The first Lego Movie from 2014 was a colourful -- well, mostly yellow -- and giddy explosion of enthusiasm, humour and spectacular animation.

But The Second Part does have the trademark Lego movie combination: It's exuberant, dynamic, eye-popping and, above all, gloriously, unrestrainedly bonkers.

But whether it's a space battle between various kinds of Lego or a vampire DJ with the voice of Noel Fielding or a startling detour into crayon, the humour is completely unfettered by such boring adult concerns as logic or physics.

In the first film, everything was awesome for a young boy playing in his basement with Lego bricks.

Batman, voiced by Will Arnett, loves this darker tone, but it's clear all is not right in Lego world.

The only ray of sunshine in this blasted heckscape is Emmet, the perennially cheerful hero of the first movie with the bouncy voice of Chris Pratt.

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