The school climate strike movement that has roiled Europe and Australia for months on end is about to land on U.S. shores.

A handful of climate strikers across the country have been building momentum for months, but students will be walking out of class on Friday across the U.S. to protest inaction on climate change.

Why go to school when the world is burning and people are dying?

Braird Kunde-Kalmus, 12 years old (and Zane’s brother): I believe I have a good childhood, but I believe if we keep going in the direction humans are continuing on, if I live long enough to have children, it’ll be drastically different.

Liam Neupert, 16 years old: In Boise and the West in general, we have this dynamic where you can live in a big city and there’s still so much nature surrounding you.

Grace: The environment in general has always been a big thing in my life, but climate change itself probably became a big thing for me a couple of years ago as all of these reports came out on it.

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