Research out of Ohio State University has found a link between green tea and reduced obesity in mice, according to a newly published study.

The work focused on lab mice fed a diet that included 2-percent green tea extract, which was linked to a reduction in inflammatory biomarkers associated with poor health, as well as a decrease in obesity levels.

The study found that changes in gut bacteria may contribute to the positive effects.

The gut microbiome, often referred to as ‘gut bacteria,’ has been linked to human health in a number of ways, potentially contributing both positive and negatives changes in the body based on the person’s diet and overall health.

Negative changes in one’s gut microbiome has previously been linked with increased risk of obesity, but positive changes caused by green tea extract may have the opposite effect.

The positive effects were observed in lab mice fed a diet containing green tea extract in contrast to a different group of mice that weren’t fed green tea.

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