The Southeast Asia web hosting market was valued USD 1,551.0 million in 2017 assisted by the accelerating demand due to revolutionary change in the ecommerce business.

Moreover, this remarkable change has brought some exciting features in online shopping such as communities and chat panels, shopping cart for e-commerce companies, forums for reviews.

depending on numerous factors which includes the size of the organization, data backup and customer traffic.

It has offered tremendous opportunities for Southeast Asian Countries, such as development of competitive products and services, opening up possibilities to improve social welfare, and transform various sectors (Healthcare, Retail, and IT & Telecom) in the economy.

Over time, more remote management and online deployment has been introduced and, with the rise of virtualization, the ‘functional’ desktop has been replaced by servers (either at third-party data centers or in-house).

Moreover, banks in the region are providing cool mobile apps, offering mobile wallets, providing tablets to their employees.

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