The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT, President Seung Heon Han) has announced the development of its "next-generation pedestrian traffic accident prevention system."

The system induces motor vehicles approaching crosswalks to reduce their speed, thereby reducing pedestrians' traffic accidents.

Pedestrian safety at crosswalks is an area that needs immediate improvement, especially given that 52.9% of the pedestrian traffic accident deaths over the last 5 years occurred at crosswalks.

Ensuring pedestrian safety is even more difficult in the case of children and the elderly, who may be limited in their ability to judge oncoming traffic, and at night, when visibility is low.

A research team led by Dr. Jong Hoon Kim at the KICT has developed a system to prevent pedestrian traffic accidents that notifies motor vehicle drivers of pedestrians, and also notifies pedestrians of oncoming traffic.

The system uses warning lights and electric signs to notify drivers of pedestrians in the crosswalk.

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