Located on the first floor of the Grand Arcade in Cambridge, U.K., the Raspberry Pi Store is open every day and sells everything from Raspberry Pi microcomputers and accessories to branded coffee mugs, soft toys, and more.

Raspberry Pi, for the uninitiated, is a credit card-sized contraption that can serve as the building block for a fully functional computer.

Users can construct working PCs or machines that control their connected home, for example, and it is also used by some third-party maker companies as part of their DIY computer kits.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, which develops the device, has come a long way since it opened way back in 2012.

The nonprofit organization now sells multiple versions of the device aimed at various use cases, along with related accessories, such as touchscreen displays.

Quite a few companies have started out online but later embraced brick-and-mortar sales — Amazon is one notable example, while Google has dabbled with its own retail outlets.

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