By Lauren Dichter, Marketing Consultant for Heinz Marketing

In 2018, less than 25% of total survey respondents were confident their ABM programs were effective, while over half of the group of survey respondents with advanced ABM programs were genuinely confident in their programs’ ability to drive revenue!

Which begs the question, where do ABM practitioners find the most success, and, perhaps more importantly, what steps are they taking to get there?

To find out, Terminus and Heinz Marketing teamed up in late 2018 to conduct a survey of 211 B2B sales and marketing professionals who are currently running ABM programs in their organizations.

Through this effort, we uncovered the specific aspects of ABM that gained momentum, remained the same, or lost momentum in 2018 as compared to previous years.

Various elements of ABM in 2018 are organized below into these 3 categories:

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