Developers of HS2 have already managed to spend £5.5bn on the next big thing in UK railways, and that's before any of the important work is done like... the building of the railway.

And the... getting of the trains.

And the... construction of the stations.

Parliamentary data crunched by Construction Enquirer says the money has already gone on a mixture of in-house staffing, external agency consultancy fees and compulsory land purchases along the route, with the total spend covering the period from the very beginnings of the project in 2009 to April of 2018.

Quite a lot's happened since April of 2018 too, as there are diggers in place in key areas making holes that'll eventually be filled with concrete, then glass, then coffee shop franchises, so quite an additional chunk of the project's £56bn budget must've gone in the ten months since; plus there are currently 7,000 people employed on the project all expecting to get paid for pointing at PDFs and making models of possible stations out of cereal boxes.

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