There is a silver lining though: none of the vulnerabilities appear to be particularly serious at first glance.

Thirteen companies dealing with cryptocurrency and blockchain tech received a total of 43 vulnerability reports in the period between February 13 and March 13, as per bug reports submitted to vulnerability disclosure platform Hacker One.

Among others, the list of affected platforms includes Coinbase, EOS issuer, Tezos, Brave, and Monero.

Who’s got the most blockchain kinks?

Esports gambling platform Unikrn (which also has its own cryptocurrency called Unikoin Gold) received the most vulnerability reports out of any company in the blockchain sector, with 12 bugs flagged via its disclosure program.

Blockchain consensus protocol Tendermint received four bug reports, followed by Augur and Tezos with three each; Monero, ICON, and MyEtherWallet received two vulnerability reports each too.

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