Pesky JavaScript malware harvester strikes again

Sportswear brand FILA is the latest company to fall victim to the card-stealing JavaScript infection that menaced British Airways and Ticketmaster last year.

Russian security house Group-IB said it discovered and reported to FILA UK an infection known as GMO that was active on the site for the last four months and may have sniffed the payment card information of thousands of customers.

What's worse, the researchers reported that, despite multiple attempts to reach FILA, they have been unable to get the card-stealing code removed.

FILA did not respond to our request for comment on the allegation.

According to Group-IB's threat hunters, the GMO infection is very similar to the card-harvesting JavaScript in that an attacker covertly slips onto the server of the targeted company and collects card numbers locally – only later updating them to a collection server at a set time.

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