Do you want to making your career in the web designing? Do you like web designing but you are don't know what the specialists ask for? do not take any worry.

CBitss Technologies sharing a list of top web designing interview questions and answers list 2019. After learning Web Designing training in Chandigarh course from our institute students mostly search Web Design Interview Questions with Answers.

Web Designing Interview Questions and answers

Here are a few Web Designing Interview Questions 2019 hat you should read ;

What are the main platform or language that is used for website designing?

The principle language utilized for web-designing are:

  • JavaScript: Functionality
  • CSS: Styling
  • HTML: Base format
  • PHP: Server-side script

Clarify how can you set a picture as a background on web pages?

To set a picture as a background on webpage, point the body background to the name of your picture you need to set as a background as shown below.


<body background= "picture.gif">

You can also fix the background picture, so while utilizing the scroll bar in the browser, it doesn't move. To do this include the BGPROPERTIES tag as show below.

<body background = "picture.gif"bgproperties="fixed">

What is Responsive design on a web page?

Responsive design is a way to deal with building sites to give an ideal review and interaction experience. It focuses around simple navigation of site with a minimum of scrolling, panning and resizing over all devices.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework utilized for creating responsive web design.

How do you differentiate between HTML tags and elements?

With HTML components you can discuss to a browser on the most proficient method to render text. Right when enveloped by the angular bracket <> they are named as HTML tags. Generally, the modules come in the set and include the text.

How many HTML tags should be used for the simplest web pages?

8 total. 4 pairs of tags.



<TITLE>Simplest page ever!</TITLE>



Doesn’t get simpler than this.



What is the difference between linking to image, website and email address?

To link an picture, use <img> tag. You need indicate the picture in quotes utilizing the source attribute, src in the opening tag. For hyperlinking, the anchor tag, <a>, is utilized and the link is determined in the href attribute. text to be hyperlinked ought to be placed between the anchor tags. Minimal known fact: href means "hypertext reference." When linked to an email, the href detail will be "mailto:[email protected]" See examples below:

<img src=”CBitss.jpg”></img>

<a href=””>web-designing</a>

<a href=”[email protected]”>Email Me</a>

What's wrong with it, if My hyperlink or image is not displaying correctly?

It could be any number of things, yet the most well-known mistakes are forgetting out a tag bracket or quote missing for href, src, or alt text might be the issue. You ought to also verify the link itself.

As a website expert while using “delete” button what color would you like to prefer?

Make the “Delete” button more attractive by utilizing color like Red,for the most part when you have to demonstrate two catch one next to the other. Red means that alert, with the objective that will assist the customer to draw their consideration.

Define how can a developer learn about web design?

  • Visit website to get better idea about web design
  • Try your hands on tools like Adobe Illustrator
  • Create dynamic website using MySQL and PHP
  • Learn basic languages as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP or jQuery

Why do you need to become a web designer?

Guarantee that you don't answer this question in context with money. Try not to consider saying that it was a profession that is laid out by the aptitude test. An examiner is interested to understand that the business genuinely motivates you. Do this by sharing the interesting story that helped you discover your enthusiasm for website designing.