Have you consulted to SOC services for your organization? Not yet? Well we guess you don’t want to secure your system and your customers’ sensitive data!

Symantec’s recent Security Threat Report noted over 430 million new and unique examples of malware which is 36% increase from the year before. 2016 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity study found 94% say it’s important to their individual agencies. According to this study, the top 2 reasons behind growing cyber attacks is lack of talent and funding.

There are going to be more than 24 billion IoT users till 2020. Forrester predicts investment in artificial intelligence will grow 300% in 2017. Increasing technology innovation, increase the risk of these getting hacked too!

By 2020, intelligence-driven SOC services will rise from less than 10% to 40%. Quite a huge difference huh? Above statistics are a proof why companies are preferring well established SOC services to secure their data and systems. We are going to discuss the methodologies used by these SOC services that ensure safety of data.

Security Monitoring: Security monitoring mainly includes Host monitoring and Network monitoring. In Host monitoring, each host is checked to ensure it is running smoothly. In case a host failure occurs, another host’s virtual machines are restarted. Network monitoring continuously helps monitor a computer network to check which components are slow or failing.

Incident response: SOC services perform cyber attacks to check loopholes in the security of the systems. Incident response is an approach of addressing and managing the response of that particular attack. Incident response remove threats and help restore affected systems to their previous state minimizing data loss.

Threat intelligence: SOC services frequently develop the capability to consume and leverage threat intelligence from company’s past incidents. According to CTI survey done in the year 2015, 69% of respondents reported that their enterprise implemented some cyber threat intelligence capability to secure the system from malware and cyber attacks.

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