Despite the fact it ended up leaking well in advance, Doctor Who put a lot into keeping the identity of its New Years Special’s villain—a battered, sinister, and lethal “Recon Dalek”—a secret.

An incredibly British code name that was used on the set.

Speaking in the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine (via the Radio Times), Nikesh Patel—who played Mitch, one of the archaeologists who unknowingly uncovered part of the Dalek’s tentacled body in the episode—spoke of the absurd level of security required when it came to discussing anything to do with the real villain of “Resolution.” Right down to the fact none of the scripts referred to it outside of a code name, apparently:

I got a call from my agent saying they’d love you to be in the Doctor Who Special.

I asked them to send me through a script and it was a cracking read, but also a confusing read.

It was a really tense horror thriller, but this buried, ancient tentacled evil was only referred to by a codename!

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