Smart displays for homes aren’t a new idea — people have tried to make them with traditional displays, ones built into mirrors, screens that use E Ink, and more.

But none of them are quite like the Weather Poster, a Kickstarter project from designer Oli Woods and his company, Typified.

The project looks to merge traditional art (in this case, a screen-printed poster) with modern technology to create a smart display that’s more limited in function, but far nicer-looking and less obtrusive than just hanging a screen on your wall.

As the name implies, the Weather Poster does only one thing: it shows you the upcoming weather forecast for the day.

It’s not a particularly detailed forecast — just a single icon of whether to expect rain, clouds, or sun at 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, and 8PM for that day — but the Weather Poster wins out by looking like the sort of thing you might actually want to hang in your home.

The simplicity is part of the charm, at least for me — I can easily imagine hanging one in my apartment hallway as both interior design and a helpful guide for whether I should wear a coat.

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