It can store every movie ever made in a single test tube.

Both hint at a new feature of a world increasingly connected by relative-finding algorithms, social networks, and the internet; that in the age of digital DNA databases, nothing stays secret forever.

On Monday, detectives revealed to a Salt Lake City television news station that they’d used DNA to confirm that notorious serial killer Ted Bundy—subject of both a new Netflix docuseries and a feature film starring Zac Efron—had also murdered a missing Utah teenager.

So in 2015, detectives convinced the Kent family to have the knee bone sent in for testing, along with DNA samples they provided themselves.

When it came back as a match to the family’s DNA, the Kents finally received an official death certificate, and the closure they’d been seeking for more than 40 years.

It came on the heels of news that investigators in South Dakota had arrested a woman Friday in connection with a 38-year-old infant abandonment case.

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