop-up cameras, a massive 18,000mAh battery, and a foldable display.

And before you get any ideas, just know that these are all separate phones (though a phone with all three of these features would truly be a sight to behold).

In fact, the silhouettes of the pop-up camera models make the phones look like giant batteries, which is weirdly appropriate.

According to 9to5Google, the phones will be part of four lines: Power Max, Ultimate, Energy, and Hardcase.

The bulk of the 26 new models will be basic feature phones, part of the Energy and Hardcase lines.

The Power Max line will include the 18,000mAh model (the largest battery ever in a phone, followed by Energizer’s own 16,000mAh Power Max P16K Pro), and phones in the Ultimate line will have features like the pop-up camera and teardrop notch displays.

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