The studio behind the runaway smash hit gaming franchise Monument Valley, UsTwo, has revealed that work is ongoing for two new games.

Both of these games are unlike either Monument Valley or Monument Valley 2.

In a new YouTube video produced by Red Bull, the UsTwo team talk at length about Monument Valley, the company’s success, and how pressure is mounting for it to create new games which aren’t directly connected to Monument Valley.

However, the team does not have much to explicitly say about the two new games it is working on.

Check out the video for yourself below:

Lea Schönfelder, who is the project leader of one of the new games, says her game is about “bringing mobile games to the next level in terms of narrative.” David Fernández Huerta, the lead of the other game, describes his game as “inspired by real-life experiences.” Neither of the two designers gave anything more concrete than that, and no artwork or gameplay demos are shown in the video.

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