The devil is in the downloads, says Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In a recent interview with the state-run Russia-1 TV network, Kirill warned that smart devices like cell phones and social networks could enable the rise of Satan’s chosen and the rule of darkness until the end times.

“Every time you use your gadget, whether you like it or not, whether you turn on your location or not, somebody can find out exactly where you are, exactly what your interests are and exactly what you are scared of,” Kirill said, according to the BBC.

Per the Moscow Times, Kirill continued to warn against “falling into slavery” to smartphones and that user data like “location, interests and fears” could allow any potential forthcoming Antichrist to control the entire global population and cause “the apocalypse.”

You know, exactly that kind of over-the-top rhetoric that actually makes more and more sense until you force it out of your head and return to posting on Gizmodo, one of the innumerable platforms on the web that could potentially help fuel the rise of... no... That’s unthinkable.

“Control from a single point is a harbinger of the coming of the Antichrist,” Kirill added, obviously not referring to your digital activity until you remember that every public website can be crawled by search bots, and accounts there can be connected to others on Facebook, Twitter, and Google, which interlink with countless other platforms that... Oh.

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