As with any major technological disruption, opportunities come hand-in-hand with challenges and potential pitfalls that can have widespread implications.

When Elon Musk, the rather outspoken CEO of Tesla and founder of Space X, warned of an imminent attack by drones last year, he probably wasn’t expecting that within just two months two unmanned aircraft would ruin Christmas plans for hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Someone browsing the internet from a remote corner of the world now has access to the same information as someone working in Silicon Valley and can use it to make informed business decisions.

Only now, years after such cells have been set up, are the legal and regulatory bodies succeeding in finding illegal activities of this sort.

Despite the financial sector being heavily regulated, there have been many issues, including the 2010 Flash Crash, Knight Capital losing $440 million due to a trading error in 2012 and more recently, an innocent login glitch at the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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