This week, federal regulators announced they'll be taking a more active role in policing the more than $40 billion supplement industry.

From vitamins to specialized supplements for improved focus and weight loss, some formulations have been tied to serious health risks.

But if recent research is any indication, the pricey pills and powders may offer more of a health risk than a nutritional boost.

So as of this week, federal regulators will be taking a more proactive role in policing the more than $40 billion industry, which has continued to blossom in recent months with the entrance of new startups.

On Monday, the FDA said it sent warnings or advisory letters to 17 companies for illegally selling products that claim to treat Alzheimer's disease.

Other, less niche supplements may be equally risky, according to a recent Business Insider review of dozens of "wellness" formulations that include multivitamins, weight-loss pills, and energy formulas.

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