The latest trend in professional removable storage media is fast approaching.

At CES 2019, ProgradeDigital — a relative newcomer to the memory game built on the promise of highly reliable media for working professionals — demonstrated a working CFexpress card, featuring a 1-terabyte capacity and bewildering 1,400 megabyte-per-second transfer rate.

While cheap and widely available SD memory cards have remained a mainstay of removable storage media for all manner of consumer devices — Lexar introduced a massive 1TB SDXC card at CES — professional storage solutions seem to come and go at breakneck speed.

CompactFlash, once found in all high-end DSLRs, has all but vanished, making room for CFast, CFast 2.0, and then XQD.

For as recent as these formats are, they’re now about to be completely outclassed by yet another.

CFexpresses, which conveniently uses the same physical form factor as XQD, promises both bigger capacities and vastly faster performance than anything that has come before it.

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