When it comes to vehicle relocation, the best service provider in this business must be hired. After all, it’s all about transporting your vehicle to a new location and you will surely remain concerned about it. As the car is the next big investment in your life after your home, you will surely not like to see scratches and dents on it when it is transported to a new location. These days, people use to relocate for long distances for their bread and butter. They can hardly do anything with it and when they relocate with their personal belongings and family, they also need to take their cars to the new location. This is where the best auto transport services can bring the best help for you. Safe Way Auto Transport is the name that you must recon when you are looking for safe, reliable, professional and affordable vehicle relocation service.

As the top name in this business, then bring several unique favorable services and facilities for their clients. Money back guarantee is one such option provided to customer by this vehicle relocation service that has really managed to draw most attention. Just four percent from the total amount is deducted once you cancel the pickup of your vehicle before the specified time. They also use the best trucks or the carriers for the transportation of vehicle. The same sorts of trucks are used by the top car dealers to relocate their vehicles.

On the other hand, most of these trucks can carry ten numbers of vehicles. These carriers are seventy-five feet in length and the total weight can be 80,000 pounds once they are fully loaded. The height of such trucks can be around 14 feet. This might be a reason why these trucks cannot enter into the residential areas. So, your vehicle will be picked up from such a place close to the town where these trucks are allowed to move in. when you are ordering for the vehicle relocation, you must keep this thing in mind. Always choose a convenient place to meet the team where the truck can arrive and your car can be picked up without any hassle.

When it comes to the pickup of your vehicle the driver can go as close as possible to your doorstep. at some areas, these pickup trucks are not allowed due to their size. So, the driver will strive hard to get closer to the pickup destination you have mentioned when you booked for the vehicle relocation.

Once the order is placed and the paperwork is submitted by the client, the driver will call you to schedule the pickup of the car. Before the driver picks up the vehicle, a thorough inspection will be done for the vehicle and both of you needs to sign that inspection report. This will be show to you when the vehicle is delivered at the specified location. This keeps both the party safe. Before the delivery, the driver will call you and schedule the delivery time as well.

Auto transport services offered by James Miller are affordable. He strives hard to offer reliable and professional vehicle relocation services.