Gurira, who stars in Season 9 of The Walking Dead, says Hollywood is finally figuring out what it means to be a modern woman.

"If we are to progress societally and in how we tell stories, then the idea that there are more roles that show women in various portrayals of strength and ability and complexity -- that's of course where it's going to go."

Gurira -- an award-winning playwright whose play Eclipsed was the first to premiere on Broadway with an all-black, all-female cast and creative team -- talked about Okoye as a model for female leadership, learning to use a katana, the nonprofits she hopes will change people's mind about women and girls, and why she wouldn't mind technology for cloning.

It felt like something that was deeply needed in terms of giving a representation to voices and faces and stories and geography that are very rarely given representation -- on a global level that Marvel and Disney can bring.

It's not the same necessarily as masculine leadership.

Gurira: The women of Wakanda are amazing.

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