The latest trailer for Avengers: Endgame is here, and now that we officially live in a world where Captain Marvel has released, Marvel can start giving us a look at her impending team up with the Avengers.

As you might imagine, her appearance in the trailer is brief, but she’s in there, and she’s presumably ready to help the Avengers solve their Thanos problem.

The first part of the trailer is actually a series of flashbacks to the origins of these heroes.

Scenes from the first movies featuring Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor are included in black and white, which means we get to see wimpy Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s Mark 1 Iron Man suit once more.

We also get to see blonde-eyebrowed Thor again, which might be a memory best left in the past.

In any case, the trailer doesn’t really give away much when it comes to how the Avengers actually plan to deal with the destruction Thanos wrought.

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