With Samsung, Apple and Huawei having a very firm, expensive grasp on the world of mobile phone deals right now, we are always eagerly awaiting the next competitor to come through and shake things up.

You might be sitting there, wondering what an Oppo is, and you're not alone...or more specifically, you're not alone in the West.

Oppo currently stands as the fifth biggest smartphone brand in the world but it hasn't really tried to make a push in non-Asian markets - until 2019.

Oppo launched in the UK back in January but only offered SIM-free devices, then in February it became available on Carphone Warehouse's network - iD Mobile.

Now thanks to Carphone and Mobiles.co.uk, it is finally available to purchase with a contract on a major network, EE.

There is currently three devices available - Oppo Find X (the flagship), Oppo RX17 Pro (the mid-range option) and the Oppo RX17 Neo (the budget option).

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