Google has released the first preview of Android Q to developers today in what’s become the annual tradition of an early March look at the next major version of Android.

As is usually the case, today’s release is really meant for developers only.

Most of the bigger, front-facing changes that will affect users likely aren’t here yet, although Google says that the new update will bring some interesting changes, like better privacy controls and native support for foldable phones.

The first beta of Android Q will be available today for any Pixel device, including the first-gen Pixel and Pixel XL — Google says it extended support to those models due to popular demand — but you should probably avoid installing it on your main device.

Even if Google is saving features for later announcements like Google I/O, the early preview still gives us a valuable look at what Google is updating with Android Q, and there’s already some interesting stuff to see here.

One major change coming to Q is an additional privacy setting for location access that will let users limit apps to only pull that information while the app is in use, instead of just giving a blanket switch to for apps to either always have location access or never have it.

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